It's a Small World
By Michael Moore

Dedicated to: The authors of the CoH Writer's Guild

Cayo Tay, a.k.a. Heat Flux, hadn't been to keen on coming to the party. They just weren't his thing, considering the way he lived. But the comitee member had insisted on it, so he had come just to see how many other people were actually heroes. And he was surprised.

He didn't think that there were actually this many heroes. He knew that there were hundreds, but he had never actually pictured them all together like they were now. He wouldn't believe it if he saw every hero in the city in one place. It figured though, with all the newcomers each day, how couldn't there really be so many heroes?

"Hey darlin', what's wrong? Do you have a headache, or is it another psychic?" an actually younger than most looking man was talking to a beautiful lady with long black hair who was gripping her head as if in agony. He had a very exagerrated southern accent.

She shook her head and replied, "I don't know what it is. It's, like a void. I haven't been trying to read minds tonight, but this thing seems to be pressing on me that I can't. When I tried to return contact, I don't know. Nothing happened."

"Hmm." Heat Flux said quietly. He glanced around and noticed other people gripping their heads in a similar fashion. All of them were psychics, and someone, or something, was forcing them to retreat back into their own minds. The party goers stiffened, even those who weren't directly near a psychic heard the small commotion. That little ripple had killed the gathering like a tidal wave.

In their pent house overlooking the heroes, Samuel, Tony, and Travis were all getting nervous. "What's going on down there? We should get out of here. If this thing wears off, then the psychics are gonna be checkin' every mind in the building. They'll find us out!" Sam was getting paranoid. His perfect scheme had just been foiled by an outside force!

"Cool it, Sammy. I've got some of my best men providing a psychic bubble around us. No one can read our thoughts." Tony replied coolly and leaned back slightly into his chair. Just to prove his point further, he started twiddling his thumbs as if the world were at peace.

"I trust you, Brother Tony, but I know exactly why they're quaking down there. My little friend arrived." Travis said. Tony only shrugged and kept twiddling his thumbs, but Sam looked like two tons had been lifted off him.

"Thank God. But who did you get that could do something like that?" Sam asked quietly.

"An agent from HELM. You know, the guys that kept the Countess out of that particularly troublesome lawsuit. The one where that key piece of evidence was never found, suppossedly because it never existed?" Travis asked slyly.

Sam clapped his forehead. "They did that? But that was something microscopic, they even gave forensics two months to find the bacterium! How'd they destroy it?"

"That's not important now. What is important is that we see to our eleven o' clock appointment. Let's give the Remnant a call, shall we?" Travis replied. Tony was five steps ahead, already talking on his cell to someone out in the city.

"No need to panic, people! There's probably someone who lost control of their powers for a second. Let's just get back to the party." Sky Burn said over the hush of the crowd. Some people, in particular JD, gave him dirty looks and mumbled something inaudible.

"Well, that went better than expected, eh?" Chillblain asked. Sky Burn gave him a cold stare and joined everyone else in worrying about the psychic disturbance. No need for for everyone to pay attention to him, right?

The speakers remained silent, and an air of discomfort was quickly settling in. No music played. No one spoke. No one moved. It was abosolute quiet. Then for some reason, the lights blacked out.

Big Puerto Rico said exactly what everyone else was thinking. "Horror film classic." Even though he couldn't see it, he could almost feel the stares of the others as he broke the 'no talking' rule. He shrugged and replied, "What? It is. I'd say, be on your guard, 'cause something's about to go down."

Heroes around the room began igniting their hands if they had any sort of light producing power. The best perhaps was Tropic, who was letting off his internal heat slowly, making himself look like a human glowstick in the process.

Of course, like in all good plans, there were people who ruined the light. Namely, Reaper, who powers were thriving in the aboslute dark, and inadvertently consuming the light nearest him. He was glad that nobody could see his face when he realized what was going on.

"So, what now?" someone asked.

"We get out of here, we go home. Then we congragate back together tommorrow to figure out what happened." Cadecus said loud enough for everyone to hear. He didn't like what was going on here. It reminded him of the time part of Top Ten had to go into Oranbega, home of the Circle of Thorns. There was death everywhere, and the place just seemed, wrong.

"Go home? I'm afraid that nobody's going home tonight. Unless you kill me, of course. But, just to humor you, I put up some buffers. Get past them to get to me." a high pitched voice came from overhead. The Blasters and Defenders fired, and accidently sent rubble crashing to the floor. Luckily some heroes had been able to put up force fields just in time.

Just as suddenly as they had gone off, the lights flickered back on. But the guests noticed that they weren't in the party building anymore. It still looked the same from the inside, except with no windows or doors. Then passages in the walls opened up, and hundreds of villains poured into the room.

"Hey, Will."

"Yeah Tropic?"

"Remind me to never accept another invitation to a party."

The various assorted villains astounded everyone. There were CoT, Tsoo, Skulls, Trolls, Hellions, Family, Malta, Crey, and even some Banished zombies. It was a complete gathering of the city's worst against some of the city's best. As mentioned before, the best of plans only need one person to ruin them, as Johnny Cognito offered graciously.

He started the battle with this terrible sentence, "So, come here often?" After a huge collective sigh, and a sharp smack on the back of the head to Johnny, the battle began.

To Be Continued

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