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The Chronicles of Lady Reaver

Mother Nature

By Ed & Sue Garcia


     Lady Reaver stepped off the Talos train station into a thunderstorm, and she looked about to see people running for cover. At first she believed the citizens of Talos were looking for a refuge from the torrents of rain and occasional hail, but closer examination and a tip from a friendly ghost, quickly yielded a number of  Crey personnel in power armor waiting in ambush. Lady Reaver knew the ambush was for her, as it so often has happened these past few days, and wondered briefly why were the Crey so intent in persecuting her? Why her instead of the hundreds of other super heroes that spend considerably more effort ruining Crey plots than her.


     Lady Reaver wanted to continue with her line of thinking, but the voices of the unjustly murdered commenced to build up in her mind. It was time for her to get busy and do her job as Forseti’s Valkyrie; as Forseti’s spirit of retribution. Soon her body was engulfed by divine sourced flames and her mystically powered axe was ready for use.


     She walked down the train ramp and towards the center of the open plaza, and making no attempt to hide her presence. Her walk was slow and deliberate, and she smiled as she knew she was tempting the Crey to assault her; yet no attacks were delivered. She stopped at the center of the plaza, and looked towards the skies as the rain poured down, yet her divine flames prevented the rain from reaching her. Lady Reaver looked around, and sighted with boredom. Yet no attack from the Crey followed, the thunderstorm finally moved on its way towards Dark Astoria and gradually the skies began to clear.


     Finally Lady Reaver slowly looked around herself and said aloud with her characteristic voice from beyond the grave: “I have been told of your presence here, servants of Countess Crey, there is no surprise to be had, disperse or prepare to receive Forseti’s judgment”


     A single Crey operative, dressed in a purple power armor suit, stepped away from a parked mini van, and said though his amplified voice speaker system: “Lady Reaver, you have been found guilty of using super powers in public with out appropriate permits. We have been dispatched by the legal authorities to arrest you. You may surrender to us the easy way, or the hard way. Which way you choose is of no consequence to us”


     Lady Reaver smiled at the Crey Operative and said with a firm voice: “Show me the warrant”


     The operative nervously shuffled his feet, and turned around looking for moral support from his colleagues. After a few minutes he said with an irritated voice: “Police drone Talos-1, incapacitate Lady Reaver”


     Lady Reaver turned to look at the police drones, but neither moved or did anything beyond the normal flashing of their warning lights. Once more the Crey Operative repeated, but this time louder and with a great deal of anger: “Police drone Talos-1, incapacitate Lady Reaver”


     Lady Reaver stepped towards the Crey operative and said: “It is Forseti’s will that the drone obeys, not yours or any other mortal. Remove yourself and your companions from my presence now”


     The Crey operative made a motion with his right hand, and a large number of operatives moved towards the plaza to surround Lady Reaver, but no sooner had they surrounded Lady Reaver, another super lady hero stepped off the train. The people immediately recognized assistant district attorney Odin’s Wrath, and cheered at her with loud voices and whistles.


     Odin’s Wrath looked at the lead Crey operative and said with a firm and authoritative voice: “The people of Paragon has dropped all charges against Lady Reaver as part of the Rogue-Clone settlement, your orders are obsolete. Return to your duty station, and disturb this lady no more”


     The Crey operative regarded Odin’s Wrath for a few moments and said: “Show me the paperwork to validate what you had said”


     Odin’s Wrath replied with anger in her voice: “You show me your paperwork that gives you the right to apprehend Lady Reaver. If you fail to provide it, I will charge you with unlawful attempt to imprison and use of deadly force”


     The Crey operative stood motionless for a few moments, and then said with a shaky voice: “I have received updated orders from central dispatch, and they have canceled the arrest mission and reassigned me to patrol Dark Astoria”


     Lady Reaver nodded with gratitude to Odin’s Wrath and leapt away towards the North while Odin’s Wrath returned to the train station.


