Ice is the Power. Fire is the Attitude. Part Three.

By Kelsey McFarland

"Hey, I think I hear something!" SweetHeart. hushed Fiery Ice, and cupped her ear with her hand. Everything was silent for a few seconds, and then a faint scream was heard. "See? It’s coming from this way." She and Fiery Ice quickly sprinted after the scream they heard. After running for a few minutes in the smelly sewers, the heroes ran into a room filled with tall weed creatures.

"Are you ready?" Fiery asked, bracing herself for the worst.

"I sure am." SweetHeart. raced ahead, used an energy bolt to knock one of the Devouring Earth into a wall. Fiery Ice then froze the ground under the rest of the Devouring Earth so they slipped and slid, and could hardly stand up.

"Good job!" SweetHeart. said, while ducking an attack of thorns shooting at her from one of the weed-like creatures.

"Look out!" Fiery Ice screamed a few moments after that. "Behind you!" She reached out placed a force field over her friend, just before another attack came up and nearly hit SweetHeart. "These things are ruthless." She said. "They never give up!"

"You just defined all the villains in this city." SweetHeart. commented, while blasting another weed. "Except, for maybe hellions. They run all the time."

"Ouch!" Fiery Ice looked down at her arm, now bleeding. She turned around, and instead of facing a tall, thin weed, she was facing a shorter, rock formation sort of being. It had a head, two arms and two legs, but it was completely built out of rocks. The creature slammed his fist into her stomach. "Arrgh!" She groaned.

"I gotcha." SweetHeart. was instantly by her side. A green aura surrounded Fiery Ice, and she immediately felt rejuvenated.

"Thanks, Sweet." Fiery Ice waved her hands gracefully, and ice flew out of them, forming a block of ice around the rocky being. "Now just knock it out. I’ll clean up the rest of them." Fiery Ice left her friend and started using her arresting device on the other weeds.

"Easy for you to say." SweetHeart. began doing damage to the formation. "Um…Fiery! Get back here! It’s melting!" She yelled. Fiery Ice looked over at SweetHeart., and before she could freeze the monster again, her friend was knocked out, and lying on the ground, motionless. Fiery Ice made a step toward her, and then stopped when she saw the rock beast coming towards her.

"Gotta get away from it!" She told herself. She levitated off the ground and to the ceiling of the room. The monster yelled at her, then bent down. He picked up a large chunk of concrete from the ground, and threw it at the hero. Fiery Ice tried to dodge it, but it came too fast. Right before it hit her head, Fiery looked over to where SweetHeart.’s body once was, but it was bare. At least she’s safe in the hospital. She thought. Suddenly, everything went black.

When Fiery Ice woke up, She was sitting on an uncomfortably small bed, surrounded by white walls, and her head ached terribly.

"Fiery! Oh you’re okay! I was so worried about you!" SweetHeart. stood in front of Fiery Ice, and hugged her. Looking down at herself, Fiery saw she was in hospital clothes.

"Don’t call me Fiery! I’m not in my costume! Remember my real name?" Fiery Ice looked around while she whispered, to make sure no one heard.

"Oh, yeah." SweetHeart. rolled her eyes. "Myantay Dillbert. So how are you doing, Mya?" SweetHeart. emphasized the Mya, to show her friend she didn’t prefer the name.

"I’m fine, Tracy." Myantay used her friends real name when she talked in public and her friend wasn’t in uniform. "My head hurts, really bad though. That rock thing took a toll on it."

"Yeah, the doctor said you have a concussion. I just have a bump on my head, that knocked me out. Luckily, I don’t have a concussion. But I do have bad news for you. Very bad news."

"What is it?" Myantay sat up quickly.

"You are going to be out of action for about a week. You can’t fight crime. Doctor’s orders." Tracy looked down as she said this, so she wouldn’t have to look at her friends completely sad and angered look.

"But I’m a hero! I can’t be out of action! That’s…that’s…unjust!" Myantay said in a large whisper. "How can the keep me from fighting?"

