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No Rest For The Wicked

“Oh wow,” Felix panted. “That was intense!”

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.” Sanguine quirked an amused grin at the other hero as she clamed herself. It was rare to see a rookie so enthusiastic about fighting the Rikti; most shook in their boots at the mere though. But Felix had surprised her by leaping into the fray without hesitation, a fierce blur of white and black that slammed through the alien invaders like a seasoned pro. Many of the newer heroes were only now popping warily from their hiding spots.

“I’ve never fought with such a huge group before! Seeing so many heroes come together to defend Atlas Park was seriously inspiring.” The armored fighter forcefully stifled a laugh. If Felix was any more enthusiastic, she’d be sparkling. As it was, the ivory were-tiger was swinging her head madly back and forth, trying to absorb the colorful gathering of superheroes before they scattered across the city streets, the night-timers returning to patrol and others retiring for the evening.

“So how’d I do?” the eager teenager asked Sanguine, peering up at the red head with hopeful eyes. The hero in question shrugged her weighty battle axe more comfortably across her back and slid off a Kevlar reinforced glove.

“You did great.” She scratched at the skin behind one of Felix’s furry ears, eliciting a pleased purr from her companion.

Sometimes…no, most of the time heroing was a cancerous career choice, unrewarding and often lethal, but Sanguine knew she wouldn’t quit until it killed her. She was in way too deep; be it her teammates or her city,  Sanguine would willing throw her life away to keep them safe.

“Hey, you guys!” Argent, a member of the supergroup to which Sanguine and Felix belonged, shouted from atop the concrete base of Atlas’s statue. “The Rikti are slamming Galaxy now!”

Felix whooped excitedly in reply, grabbing hold of Sanguine and dragging her towards the monorail station, the widely preferred mode of transport for those without travel abilities.

No rest for the wicked, she thought, and slapped her helm into place.

There were worse things, after all.

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