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By: Nelson Carrasquillo AKA Big Puerto Rico


**As people grow up they are taught many things, of course there are some things that are never taught at all…left out. Those teachings have to be sought after, found. One example of such knowledge is of time, the 4th dimension. Most people think they know all there is to time. It exist, it helps us tell how long we have been in a place, how old we are, when to eat, when to sleep. But, very few people know the true potential of time. Albert Einstein knew a great deal of things, how to bend time…theoretically speaking. He also figured something else, that time can be shook and can create another state of being, another dimension. Dimensions can only come about through a great event, an event that could end in different ways so it does. The aftermath of one ending belongs to this dimension, while the other is lived out in the next…**



Chapter 4


            Previously: Tony’s pursuit of Rey was stopped by a FC soldier and he never got the chance to get to the bottom of why Rey would attack the governor the way he did. Tony and Cris decided to visit an old friend of Cris’, Mirafox the princess from another planet. When Cris and Tony found the base that Mirafox was at Mirafox was unsure of who approached. She found that the man that entered her base looked like Cris but wasn’t, later she found out it was Cris’ little cousin and Cris himself was the spirit guide. Tony became stunned at the beauty of both Mirafox and her sister Inalta, but took a real interest in Inalta. The group discussed what happened and decided they needed to get to the bottom of it all.  



Mirafox’s base under the Talos Statue: 1 week later


            Tony entered the base with his half-mask torn around the left eye and various tears around his suit. He was exhausted and breathing heavily, blood dripped down from his mouth to his chin and he wiped the blood before it can travel any further. “This sucks” he said quietly.


            “You look horrible,” Inalta’s voice startled Tony.


            “I didn’t know you ladies came back…for the four days that you’ve been gone I’ve been out patrolling and for four days I’ve had to flee,” Tony said with embarrassment on his face.


            “So, the bad guys are giving you trouble huh?” Mirafox asked.


            “No, the villains are ok…I run into the occasional one that gives me a work out but it’s those damn FC dudes…for some reason they’re crazy hard to get off of you…and they bite!” Tony chuckled.


            “Yeah…no kidding,” Mirafox pointed to his cuts, “but everything should be ok, we brought something back from home, it’s better than what we thought,” Mirafox showed Tony a new suit, it came with gauntlets, shoulder pads and shin guards, it looked like a futuristic ninja suit. They had dyed the main costume a dark blue, in the middle of the chest area to the belt line was a upside-down big triangle and within the triangle was the Puerto Rican flag; his belt buckle had an eagle head to represent America. The suit came with a full headed mask that had an opening that went from under the nose and wrapped under the chin.


            “Oh yeah this looks sweet! I notice the full mask there…all ready tired of my face, huh?” Tony joked.


            Inalta and Mirafox smiled. Mirafox handed him the suit, “Now this isn’t just for aesthetics…it has more of a purpose. This suit can suppress your power level to others, meaning they can’t sense how powerful you really are, which means the bots won’t alert any FC to your where-a-bouts and you don’t have to worry about them. It will be like you re-registered and got the chip in. Also, this suit is made from a fabric from back home that is light weight, flexible and looks like cloth but acts more like metal when force is introduced. I figure since you are not really bullet proof like the original Big PR was that you can take any help you can. This suit is a pretty good replica of the threshold that Cris had, we couldn’t go any higher with it because that’s even above our comprehension. But there you go everything you need to fulfill your part in the plan.”   


            Inalta looked at Tony with confusion, “Where is Cris at, Tony?”


            “Actually…he’s been gone for four days along with you girls. I don’t worry about it though I used to come in and out of this world’s consciousness like that too, sometimes in the…what ever it is…limbo I guess, you could slip out for what seems like days and in fact it was only an hour or 20 minutes. Sometimes, you go and do something, like visit someone, and it only feels like a day but really it’s a week, so on and so forth, any combination of weird time confusion will occur in that plane,” Tony took his suit to the table in the main room and set it down.


            “What do you mean, ‘visit people,’ Tony?” Inalta asked.