"Mya, they are scared for your health. They’re professionals, just listen to them okay?" Myantay sighed, then laid back down in the hospital bed. "I’ll stay here with you, we can talk, and I’ll bring you entertainment and we can plan strategies for getting back at those mean Devouring Earth!" Tracy was sitting on the edge of the hospital bed.

"I just want to go to sleep!" Myantay turned on her side.

"No, you can’t sleep! Another one of the things the doctor said. They’ll bring you dinner soon."

"I’ve heard hospital food is gross." Myantay grimaced.

"It is, but you’ll have to live." Tracy said, patting her friend’s shoulder.

"You are such a supportive friend." Said Myantay, sarcastically. An uncomfortable silence passed between the two.

"You can go fight on the streets sometime, if you want…" Myantay’s soft-spoken words trailed off.

"Huh?" A look of confusion crossed Tracy’s face, and then she understood. "Oh Mya! I could never fight on the streets without you! Besides, I’m mostly a healer. I don’t do damage too well any more."

"You can team up with someone else, at least until I get out of this prison." Myantay looked around once again, wondering what she would do that week.

"I don’t know. I guess I could." Seconds after Tracy finished, a nurse came in, carrying a tray with hospital food like potatoes and meatloaf. "Well, I have to go. I’ll be back later, but I need to get home and feed Cuddles. When do visiting hours end?" She asked the nurse.

"They are from 9am to 12am and 6pm to 9pm." The nurse answered while placing the tray on Myantay’s lap.

"Okay…its 6:30 now…so I should be back around seven, okay?" Tracy gently hugged Myantay goodbye. "I’ll tell Cuddles you said hi!"

After Myantay finished eating, the nurse left, and the room was silent. Myantay made herself busy by staring out the window. Every once in a while a hero would fly by. This was how she passed a half hour away until Tracy. came back with a drawing pad, a pencil and eraser.

"This is all I could find in such short notice. I know how you love to sketch things. Maybe you can design a new costume." Tracy and Myantay talked for an hour and a half about how they could try to eliminate the Devouring Earth. Then the visiting hours ended and Tracy had to go home. "Goodnight, Mya. I’ll miss you." And then Myantay was all alone.

It was hard to keep from being bored in the hospital, and Fiery Ice was alone most of the time, because SweetHeart. was off, fighting villians. She had obviously found a new comrade. Fiery Ice was slightly jealous, but she had been the one to suggest her going off and fighting with someone else.

After four days in the hospital, SweetHeart. came back.

"Oh Fi-I mean, Mya! I found this really awesome teammate. You’re really going to like her!" Tracy said, excitedly. She sat down on Myantay’s bed, beside her. "She’s a fire tanker, so she can do tons of damage! Her names Fire Barrier, and she’s really nice too! And she knows a whole bunch about the Devouring Earth!"

"Interesting." Myantay said.

"I’m sensing some attitude, here." Tracy gave her friend a questioning look.

"No, I’m fine. I’m happy you have a new partner."

"That’s great! I’ll bring her in tomorrow, so you can meet her." Tracy said, hugging her friend. Myantay nodded, and then lay down.

"I just need my rest, Tracy. I’ll see you tomorrow." Myantay quietly said.

The next day, SweetHeart. walked in with another woman. She had bright-red hair, red jeans with a flame design, and a red sweatshirt.

"Mya , meet Ashley." She leaned close to Myantay, and whispered, "You remember, Fire Barrier?"

"How do you do?" Ashley stepped forward, extending her slender, tan hand. Then she stopped. "I guess not so well, after all, you are in a hospital." She grinned slyly.

"So, what powers do you have?" Myantay raised her eyebrows.

"Well I can generate fire around my body, which causes bad guys lots of pain. One thing most people find odd is that I can make it so I don’t burn my teammates, but that’s the beauty of my flames." Ashley smiled, self-assuredly.

"How do they do around ice?" Myantay still wasn’t sure that this girl was all that great.

"Oh don’t worry about that! Tracy told me about your powers. My flames are magical, they mix with ice well."

Okay, she was perfect. She did damage and she would work wonderfully with the other two members of the team.

"So, when are you gonna be out of here?" Ashley asked intently.

