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Metriani:  A new beginning:  By Calyes L. Kynard II

The wind howled, the moon was in full, and darkness wrapped Paragon City, but the city never slept.  Heroes defeated villains, villains defeated heroes.  It seemed like a never ending circle of life that fed the city, kept it alive, kept it breathing.

Metriani, endowed with Control over the darkness, smiled as she walked toward Freedom Court.  She had just helped Coyote with the Outbreak problem (that seemed to happen a lot.  You would think they would put some better security together, she thought), and she needed to start her career as a hero.  Coyote told her that she had what is took and to Freedom Court.  As she entered the building she saw the registration desk, promptly gave her information and proceeded to S.P.E.L.L.

Interesting.  She was in awe of all of the artifacts, relics, and books that could either help mankind or more likely, destroy Paragon City and its inhabitants.  “Yes.  It is impressive”, the man said.  Metriani was startled that the man seemingly appeared right in front of her.  He had power, she could tell that.  He was about 6 feet tall with handsome features and an air of calm that filled the room.  “It is amazing that some of the artifacts in this room pre-date our “time”, but they are relevant even up to this moment.  Don’t you think so Metriani?” His voice seemed to have a bit of an echo.

“How did you know my name?”  Metriani asked. 

“The clerk sent it by e-mail”, he shrugged.

“Oh”, she responded.

“But more importantly is that you have come to help Galaxy City, and for that I am grateful”, he bowed.

“The issue that we are facing today is a grave one.  The Hellions are a group of mask-wearing vandals that try to burn everything that they can see:  buildings, cars, people, etc.  They would burn water if it was possible” he said.  “What I need from you is to act as a “deterrent” and “explain” to the Hellions that this type of behavior will not be tolerated”. 

Metriani was feeling some butterflies in her stomach.  HER FIRST MISSION.  “I can do that”, she replied.  She tried to keep a calm exterior, but she was doing a bad job hiding her excitement. 

“I know you can handle this mission”, he started to walk away but abruptly stopped.  “You are very special, Metriani.  All of you are.  Heroes that wear the capes and except the dangers that come with the job have something extra that sets them apart from the rest.  Your powers will grow you will be a force to be reckoned with.  But as you grow, temper your powers with wisdom.  Understand your enemies, study them, prepare for them, for as you grow, they will as well.  Harness your excitement and focus it into determination.  Good luck.”  The man vanished.

As Metriani walked out of S.P.E.L.L, she realized that she didn’t even know his name.


“Now this is what I am talking about”, the masked Hellion said as he was working on the hubcap of a Mazda Z-3.  “Once we put this thing on blocks, we’ll torch the car and sell the rims”. 

His buddy with the baseball bat and acting as the lookout was getting antsy.  “Why don’t we just torch this and move on?  That is what the Damned said, and I do not want to be on his bad side.  You remember Rusty and now his ashes are on his desk!”

“Because the Damned doesn’t pay us and we gotta make a little money”, the masked Hellion said, his voice showing some impatience.  “Bat” had been whining all night and the last thing he needed to hear was how the Damned was going to do this and that.  He’d rather be by himself, but with all the heroes running around, he needed someone to watch his back, even if it was “Bat”.  “Shut up and keep an eye out for heroes”.

When bat didn’t respond, the masked Hellion looked up to see his friend staring at a figure that was cloaked in a dark mist that looked like smoke tentacles.  “Looks like we have a winner”, “Masked” grinned.  He looked at “Bat” and said, “Go time!!!”  They rushed the figure.

Metriani seemed completely calm, even though two thugs were coming at her full speed, yelling and screaming with a bat and a gun ready for action.   All of her training in the DAMO School of the Arts, a school that taught magic to the exceptionally gifted children, hopefully was about to pay off.  Metriani was a brash student that at a very young age was able to harness the power of darkness to her will.  She finished top of her class and now school was out.  Outbreak was like a quiz; the real test was about to begin. 

“Bat” connected with his bat and stunned Metriani.  These guys aren’t pushovers she thought.  As she tried to clear the cobwebs, “Masked” fired his gun and knocked her back against the Madza.  She landed with a thud.  “Bat” jumped back in and swung to hit a home run, but Metriani jumped over the vehicle to give her some space.

Some hero she thought. 

“Some hero”, “Masked” laughed.  “Let’s finish this so we can get back to The Madza”.  “Masked” jumped over the vehicle, only to be met with a blast of Dark Miasma from Metriani’s hand.  The blast propelled him into the air and onto the grass across the street.  “Masked” shook his head, dazed from the blast and the landing.  As “Bat” turned to face Metriani, he was looking straight at a dark blast skull heading his way.  The Skull engulfed “Bat” and he felt himself slipping away.  He slumped to the ground and felt the darkness consume him.  Metriani walked around the Mazda and crossed the street where “Masked” was emptying his gun at her.  The bullets were deflected by the darkness surrounding her. 

“Get back!” “Masked” yelled.  The click of his gun signifying he was out of ammo.  As he tried to reload, a tar pit formed underneath him and tendrils grabbed at his arms.  He tried to dodge them but it was no use.  He couldn’t understand, but he felt weak; he knew his time was near.   “Do your worst witch”, he said trying not to tremble.  “The Hellions will get you”.

Metriani’s hands glowed with a skull.  “Not today”, she said and hurled the skull at “Masked”.  He screamed in agony and then went limp.  Metriani looked at her foes and walked away to find more Hellions to “explain” that their actions will not be tolerated.   

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