            “Well, it’s more like memories. When you are like I was, a spirit guide, you could visit memories of your life…even relive years; it’s kind of like watching TV. I even heard that if you’re strong enough you could talk to people who have passed on, hold conversations with the dead. There are different levels of spirit guides. Some just hang around one person, that was pretty much me, and then there are some who act as a spirit guide for many, and others who could communicate fully between angels, spirits, and other planes of existence. I think Cris is actually powerful enough to talk to the dead and angels. He brought my brother to me before he let me take his place in this world, but I’m not too sure what else he can do.” Tony scratched his head and took off his mask. “If you don’t mind ladies I’m going to change into this new suit and test it out…so…” he looked at the two alien princesses and they didn’t move, “can you leave to another room or something? It’s not like I have a dressing room,” he stood there for a little bit with a dumbfound look on his face.


            The ladies finally decided to stop messing with the young hero and went into the hall way and around the corner, which was narrow and led to their sleeping quarters. Inalta looked at her sister with concerned eyes, “Do you think he will be ok…and that this plan will work?”


            “Well, I would love to say that I completely think yes, but I’m not too sure how he will do without Cris at his side…he is still young, he is nowhere near the mental age that he looks…but he was always highly talked about by Cris, so we have to trust in him,” Mirafox put her hands on her sister’s shoulders, a look of desperation was in her eyes. The ladies started back to the main room.


            “So, Mira, what is going to go down now that we have that suit?” Inalta asked unsure if the plan had changed with the unexpected extra help of the suit.


            “Nothing will change, except now we don’t have to worry about the police bots tracing Tony’s strength.” The ladies turned the corner and walked in on Tony naked and pulling up the black tights of his under suit.


            “Not done yet…shit,” Tony tripped on a chair beside him when he tried to hide himself from the ladies. His bare butt was flaunted in the air as he struggled to lift his tights in the awkward position that the fall left him in. “Don’t…don’t look. Not done, definitely not done.” His face was red with embarrassment.


            Mirafox and Inalta just stood above him in amusement; they couldn’t stop giggling to themselves. Mira looked at her sister, “looks like someone goes commando!”


            Inalta giggled while Tony tried to straighten himself up while on the floor, “So that’s what it looks like? Huh…”


            “The floor’s cold!” Tony quickly shouted and finally put on his tights and stood up with a “nothing happened” look on his face, he tried to hide the embarrassment on his face, but it wasn’t successful. He quickly reached for the upper part of his under suit.


            Inalta had a look of intrigue on her face, “I’m sure it was, Tony,” Inalta laughed and helped him pull down his upper body under suit.


            He proceeded to put on the suit that the ladies gave him and was ready for business. “So, let’s make sure everyone knows what’s going to go down. Mira is going to make a scene against the FC and the governor and I’ll come in to save the day and try to get into their rankings. Therefore I will have access to files and maybe even hush, hush business. Inalta here will pose as the new secretary to the mayor and get access to his files and possibly the governor’s files as well, seems like a good flanking plan to me.”


            Inalta shook her head in agreement, “It is, but the only thing is what will Mira do that will get you into the good graces with the governor?”


            “I don’t know,” Tony looked at Mira, “it has to be big, something that no one would expect but that also puts the governor in danger but keeps Mira from any very serious trouble. Maybe something reckless, something to justify his actions,” Tony shook his head and did a quick sigh, “which then entails him getting more praise for his action from the civilians.”


            “It’s all about sacrifices, Tony this can’t be done with out them.” Mira quickly interjected.


            “I understand that, doesn’t mean I like it, but I understand. So, I don’t have any ideas that will fit that criteria do you, Inalta?” Tony asked.


            “Uh, yeah…no…I don’t have a thing no idea at all on what to do, what about you, Mira do you have anything in mind for this distraction?” Inalta looked at her sister intently.


            Mira stood in silence for a little bit searching for any type of idea, anything that she could do, then her face shined with an idea, “I know exactly what we’re going to do,” she smiled and looked at Tony and Inalta.


            Inalta and Tony looked at her waiting for an answer, “Well!?” both of them said at the same time.


            “I’m taking down Atlas!” she said with a profound expression.