"Well, I should be out by tomorrow afternoon."

"That’s so awesome! I have a mission that I have to do tomorrow, and you can guys can help me!"

Help her? SweetHeart. had found her so she had someone to team with. Why did they have to team with her after Fiery Ice was better.

"That’ll be great." Tracy said. "Right, Mya?" Myantay nodded deftly.

"Well, we’re gonna go kick more villain butt. We’ll be here tomorrow, and then we can do Ashley’s mission!" Tracy hugged Myantay, then both girls walked out of the room. Myanatay figured that this mission wouldn’t be as fun as Tracy made it seem.

"Look out!!" SweetHeart. screamed at the top of her lungs. A gigantic thorn flew right by Fiery Ice’s ear. "My gosh that was close!" SweetHeart. ran over to Fiery Ice. "Are you okay?" She asked, looking her friend over.

"I’m still fighting aren’t I?" Fiery Ice turned around and kicked a Devouring Earth, and it slammed against a wall.

"A little help over here!" Fire Barrier yelled. She had placed fire down on the ground and all the Devouring Earth were burning to their demise, and yet they still didn’t seem to be burning fast enough. They were still attacking Fire Barrier with all they had.

"Coming!" SweetHeart. ran over to join Fire Barrier and started blasting away at more Devouring Earth, while Fiery Ice froze them.

"Ah, I love the smell of burning weeds in the morning!" SweetHeart. joked.

"That would be funny…only it’s not morning." Fiery Ice pointed out. SweetHeart. shot her a quick look in between blasts.

"Will you two just be quiet and knock these guys out?" Fire Barrier was burning more Devouring Earth and punching out a few as well. Without another word all three went to work and slowly but surely defeated the group of Devouring Earth.

"We…make quite…a team!" SweetHeart. said, catching her breath.

"Yeah…we do." Fire Barrier nodded. "You okay Fiery?"

"Sure…whatever." Fiery Ice said, turning to go down a certain pathway to find more Devouring Earth.

"Hold up, Fiery." Fire Barrier stepped in Fiery Ice’s path. "What’s eating you? Do you not like me or something?"

"To be frank, Fire Barrier, no." Fire Barrier and SweetHeart. froze for a moment.

"Why not? What did she do?" SweetHeart stepped closer to Fiery Ice, her eyes questioning.

"She didn’t do anything. You did. You met her, and…I got jealous."

"What do you have to be jealous of? You’re my best friend! What, did you think you’d get replaced or something?"

"No! It’s just that it’s usually you and me, you know? We were a good team…then you met her." Fiery Ice looked over at Fire Barrier, staring at both of them.

"Hey, Fire Barrier, can we have minute alone please?" Fire Barrier nodded and stepped back so that she couldn’t hear the two.

"Why the heck are you jealous? You were the one to tell me to find another partner in the first place!"

"I know! That’s what’s got me confused. I know that you probably wont replace me, but-"

"But nothing. I will never replace you, okay?" SweetHeart. cut off Fiery Ice’s sentence. "You’re my best friend! She’s a friend too, but you’re number 1 on my top ten. Got it?"

"Yeah. I got it." Fiery Ice glanced over at Fire Barrier. "Hey, FB, come here for a second." She called, waving the tanker over. "Sorry about saying, I didn’t like you. I guess you’re okay. Are we cool?"

"Yeah, we’re cool. And don’t worry ‘bout what you said earlier. I know how you feel. Now lets kick it into high gear, we don’t have much longer to defeat these guys!" Fire Barrier ran ahead and motioned for the other two to follow her.

"I’m thinking I can get used to her. She’s kinda like you, SweetHeart.." Fiery Ice said.

"Oh, so I tell you that you wont be replaced and suddenly you’re happy? Isn’t, that, kinda, I don’t know…fairy tale-ish?" SweetHeart. asked.

"I guess. Should we have a fist fight to make it seem more real?" Fiery Ice joked.

"Actually…I like the fairy-tale ending." Then the two ran off after Fire Barrier, and they lived happily ever after. (At least till the next story, that is!)

The End
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