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by: Rebecca McQuarrie



***This has a solid PG-13 Rating for Adult Content***





“Hi Baby!  I’m home,” yelled Volt as he entered the townhouse in Faultline that he now shared with Indigo Eve.


“I’m upstairs,” she called.  From the sound of it, she was in the east end of the dwelling, which could only be the master bathroom.  Volt raced up the stairs, exhausted after a long day, hoping to catch Eve before she had to leave for her weekly supergroup meeting. 


“I know you have to leave,” he started as he pushed open the half-closed door.  He stopped suddenly, noticing the light seemed odd.  Looking around he saw that dozens of lit candles were the only source of illumination.  He also saw Eve, sitting on the edge of the hot tub he recently had installed.


Mildly confused, and secretly hopeful, he asked, “Don’t you have to be somewhere?”


“I figured that since you went through all the trouble of having this installed, it would be a shame if we didn’t make use of it.  We haven’t seen each other all week, and this poor tub has been sitting here all neglected.  I already called and they know not to expect me.  That is, unless you really want me to go…”      


“No. No, that’s fine.  I’m sure they can survive without you for one night,” he responded, his voice growing thick with his rising desire.  As he crossed the room, Eve rose and held out her arms to receive him.  Gathering her close, he deeply breathed in the scent of her, and the heady smell of jasmine invaded his senses.  He kissed the side of her neck, and then slowly trailed kisses up and along her jaw line until he reached her plum colored lips.  He covered her mouth with his and kissed her deeply.  As Eve’s hand slid up his back, the cool smoothness of Volt’s armor tugged her brain out of its steamy fog.


“Perhaps we should move someplace a little safer,” she suggested, tapping a nail on his electrified outfit.  “Or, better yet, let’s just get you out of this.”  Walking backwards towards the bedroom, she pulled Volt along with her, slowly disassembling his uniform and leaving a metallic trail behind them.  By the time they reached the voluptuous, king-sized bed, he had been relieved of all his clothing.  A shiver ran up his spine, partially from a cool breeze blowing through the open window, and partly from anticipation.  As another light zephyr buffeted his body, he decided to turn the tables.  Engaging her in another heated kiss that caused a low moan to escape her throat, he untied the belt that was holding her black satin robe closed.  Running his hands over her shoulders he slid the material off and let it fall to the floor in an inky pool.  Feeling a shiver run through her, and feeling a quick stab of concern and guilt, he pulled her down onto the bed and enveloped her body with his.  He ran his hand over her hip, then down the length of her leg and back, his charged hand leaving a tingling trail of warmth.  When his hand arrived back at her waist, she covered his hand with hers and locked her eyes on his, her gaze searching.


“Let me in,” she breathed, her whisper barely audible. 


Knowing what she was asking, and knowing the consequences of either answer, Volt froze.  Trust, it was all about trust.  Never before had she asked him to let her inside his mind.  There were unspoken boundaries that both of them respected and never discussed.  A small vein of fear ran through him as he searched her face, looking, or perhaps hoping to find a hint of deceit, but the only emotions in her features were open trust, and what he could only classify as love.  Having never seen the expression on a partner’s face before her, he was in unfamiliar territory.  Not wanting to be controlled by fear, and desperately wanting to believe in their future, he took a deep breath and nodded his consent.


He saw surprise and relief flash quickly in her eyes, only to be replaced a heartbeat later with acceptance and that alien display of love.  He stared into her azure eyes, drinking it in like a starving drifter.  Like a soft fog slowly encroaching, he felt her presence in the back of his mind.  He tensed at the foreign sensation and started to pull back.  Her hand reached up and stroked the side of his face, reassuring and calming him.  Like a flower uncurling it petals in the morning sun, his awareness of her, all of her, bloomed in his mind.  He felt her hand on his cheek, but at the same time felt the prickle of his five ‘o clock shadow on the palm of his hand.  No, her hand.  He stared at her in amazement, realizing that not only was she feeling what he felt, but he was feeling her as well.  His breath caught at the heightened sensation; the complete awareness of each other.  There was nothing, no, there was nowhere to hide.  Feeling raw and exposed he had no idea how to continue.  Sensing his hesitation and confusion, Eve took the lead, sliding her hand to the back of his neck and pulling his mouth to hers.  The intense dual sensation slammed through Volt, making him instantly hard.  With only slight hesitation, and immense curiosity, he shifted and slid his hand up her lithe stomach to cup her breast.  He felt her quick intake of breath as her chest rose toward him, and at the same time, felt his own lungs fill with air.  Dizzy with awareness, her ran his thumb over her erect nipple and shivered at the sensitivity that almost threw Eve over the edge. 


As Eve felt herself sliding into their shared drunken haze, her concentration dangerously shifted from controlling the mental bond to striving for the physical.  Knowing she was losing control she gasped “Now,” as she grasped his shaft, intent on placing it in a more appropriate place.   


The feeling of her hand on his hardness drove Volt to a frenzied high.  He felt like he was standing at the edge of cliff, and as he entered her, he fell over the edge.  All coherent thought exploded from his mind.  He could do nothing but desperately cling to reality as his body rode hers.  The intensity grew, his experience adding to hers and hers adding again to his.  Unable to contain the built up passion, Volt released a primal scream as the two climaxed simultaneously.  Wave after wave washed over them and the two slipped from consciousness. 


After what felt like hours later, Volt stirred as he felt her withdraw from his mind.  He was filled with loss, and felt a gaping hole he never realized was there.  Pulling her close, he felt Eve snuggle in and slip deeper into sleep.  Spent and confused, he could only stare at the wall and contemplate what had just happened, and what it meant for him.  For them.  Contentment mixed with the now familiar fear filled him and, for the first time in years, Volt fell asleep with a smile on his face.   

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