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The Chronicles of Lady Reaver

A Mother’s Fury

By Ed and Sue Garcia


     Lady Reaver stood within the train car with a very grim expression on her face, with flames engulfing her body and holding her axe in a quite threatening stance. The few unlucky passengers riding in the same train car with her did their best to be as far away as they could from her and remained silent for the entire trip.


     The train stopped at Talos and the doors opened, no passengers stepped off the car, and a few would be passengers at Talos commenced to enter the car but decided against it. Finally the train stopped at Brickstown and Lady Reaver stepped off the car as several sighs escaped the terrified citizens that had ridden the train with the emissary of Forseti.


     Lady Reaver slowly left the train station and stood in the middle of the street. She looked, observed and searched for something with kin interest. People traveling on the street across from the train station saw the fiery figure with an intimidating axe, and simply chose to take a different street.


     Lady Reaver commenced walking in a southern direction, and then turned west to parallel the bridge. Soon she saw a group of Crey agents, intimidating citizens as they often do. Lady Reaver heard a few voices of the innocent slain, but their voices were drowned by her own thoughts of punishment, vengeance, and wrath.


     There were no words exchanged, as her axe raised and lowered a Crey died. She said nothing, asked nothing, she just killed. Crey powered armor agents were rendered to pieces by her mystic axe; agents screamed in anguish as her fiery aura engulfed them in righteous judgment and their laments abruptly ending by the sharp edge of an axe.


     Lady Reaver looked around for any challengers, but no other criminal organization wanted a part of what was being delivered. She walked further west and another unlucky cluster of Crey agents came into sight. Once more, with out a word, Lady Reaver assaulted the Crey with deadly intent. The Crey fought for their lives, but they were no match against the anger of a grieving wife and mother; they were no match for Forseti’s Valkyrie of justice.


     A powered armored Crey tank broke away and ran, but Lady Reaver simply leapt in pursuit and did not try real hard to catch up with him. In time, just a mere two blocks away from the initial place Lady Reaver started the fight with the Crey minions; the terrified Crey tank entered a building. Lady Reaver allowed herself a very thin smile, for she had wanted the Crey tank to lead her to a Crey facility. The tank entered the facility and slammed the door shut, but his respite was of no consequence, for Lady Reaver hacked the door into pieces and stepped into the facility.


    Two Paragon Protectors stepped to bar her way, and the leading protector, a male scraper, said with threatening voice: “You are entering private property of Crey Industries, if you continue performing this criminal activity, Crey will press charges against you”


     Lady Reaver looked at the two Paragon Protectors and said with her beyond the grave voice: “Crey has taken my property, a property that is very dear to me. You all will pay dearly for what you have done” She then stepped forward and attacked the nearest scrapper Paragon Protector with her axe. The scraper Paragon Protector was actually very competent and managed to avoid many of her attacks but eventually found himself engulfed by her flames of judgment, and during his hesitation found himself hacked apart by her mystic axe. The second Paragon Protector was a lady blaster, whose energy bolts had no noticeable effect on Lady Reaver, and simply turned around and flew away in terror as she saw her partner hacked to pieces.


     Lady Reaver destroyed everything along the way, machine, crate or Crey employee. A few employees begged for mercy, but all they received was the sharp end of her axe. As Lady Reaver penetrated the Crey facility the intensity in which the facility was defended increased, but it did not matter for Lady Reaver wanted revenge, plain and simple.


     Paragon Protector after another fell by the might of her mystic axe, and many a pleading spirit received peace this day. Finally as she entered the last room of the building, a lone Crey Scientist stood in sheer terror by a large computer display. On the computer display the face of Countess Crey could be seen, and she was not happy.


     Countess Crey cleared her voice and said: “I know who you are, and your little rampage has costed me dearly this day. What you want?”


      Lady Reaver stopped in the middle of the room, bathed with cleansing flames and mystic axe in hand. She said nothing for a few moments and then said with a firm and threatening voice: “I am Lady Reaver, servant of Forseti the Norse God of justice. I only exist to punish the wicked that murders the innocent, so that their spirits may receive eternal peace. You have in your possession several organs of my deceased husband and daughter. I want them back; Gaia told me your operatives took them from her three days ago” 


     Lady Reaver could see that Countess Crey was no longer looking at her camera, but busily typing something on a keyboard by the sound of the clicking of the keyboard’s keys. A few moments later, Countess Crey stopped typing and faced the camera. With a feline smile she said: “Yes, I have records of us raiding the Devouring Earths for materials and that among the loot some human organs were discovered. I take it you want them back, don’t you”


     Lady Reaver nodded with acceptance, and waited for Countess Crey to continue. Countess Crey once more smiled and said with a threatening voice: “I have a task for you to perform, if you do it well enough, I might give you the organs back”


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