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The Chronicles of Lady Reaver

The Face Evil

By Ed & Sue Garcia


     Lady Reaver leapt towards the next island, in an attempt to find the one with a large waterfall, but so far it had all been in vain. But her visits to each tiny island was not a total waste of time, for she vanquished many a Circle of Thorn evil ritual and freed many would be victims. Finally a larger island presented itself before her, and Lady Reaver somehow knew this was the place she had been looking for. As soon as she landed on the island, she was attacked by spectral spirits and behemoth demons, but they were no match for Forseti’s avenger of justice. In time she climbed up the mountain, and found the waterfall just as it had been described. She readied her axe, and then stepped through the waterfall and to her relief into a dimly lit cave. Barring her way deeper into the cave was a huge oaken door, carved with all sorts of mystical symbols. She looked at them for awhile, and wondered if they were wards of some sort, or worse yet glyphs which could explode by being triggered by her mere presence.


     The fire engulfing her glowed brightly, and her axe reflected the light produced by the flames in a rather intimidating manner. Lady Reaver took a step towards the door, but nothing happened, no feelings of dread, and no explosions occurred. She thought about knocking at the door, but felt that would not be appropriate, after all she wanted, really wanted for the Circle of Thorns to know she was coming.


      She raised her axe, and lowered it with brutal force. The door exploded in a rain of splinters from the sheer might of her axe blow. The guards on the other side were caught by surprise, or simply stunned by the sheer brutality on how the door was destroyed. She stepped forward into the cavern, and said with her normal from beyond the grave voice: “You have slain the innocent, tortured the weak, and you will now suffer all the pain you gave during your life, before I destroy you”


     The Behemoth demon was the first to cast fire bolts at Lady Reaver, but they had no effect. A few guides fired their crossbows, but their bolts were disintegrated by the heat of her fire shield. Finally a death mage utilized his dark magic at her, but no noticeable effect could be discerned. Lady Reaver charged the huge winged demon, for it best represented the evil that threatened to overcome this world. The axe cleaved into the demons right shoulder and it howled in pain, followed by the judging flames of Forseti that engulfed it. Once more Lady Reaver was denied the pleasure of seeing the evil doer suffer the pain they had given to others, for Demons had no conscience. She swung her axe once more and killed the demon, and turned to face off with the death mage. The death mage focused his attention on her and summoned a dark energy force; that manifested itself as dark tendrils reaching out from him towards her. But the tendrils were destroyed as soon as they attempted to pierce through the cleansing flames. Lady Reaver leapt and landed next to the death mage, and as she did swung her axe vertically in order to benefit from the momentum of her leap. The mage’s scream was a short one, for the single massive impact of the axe sent him to Forseti for his final judgment.


     The two guides continued firing their crossbows at her, but as expected with no effect at all. A wide sweeping blade strike struck both Circle of Thorns and put an end to their evil ways. An ancient corridor laid ahead, dimly illuminated with torches placed about every ten feet. Lady Reaver could sense the evil ahead of her, and felt revulsion from it. She once more walked down the corridors in search of evil doers, and at a cross section she was met by a large contingency of Circle of Thorns. It was all too obvious that her presence was known, and that she was being dealt with. A mage at the back shouted: “Attack, render her helpless! Then we shall capture her soul and use her body to serve the Circle of Thorns”


     Several Behemoth Demons and a huge oversized demon, probably their master, immediately summoned demonic bolts of brimstone which engulfed her with a wall of fire. Her fire shield took the brunt of the attack, but some of it managed to get through and produce searing pain. Lady Reaver screamed in anguish, and then it gradually turned into anger. As her anger increased at the unholy creatures her flame shield grew brighter, and she then charged the demons with her axe at ready. The demons continued to hail her with brimstones, but the master demon produced a huge fiery sword and stood ready to duel with her in mortal combat. Lady Reaver ignored the master demon, and attacked its minions with full ferocity. Each time she swung her axe, a dead demon was thrown aside. Finally it came down to the master demon and her. The mage who had ordered to have Lady Reaver rendered helpless, ordered his guides to guard the corridor he was quickly retreating into.


