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The Chronicles of Lady Reaver

The Wages of Evil

By Ed & Sue Garcia


     Lady Reaver silently stared at the monitor for a long time, as Countess Crey laughed at her. But Countess Crey’s laughter was caught short as she saw Lady Reaver decapitating the scientist that had set up the conference.


    Lady Reaver turned to address the large monitor and said with her usual from beyond the grave voice: “Founders Falls, Building 203, 52nd Street, 25th floor, and Northwest Corner office”


    Countess Crey gasped for a moment and said with in a voice filled with surprise: “How did you know my location, who told you?”


     Lady Reaver remained silent for a few moments, her face showing a colossal struggle on going in her mind, and then her face relaxed and said with a flat voice: “Nothing is kept from Forseti’s instrument of judgment, at least not for long. There is nowhere you can go, where I can’t find you. The voices of the innocent death, whose blood are on your hands calls for justice, and they shall receive it. I’m coming for you, your time to stand before Forseti has come”


     Countess Crey laughed, and menacingly leaned towards the camera and said: “You little tramp, a mere housewife, you dare threaten me? Ha! I have bested better than you and your ridiculous Norse God. You serve me now, or I destroy those precious organs of yours in punishment”


     Lady Reaver remained silent once more, and then replied with a detached voice: “The housewife is no more, and she died when her family was murdered. I am the servant of Forseti till the end of time, for that was the agreement in our covenant. Attempting to coerce me with those organs is of no consequence, for regardless of how my mortal form may feel it is irrelevant”


      It was now Countess Crey’s turn to remain silent and to consider her next action, then with an intimidating yet soft spoken voice she said: “My records indicates that your mother lives in Galaxy City, how quaint. As we speak Crey Operatives are on their way to protect her from ruffians. You shall serve me!”


     Lady Reaver’s face became quite saddened and mumbled towards the monitor: “There was a price to be paid, and it seems I’m still paying it. I’m coming Countess, and you are going to regret crossing me”


     Countess Crey laughed and as she pressed a button said: “I sincerely doubt it”


     The building that Lady Reaver had ravaged blew up in a fiery explosion that rattled most of Brickstown. When the dust and smoke settled down, a fiery figure stood amidst the rubble, axe in hand.


     Lady Reaver leapt towards the West and landed on a roof where several Crey agents were monitoring the activities of a nearby building. The Crey agents attempted to fire their weapons, but Lady Reaver had caught them flat footed and with a wide arc sweep of her axe, killed all of them. At a distance more Crey agents could be seen, with a thin smile Lady Reaver leapt towards that roof.


     Most of that day, Lady Reaver endeavored herself in ridding Brickstown of as many Crey operatives as she could, and then went to a phone booth and made a call.


     Founders Falls never saw so many Crey personnel brought down so quickly and brutally as it happened that day. The trail of Crey devastation lead directly to the building Countess Crey resided on, and as Lady Reaver got closer the more desperate the defense of the building became. A few lawyers tried to intimidate Lady Reaver with the threat of legal lawsuits, but what was a lawsuit to the servant of a God? Lawyer blood and body parts were splattered over building walls and sidewalks; there was nothing in this mortal world that could stop the determined servant of Forseti.


     The building doors at Crey headquarters at Founders Falls blew open into thousands of glass shards as Lady Reaver’s axe bit into them. Alarms went off all over the building and a few unwise guards attempted to stop Lady Reaver’s advance into the building. The guards’ reward was having their bodies hacked to pieces. Once more destruction of anything of value or Crey personnel was observed at every floor, as personnel learned of Lady Reaver’s advance on to their floor, total panic ensued. There were a few terrified Crey that actually leapt out of windows and to their deaths to avoid Lady Reaver’s flames of judgment and axe.


     Finally Countess Crey office doors were hacked open and Lady Reaver stood before Countess Crey.


     Countess Crey smiled at Lady Reaver and said: “You have destroyed a lot of my property, and you will pay dearly for that. You will pay even more for daring to challenge me! You will never find your family’s organs. I did not destroy them, ha, ha, ha! You will go crazy trying to find them and achieve closure, but that will never happen, you will never find them”


     Lady Reaver looked at her and said: “You murdered my mother; her body can be found in a warehouse in the corner of 15th street and Brawler Avenue. I know, for she has told me. My family’s organs are at the bottom of the sea between Talos and Founders Falls. I shall retrieve them, after you have been sent to Forseti”


     Countess Crey laughed and said: “You think you can take me on alone?”


     Lady Reaver stepped aside and said: “What makes you think I came alone? Forseti has many ways to aid his servants”


     Countess Crey looked past Lady Reaver and recognized Stormfront, Thunderkick, Sun Witch, Acasta, Dream Witch, Odin’s Wrath, and Irish Spring entering the room with grim faces, faces of powerful super heroes that remembered the tribulation they had just been put thorough from Countess Crey’s Rogue-Clone campaign.

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