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Formation of Brutal Justice

By Simzak

3 unrelated stories… 6 people, and in the end, ONE team!

“Are you seriously that stupid to think that this man, who has a criminal record longer then the bible, didn’t kill this child’s parents, leaving her an orphan?? That instead, he was at a homeless shelter giving food to the hungry?! Giving?! You and I both know that’s bullsh*t.”


“I’m sorry, Mr. Prince, but we have several witnesses that can vouch for him. 5 people stated seeing him there last night, one was a little boy who he served food to.”


Then I looked at the accused, Jakob Despoy, a Bone Daddy and said: “So how much did you pay them this time, Despoy? 10000? 20? Hm?”


“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”


The judge then sternly said: “Verdict: Not Guilty. Jakob Despoy, you are free to go.”


“Thank you your honor,” the snake said.


 He walked out of the courtroom, snickering at me on the way. There I stood, on those dark-brown hardwood floors, with the morning sun shining on me, dumbfounded. Another one, that just slipped through my fingers. Another snake, set free to slither around in the world, biting whomever it chooses without a single thought of remorse. 2nd time this has happened in the past 3 cases I’ve had.


 I strode angrily out of the courtroom and went into the bathroom. Dammit, why can’t I do this? I graduated Harvard at seventeen! Why the hell can’t I clean up the streets for good, not just with my claws, but with justice. 100% legal. Damn it all. I should have died all those years ago in that explosion. Those damned Rikti, why can’t I put them in jail? ‘Cause they’re aliens of course. Still, I need to do something. My healing factor didn’t kick in and save me for no reason. I have to keep trying, keep helping people.


 I walked out of the bathroom door to find quite a surprise. Standing in front of me was Julie Frankson, the 8 year old who’s parents were murdered by Despoy. Her hair was messy and her eyes were red from crying, I presume. Her face was twisted with grief.


“Th-thank you Mr. Prince.”

“For what? I didn’t do anything. Your parents’ killer is still out there.”

“I know. But you tried. Which is more then I can say for lots’a other people.”

“I’m very sorry for your loss. Do you haev anywhere to go?”

“Yeah, I’m going to live at Auntie Sally’s house.”

“Good. Now, if you need anything, don’t hesitate to call,” I said, writing my cell number down on a piece of paper and giving it to her. She then walked off to see a woman who I presumed to be her Aunt Sally.


I walked out of the building and got a cab back to my apartment in Atlas Park. I took the elevator up to the thirtieth floor, walked down the carpeted hall and opened the door to my room to find...




He was in my apartment!


 “That was close today, Prince. We need to make sure you don’t interfere again,” His hands started to emit a black, smoky aura, black tendrils started sprouting from the ground, carressing him in their dark embrace. He shot his hand forward and a tentacle followed. It looked razor-sharp. No, worse. But I made no effort to dodge. No need to do work you don’t have to. It pierced my heart and soon there was blood flowing out of the gaping hole he made in me. Sure, the pain was horrible, but not even close to being in the blast of one of the Rikti’s plasma cannons. I didn’t show it. I simply smiled at him, and when the tentacle was retracted the whole that had been there was healed. There was still, of course, my warm, crimson blood on me. But I do luckily own a shower.


“My turn now?” I said tauntingly. He was so confused and stricken with fear that he didn’t have time to make any shields, or blast me anymore. I lunged at him, grabbing his cold leather jacket and throwing him against the wall, and he fell to the ground on his back, which left him opened up for my next move. Losing no forward momentum from the throw, I vaulted up into the air, did a flip and landed with both feet onto his stomach. He rolled over, and started throwing up. Green, brown, mushy, disgusting. I grabbed the back of his head, and smashed it onto the cold marble floor. He was out like a light and his mask was shattered. I picked up the pieces then threw them out my window. Damn gangster.


PPD officers arrived 5 minutes later and I explained to them what happened. Then I showed them my Hero I.D. They left angrily. Man, I’m tired of those guys. After cleaning up the vomit and showering I decided to go on patrol. I turned of my image inducer and my blonde hair turned back to black, my soul patch reappeared and my eyes once again appeared scarred and disfigured. I spiked my hair, put on my black and silver sunglasses that are super-advanced and let me see better then ever, in night or day, as well as covering up my scars. I took off by jacket and dress shirt and replaced them with white enforcer-type skintight leather. I put on my black and white camo pants, and black boots. Once my utility belt was fastened I slid on me white gloves and on them: my Rikti-metal claws. That’s right. The claws I use are made out of the same metal used by the Rikti. Then, I finally put on my jet-black leather trenchcoat, opened my window, and dove into the night.


 I love this feeling of weightlessness. The air flowing around you, the sounds of the city drowned out by the whistling wind. If you close your eyes, it feels like you’re a million miles away from Paragon City, a million miles away from it’s troubles. But still, you need to open your eyes eventually. So, I flipped myself around, pointed my feet down, bent my knees and braced for impact.




Well, I’m getting better. With my newfound leaping ability I can jump so incredibly high, and also withstand greater impact. But still, even I have my limits. My apartment’s so high that doing this breaks my ankles. But they heal. They always heal.




Over my head, Sky Raiders zoomed past, two of them, followed closely by an angry-looking winged woman. She was throwing fireballs at them over and over but they were just to fast and skilled. Did I mention I had limited Super-Speed? By limited I mean my speed IS superhuman, but no where near the levels of Synapse or anotehr speedster. So I ran.