      The huge demon swung his fiery sword, but Lady Reaver’s fire shield prevented it from doing any noticeable harm. Lady Reaver swung her axe, and struck the huge demon, but it also seemed unaffected by her attack. The demon swung again, but this time missed hitting Lady Reaver, who swung her axe with lethal conviction. The axe struck the demon in his midsection and sent them flying back and against the wall. As the demon attempted to regain his feet, Lady Reaver was next to him, and hacking. The demon knew that his defeat was impending, and said as a last sign of defiance: “My brethren will avenge me, and you will fall. Your soul will be captured and tortured for the rest of eternity” Lady Reaver looked at the demon and said with her cryptic voice: “Worse fate awaits you, for Forseti awaits your arrival” She swung her axe one last time and the demon’s life force was extinguished, as his eyes gradually dimmed and turned dark.


     The guides rushed Lady Reaver with wicked looking blades, but as soon as they entered Forseti’s flames of judgment, their fanaticism quickly burnt away. They begged for mercy, but there was none to be given. Wordlessly Lady Reaver executed each and every one of the guides.  She followed the corridor the mage had used to run away from her and entered a larger cavern; in the middle of the cavern was a large pyramid like structure. At top of the pyramid Lady Reaver could see the glow emanating from magic crystals, and she knew that what she had come to retrieve could be found there.


    The battle to the top of the pyramid was a long and arduous one, for the steps to the top were filled with many demons and Circle of Thorn fanatics willing to die in the attempt to stop her from reaching the top. Lady Reaver thought to herself, that this day Forseti’s court would find itself very, very busy with lots of evil customers. Finally at the top of the pyramid the death mage was there expecting her, and with a voice filled with contempt said: “You had slain many of my minions, but I Gothos, will claim your soul to the magic crystals of Oranbenga. Your body will serve me, and it will satisfy each and every one of my desires, and your soul will be made to suffer endlessly”


     Lady Reaver looked at the mage, and said with her cryptic voice: “The dead demands justice, the souls of the tortured demand freedom, and I demand revenge” She stepped forward towards the mage, but the mage summoned dark clouds of energy which engulfed her, and then manifested themselves as black monstrous tentacles, which prevented her from moving. The mage laughed and said: “See how easy it was for me to restrain you! Now with this crystal I will draw your soul out of your body, muahahaha” Lady Reaver saw the mage approach her with a transparent crystal, which at times seemed to sparkle with wisps of color alternating from blue, green and red. Lady Reaver waited till the mage commenced to move the crystal next to her, and then summoned Forseti’s flames of judgment. The dark bonds that restrained her were quickly burnt away, and she was free to do as she pleased. The flames engulfed Gothos as well, and the evil mage dropped to his knees in agony, yet in his eyes, Lady Reaver could see the vile hatred and inhumanity in this mage’s soul. She grabbed the mages wrist with her left hand and held the crystal between the mage and herself at eye level. Then she said with a threatening voice: “You will tell me all I want to know, or you will suffer a fate much worse than you had in store for me. Now tell me, and don’t play games with me” The flames of judgment became more intense, and Gothos screamed in agony once more, and gradually transitioned from screaming to sobbing as the intensity of Lady Reaver’s flames decreased as well. Lady Reaver looked into his eyes and said: “Answer this question truly, your minions a few days back attacked the Tsoo in Talos Island, human organs were taken from them. I want to take possession of those organs and appropriately dispose of them. Now tell me where they are, and your suffering in this world will come to an end” The mage looked into her eyes, and laughed. It was a laugh of a man gone mad, it was a laugh filled with hopelessness. Then the mage said: “The organs did not get to be used for our rituals, as my apprentice was preparing to use them he was attacked and slain by the Devouring Earths. The Devouring Earths took prisoner several of my servants and your precious organs as well” The mage attempted to push the crystal towards Lady Reaver, but could not summon sufficient strength to do so. Lady Reaver while holding Gotho’s wrist, smiled, and commenced to very slowly move the crystal towards his face. The crystal eventually touched his left cheek and Gothos screamed as she saw his soul being sucked into the crystal.


     A ghostly voice whispered to her mind, and said: “Collect all the crystals and take them to Azuria in Atlas Park, she will know how to free the souls entrapped in them”


     Lady Reaver stepped out of the waterfall and gazed into the skies, she knew that her hunt for her family’s organs would have to wait till she delivered the crystals to Azuria.

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