            A couple stood in a park on a bright spring day, the rays of the sun bounced off the lake and the trees almost giving everything a golden aura, the day’s beauty was only trumped by the beauty of the woman that stood in the man’s arms. Her long flowing blonde hair seemed to dance with the wind; her brown eyes were filled with love and kindness, her beautiful big smile seemed to go from ear to ear showing her pearly whites and scrunching her button nose. She wore a pink cotton t-shirt that ended just above her belly button, it seemed to hug her soft tan skin. Her long white thin cotton skirt almost seemed to be her hair’s dancing partner, with every small gust of wind the ruffles would act as if they were the waves of the ocean. The man was rugged and muscular he wore black V-neck shirt which seemed to hold tightly to him and grey slacks. He did not seem like a soft man but he showed his softness when she looked into his brown eyes and he looked back. He held her tight by her small waist and seemed to never want to let her go. The woman brushed her hands through the man’s medium length black hair and then gave a slight tug on his goatee, which consisted of a mustache and a line of hair that went from the bottom of his lip to his chin, and giggled.


For the man it seemed like there was no one else around in the park, in the city, the state, the country, the world…just them. For him everything about this woman was pure beauty, like poetry that sinks into your mind and heart he appreciated her with a passion he held her on high, and she never disappointed him. For her, he raised her up to more than she could be, he was her guiding light. The man that stood before her had always stood by her side, ever since they were in high school, she could count on him…even though they were just friends at that point. For her the day that they came to grow into more than just friends was like the day a caterpillar emerged from the cocoon a beautiful butterfly. Not only did joy come out of that day for her, but beauty as well. They were everything to each other.


The man gazed into the kind eyes of the love of his life and held her chin with his hand, “Do you remember when it rained?” he said with a slight Spanish accent, the woman nodded her head and smiled. “I saw you dancing in the rain; the water shined like a silver flame. The way you looked in your dress seemed as if you were in complete happiness, and that made me fell as if I was in complete happiness. I sat there and watched you dance alone and realized you are the light within my life, my soul,” he let her go and put his hands into his pockets.


The woman smiled a big smile again, “Stop you’re making me blush.”


“Mi morena…” he called her by the pet name he gave her, it meant my dark-skinned woman a play on the fact that her skin was always a golden tan.


“Yes?” she answered.


“When you say you love me, my heart goes still, and when ever I’m with you it’s like I fall into a dream…even when we fight,” he smiled the knelt down and pulled out a black box, “You’re the one I’ve always drawn, the one that I’ve always dreamt of, the one I’ve always wrote to be perfect, and I want to be the one to make you happy, make you smile when you are sad, bring you up when you’re down,” he opened the box to reveal a beautiful diamond engagement ring, “All I want to know is will you make me the happiest man in the universe…will you marry me?”


The woman’s eyes widened and she covered her mouth her eyes welled up with tears of joy, she didn’t see the ring she just saw the one man in her life that didn’t misuse her, that didn’t misguide her, the only man that didn’t only want one thing from her so he could move on to the next lay, she saw the only man that she would sacrifice her life for period, the only man that had her heart, her mind, her body and her soul. She saw her future husband and father of her babies. He waited anxiously for her answer.


She put her hands on his face and brought him up to his feet, she looked into his eyes and he wiped a tear that fell from her right eye, “Yes, Cris, I will marry you!”


“Layla, you don’t know how much I love you, this is like my biggest dream come true,” Cris leaned in, as well as Layla, and they shared their first kiss of the rest of their lives.


Everything faded to black and Cris stood in the dark abyss surrounded by nothing, it was just him, that memory and his feelings…sorrow, yearning, wanting. He wanted to touch her once more, even if it was just long enough for a hug and a kiss.


“Cris?” The deep voice echoed.


Cris sighed and wiped a tear from his eye. He turned his head towards the voice.


“I know how you feel, and you can trust me when I say that. When I told you that you can come to me for help anytime, I even meant for things like this.”


“I just don’t know if I can handle seeing her in person again, all I have been obsessed about since I have seen her was working on staying in my astral form longer. Just so the next time I see her I can try to…touch her I guess…”


“You know you can’t do that, Cris it’s not possible in astral form you can push things pick them up, but feeling them really doesn’t happen. It’s almost like picking up air. Don’t worry, though, things will work out in its due time, just have patience and faith.”


Cris paused, “I know, Dad, I know…”

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