I ran as fast as I could and caught up to the one in front. I needed to time this just right. I extended my claws, ran in front of him, and jumped. Then I dropped, right onto his back. I thrusted my claws into his jet pack, then I ripped it off. He landed hard, and’ll ave more then his share of cuts and bruises tomorrow. Apparently, the second one was so shocked that he forgot about the crazy winged lady throwing fire at them, and she threw a fireball, which hit him hard and caused an explosion on impact. Well, that ends that.


She landed in front of me and extended her hand.


“I’m Thea Hespler, Flayme Mistress,” she said nicely.


“Clinton Prince, Slaash,” I said as I shook.


 This was the first time I got a good look at her, and man she was beautiful. She had black hair that went halfway down her back, with bright red streaks through out it. Her face was strong yet beautiful at the same time, and her eyes, oh, those eyes. They were white. Pure white. She had a skin-tight, red and balck witch-styled costume that covered her whole body. Her black and red wings looked like those you’d find on a Valkyrie, the warriors of Norse Myth. Her belt was silver with a faintly glowing cirular red jewel in the middle. She was at least a foot taller then me, she was slender but musceled. Anyway, she said:


“Thanks for that. I took down one of their warehouses but those two got away,”


“No biggie. It was nothing. Only what I swore to do,”


“So, the night’s still young. Care to patrol with me?”


“I’d love to. And-”


“Sure, I’d love to go out to dinner with you. Tomorrow at 7 good? We live in the same building, I’m five floors under you, though. Apartment 25K.”




“My mutant abilities allow me to control fire. But, through my practices of Magic I’ve learned how to see into the future at times, and to read minds with limited offensive psionic powers,” she said.


“Oh. Well, ok, cool.


“So, what are we waiting for?” she said, flying off.


 Happily, I followed her, jumping from building to building. We had an awesome night, we destroyed some hideouts, defeated some gang bosses and had loads of fun.






 The next day was pretty uneventful. I had no cases today, so I just did some patrolling, got groceries and even trained at AE for an hour. Then I went to Atlas Park’s library and checked out some history books about heroes and Villains, there’s still so much I don’t know about this.


 At 6:55 I went down to the apartment, with a nice white dress shirt and black pants. I rung her doorbell, and waited. Boy, was I nervous.


“Don’t be,” I heard her say from inside.


 She opened the door in a towel.


“Sorry, had some last minute things come up. I’ll be ready in a sec. Come in, sit down on the couch, and watch some TV while you wait.”


 I did as I was told, I walked into her apartment, and what I saw was very nice. Her apartment was small, but it was functional and very contemporary. She had subtle colours throughout that made it come together great. I plopped down on her leather couch and turned on her 52” Flatscreen wall-mounted plasma screen TV.


 A few minutes later she slinked out of her room and into the living room. And man, did I feel underdressed. She was wearing a strapless black dress, red high heels and red earrings. She her hair was in a complicated updo and she still wore that nice belt. Then I noticed something: she had no wings. Where’d they go?


“My wings aren’t real. Well theyt are, but they’re not. I created them from magic to finish off my costume. I can still fly without them,” she said.


“Wow, I just realized I haven’t said a word since I got here. Sorry about that. Anyways, you look amazing. And I feel underdressed. You ready?”


“Thanks, and you look fine,” she smiled “Let’s go,”


 Together we walked down the hall, took the elevator adn called up a taxi. We went to eat at this great italian place in Galaxy. She had the seafood linguine and I had the same.


“So,” she said, “I could read your mind but what would be the point in that? What do you do?”


“I’m a prosecutor. But so many guys are slipping throught these days I don’t know if it’s worth it anymore. What about you?”


“I work at an adoption agency, I make sure the homes kids are going to are safe. It’s great being able to read minds sometimes.”


“I don’t know if I could do it. I think I’d want some peace and quiet every once in awhile. So when’d you get into the business?”


“Ok, I know this is weird but... my evil dad’s ghost visited em one night. He was an evil horrible villain. I was terrified, and at the same time my fire powers activated and I killed my adoptive parents. They were great, amazing, caring loving people that raised me from 2 months to 16. Damn it, I still miss them. And it’s my fault they’re gone. That was 7 years ago, and I still miss them,”


Tears were filling her eyes. I put my hand on her arm as an attempt to comfort her.


“Shh, it’s ok. It sounds like it wasn’t your fault.”


“I-I guess. Sorry about that. So,” she said through tears, trying to wear a smile, “how’d you get into the business?”


“My parents were rich beyond belief, and I grew up getting everything I want. I hated it. Never felt a sense of any accomplishement.  And I always hated criminals. So, when I was 16 I was accepted into Harvard. Yeah, I’m gifted too. But being samrt kinda sucks. Anyways, I wouldn’t let my parents pay a dime for me. I got a big job at a big videogame company, and within the year, I had enough money to go. I graduated at eighteen. After grad I went to visit my parents.  So, then the invasion started. When one of the first warships appeared it- it blasted the mansion and everyone in it. They were obliterated  instantly. I should have been, too. But apparently I have a healing factor, I just never needed to use it before. Within the week I was whole again, but for my eyes. My eyes are still singed and shriveled up little brown things inside the sockets. Somehow though, I can still see. Grief-stricken, I traveled the world for two years learning history of martial arts, and everything I need to know about how to fight, and about being a hero. Then I journeyed back  to Paragon, and became a hero.”


“Wow. I-I’m sorry,” she said comfortingly.


For like a minute we just stared at eachother.


“What?” I said, like an idiot.


She chuckled a little. “This is where you’re supposed to kiss me, idiot”.


So I did.

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