     Past the Circle of Thorn infested islands Lady Reaver jumped; island after island she explored in search of the dreaded Devouring Earths. Many a rumor she had heard of this enigmatic organization or perhaps cult, yet she was not able to make sense of to their purpose of being. It was not money or power, as so many other criminal organizations pursued, that the Devouring Earth cherished or even lightly considered. As far as she could tell they were protectors of the environment, but perhaps a bit too fanatic about it and often becoming too blood thirsty to be considered a benign organization. The voices of the unjustly murdered continued to fill her mind, and increase in desperation, thus she knew she was getting closer to her destination. It was all too obvious to Lady Reaver that the blood thirsty Devouring Earth had killed many an innocent citizen; and they now cried for justice, demanded vengeance.


     As soon as Lady Reaver landed on a mid sized island, she found herself assaulted by a barrage of spines, swarms of bees, and chocking clouds. While these attacks would kill a normal citizen, and even incapacitate many super heroes; they were no risk to one who was a divine emissary. Her body was now brilliantly covered in divine flames and her axe was brutally swinging at all kinds of nature’s defenders. The Devouring Earths were no match for Forseti’s Valkyrie, and were falling totally destroyed each time Lady Reaver swung her mystical axe. Finally the Devouring Earth stopped their attacks, and stepped aside forming a corridor in between their ranks. Lady Reaver allowed her axe to dematerialize but remained protected by her cleansing fires, and cautiously commenced to walk down the bizarre looking corridor.


     She walked for a few minutes and the corridor lead her to a cave entrance, she was not intimidated by the darkness she saw within the cave; for her protective flames would provide all the illumination she would need. The cave’s interior was mostly made of a crystalline material and not the typical rock like materials found in conventional caves. Lady Reaver being a creature born out of magic, had no difficulty feeling the great amount of magical flows and emanation sources, she knew this was no mere place people would come for a casual stroll. After a few minutes she reached an underground lake and saw in the middle of this lake a small island. In this island Lady Reaver saw an elderly lady sitting on a marble throne, as Lady Reaver stood by the water’s edge, the elderly lady motioned for Lady Reaver to come to her.


     Lady Reaver looked at the brackish water and looked towards the elderly lady, waiting for something to happen, perhaps a word of encouragement; maybe a taunt; or maybe some kind of horrid monster would emerge from the lake’s bottom and take her prisoner for the rest of eternity. Yet not one of these choices occurred, instead the water parted between Lady Reaver and the elderly lady, showing a narrow walkway that have been covered by the brackish water, thus hiding its presence. Lady Reaver stepped on this narrow walkway and slowly began to travel towards the elderly lady. To her surprise the walkway was dry and not slippery as she had expected it to be.


     Lady Reaver stood before the elderly lady and waited for her to say something. After several anxious moments, the elderly lady said with a tired voice: “My daughter, why do you fight my servants? Why have you come here?”


     Lady Reaver regarded the old woman and said with her customary from beyond the grave voice: “I am not your daughter, if I was, I am not now. I am the servant of Forseti; the God of Justice. I serve non other than Forseti, and have given up all that I was and will ever be to avenge the deaths of my daughter and husband. I shall forever roam this world seeking those who murder the innocent and the helpless, for that is the price demanded by the pact between Forseti and myself. I do eat, sleep, drink, and breathe air as if alive, yet I can’t die and I really don’t live a mortal’s life anymore. While eternity is mine to have, my life is empty of joy and happiness; it is one of servitude. I have come here seeking for what has been taken away from my daughter and husband’s bodies; your servants took these organs from the evil Circle of Thorns; and I want them back so that their bodies may be buried whole”


     The elderly lady commenced to loudly weep, and she slowly lifted her face to look at Lady Reaver’s face and said: “I grieve for you, my daughter, for I am Gaia, mother of all that lives in this world. I cry for your loneliness, as a mother suffers from her child’s misfortune. You have paid a grievous price in the pursuit of justice for a horrible crime done against your family and me. I blessed you when you and your husband conceived your first child; I blessed your child as she grew up; and my work with you was all lost when they were murdered. My loss became total, when you left me and became an emissary of Forseti. I know of your loved ones missing organs, and had captured them from the degenerate Circle of Thorns so they could be buried in consecrated grounds, but alas, that did not happened. An evil organization known as the Crey raided our island in search of material components for some experiment of theirs, most surely one which will bring great harm to the environment, among the items they took were your loved one’s organs. I grieve with you, for I know that your sacrifice to Forseti is all in vain until those organs are buried with your loved ones. Be well my child, and I hope a day will come were Forseti will release you from his service and let you return to me”

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