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            “So what exactly are your powers?  Ice control?” asked Araqua.  He and the Blue Barrage had stared at each other for the past hour as Mistress Araqua “stealthed” the immense underground base known as the WEB.  Araqua and his wife had a promise to keep to Burke, so between the two of them and Blue, Mistress Araqua had the proper skills to deactivate all lockdown protocols in the case of an emergency.

            “Well, you and your wife are gonna love the big surprise I have for you, if my information is correct,” half-heartedly smirked Blue.  “What I don’t get is why your wife has to sneak into an Arachnos-controlled base.  What, are you two afraid of the limelight that much?”

            “No, it’s just that not only did Recluse kill our only son, he terminated both of our contracts of employment in the Arachnos.  In a sense, we are rogues without the faithfulness to the whole cause,” explained Araqua.  “So if any of us are caught near the base, we are to be killed on sight.  That’s why my wife is sneaking about, hero.”

            Mistress Araqua materializes next to her husband, her silver-domed helmed hiding her smile of revenge.  “Alright, none of the emergency doors should shut for any emergency.  Now why did you want me to do--?”  Mistress Araqua was unable to complete her sentence as a fifteen-foot wave of water crashed into the three avengers.  Struggling to control their spin in the wave, the Araquas hear Blue’s voice in the rage of the water-wall, “Hold on to your butts, we’re going in!”

            The great wave crashes over the beach and rocks, accumulating tons of debris within the wave itself.  More waves larger than the first crashed into the beach, picking up more debris as the Araquas and Blue entered the bases’ large threshold and descended down the large ramp.  The Araquas swam to the head of the wave, weapons poised for battle.  Blue surfed on his feet next to them, “How’d you like my powers?  I’m sorry that I didn’t go over the plan, but it’s basically flood the place, set all electrical output devices on a delayed activation, swim out and close all outer doors.  The electrified water should make the place almost completely inaccessible and should fry all the computers.  Sound fun?”

            “You’re insane!” shouted Mistress Araqua.  She was surprised to find Araqua laughing.

            “Sounds like my type of game!  Shock and awe,” laughed Araqua.  “Jennifer, you focus on the door controls.  I’ll go for EMP generators.”  Mistress Araqua nods in confirmation and swims to the edge of the wave, jumping out of the water and into a yet-flooded corridor.  In the sound of the thunderous force, Mistress almost missed the gunfire that buzzed behind her.  Two pop-up turrets had activated and identified her as an intruder.  Mistress bolted towards the pair of turrets, launching her concealed darts at one which detonated a moment later.  She leaped three feet on one wall, leaped another three feet towards the turret and pummeled it with her fist spikes. 

The hallway started to flood as she landed, and a spray of ocean mist passed through the hallway as the second wall of water and debris stormed pass the doorway.  Mistress rushed through the hallway and made her way through a series of catacombs filled with unsuspecting scientists and Arachnos soldiers to the main access controls.  Mistress immediately closed all outside doors except for the main access door.  Any survivors would not be able to force their way through the rushing water out that door, all except the Araquas and Blue.  As Mistress Araqua turned to assist her comrades, she caught a glimpse of the unthinkable.  Araqua and Blue were headed straight for the Araquas’ all-time archrival, Barracuda.

Mistress uttered a foul curse under her breath.  Barracuda was once their idol, many years ago.  The Araquas had dreamed of once being like her; they wished to be Captain Mako’s right-hand assassins.  To be the lackey of Mako gave a villain the special opportunity to learn all of his secrets and to control the seven seas itself.  However Barracuda wished to be the only lackey of Captain Mako, and thus a bitter rivalry formed between her and the Araquas.  Barracuda wished to die before letting mere pawns learn Mako’s secrets.  Barracuda proved to be a formidable foe, though, and to this day had prevailed over the Araquas.  Today will be different, thought Mistress.

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