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Chapter 5

Norman blinked.

He was alone and it was dark outside. The clock display projecting inside his visor indicated it was three hours later, “That son of a bitch!”

The apartment was lit by streetlamps from outside casting long shadows in the dwelling like gothic images and the air was still. If he listened hard, he could hear arguing from the neighbors below him. He glanced around the room and noticed most everything had been put into order, especially the dining room table. He walked over noticing Brian’s cameras had been laid out among one banker’s box, half eaten Chinese food, a half filled bottle of whiskey, two envelopes, and a mediport device heroes used if they got in over their head and needed emergency medical treatment. A small leather wallet with Brian’s official city registration deputizing his alter ego News Flash was within; it was the official authority to conduct vigilantism. The wallet also contained his Onami Strike Force membership ID card.

Norman pocketed the wallet and the mediport. Both could prove invaluable to his organization. More specifically, they were important to him; the mediport alone could offer free access to Paragon City. He needed to have his associates examine it first. Using it now would only guarantee it worked once, maybe even two or three times. Norman wanted his people to crack the key encryption code first. Its long-term value was undeniable and too good to pass up. He snatched up the two letter sized envelopes and read both quickly. One was Brian Sutter’s last will and testament leaving everything he owned to the Onami Strike Force. There was also a storage locker key inside. He knew of Brian’s collection of dirt. It was actually quite impressive and probably could cause indictments and raids against most of the villain groups and politicians in the area. Not like, there was any difference between the two. He would have to make sure his people got copies before he returned the key.

The second envelope angered Norman the most causing his pulse to rise to over seventy. It was Brian’s resignation letter made out to Thauma Guard. He was formerly resigning from the Onami Strike Force so they would no longer be burdened by his past and future actions. There was a lot more, but Norman was too pissed off to read it. The Brian he knew was no quitter. He debated his options on what to do next. Luckily, he had no idea where the entrance to the maps beginning point was and just gave up the location of an underground base the Circle of Thorn’s had once used. They still could be occupied by them or worse, there was a chance it actually was an entrance to the Lost City. He needed to act now. He needed help from someone to assist in bringing Brian back. The reporter was to far gone and stubborn for him to bring in alone.

The Rogue Isle Protector left Brian’s apartment entering the darkened hall. From his vantage in the unlit corridor, he easily spotted the Longbow Eagle looking in a window from the outside fire escape. The scout was armed with a rifle and at that very moment possessed something Norman greatly desired. The Eagle fired his rifle once before the Protector leapt through the window tackling the goody-two-shoes. The bullet had impacted his breastplate leaving no marks or pain. The Eagle ignited the boosters on his jet pack and attempted to rocket away, but the extra weight of his prey sent them dropping unceremoniously, but unhurt, thirteen stories to the ground. Norman head-butted the scout on the way down knocking him unconscious and when he got to his feet, swiftly stripped the jet pack off the man. He strapped it on punching in a key code unto a panel unlocking the fail-safe system that activated in the event it was ever forcibly removed from its wearer. The code was a secret Longbow thought no one knew about. The Boy Scout wannabes believed many fallacies probably even the one that said a dinosaur named Sally roamed the lakes in Croatoa.

An idea for someone he could get to help find Brian flashed though his mind and he smiled lovingly his heartbeat racing sending his pulse over eighty beats per minute. Finally, time to visit someone he loved and surprise her. He left King Rows with fiery blast and soon with a whole contingent of Longbow hot on his ass.


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