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The Chronicles of Lady Reaver

The Circle is Broken

By Ed & Sue Garcia


     Lady Reaver stepped off the train, and the smell of the sea filled her nostrils. She stood a few moments enjoying the scent and allowing memories of her and her family coming to Talos for a summer vacation so many years ago. She remembered when her husband, long ago, asked her for a date and took her to the boardwalk. She remembered her husband asking her hand in marriage, at the boardwalk’s pier. Then tears streaked down her face, as the memories of his death returned to her mind and she remembered why she was here this night.


     Lady Reaver remembered tackling a few Circle of Thorn members in the past, initially in King’s Row and much later here in Talos. She remembered fighting them on some small islands north of Talos, where her search for their secret hide out would begin. Lady Reaver had a personal dislike for the Circle of Thorns, for they had exhibited a total lack of regard for human life. Their sacrificial practices and body snatching for ancient spirits to inhabit were truly abominable. She even found more disturbing their porting in of demons and then worshipping them as part of their perverted rituals.


     The Thorns were particularly difficult to track because often the spirits of those they have murdered or stolen their bodies from; where also held prisoners on magical crystal shards, thus there were not many, if any voices of the dead to guide her. Lady Reaver’s body shivered, as the magnitude of the inhumanity that the Circle of Thorns could be capable of doing downed on her. Lady Reaver’s attitude became grimmer as she realized that if the Thorns defeated her, it is likely that her soul would be captured in some mystical crystal shard, and her body occupied by some evil spirit.


     Bathed in the warmth of Forseti’s flames, Lady Reaver stared towards the night sky and saw a falling star travel through the horizon. She closed her eyes and made a wish, a wish that she knew all too well would never happen, for her family was gone, forever gone, taken away by the evil that had befallen Paragon City. Lady Reaver gripped her axe with increased determination and leapt away from the train station and towards the islands she knew the Thorns hid at.


     A few jumps later, she landed on a small dumbbell shaped island, and just in time to interrupt a Circle of Thorns sacrificial ritual. Suspended in mid air was a victim, a victim pleading for their life, a victim who the Circle of Thorns felt no pity for. The Thorns would get no mercy from Lady Reaver this night or any other time either, they are a scourge, a cancer that most be eradicated from this world whenever encountered. There was a large winged demon seemingly guarding a death mage, and his two assistants, also a demonic spirit seemed to be supporting the ritual as well.  It mattered not, for her faith in Forseti would see her through this battle and the Thorns will be made to pay. As she landed she rushed the winged demon, a Behemoth Master, she believed they were called, but a demon no less. There were no words exchanged, the two fire engulfed champions, one for good and the other for evil, engaged in mortal combat. But there was no honor among the Circle of Thorns, and soon all other Thorns participants of the ritual soon began shooting their crossbows and casting evil magic spells at Lady Reaver. Lady Reaver summoned a circle of cleansing flames about her, but the demon was not affected by it, but since when demons had a conscience. Yet Lady Reaver’s axe was all too real, and it commenced to quickly injure and devastate the huge demon, which also used its sharp clawed hands to deliver pain and agony to Lady Reaver. Lady Reaver’s naughty outfit commenced to shred to pieces as each clawed hand struck her, and soon discovered that all of her clothing had been destroyed leaving her nude. Yet this rather embarrassing situation did not prevent her from defeating the large demon. The death mage took a good long look at Lady Reaver, and she had no difficulty in seeing that the mage had become sexually aroused. This only made Lady Reaver angrier, at how evil and petty the death mage was, and thus he became her next target. The mage was protected by some kind of magical force fields, and had much difficulty seriously injuring him, and it seemed that no sooner did she hurt him some, that he would cast an evil spell at her and recover his health at her expense. She redoubled her efforts, and bathed the evil mage in soul cleansing flames, which this time affected the mage for he was no demon. Yet the mage’s magical protections guarded him from the mind agonizing, conscience, and judgment effects of her flame, but yet the flames were hurting him and also affecting how well he could cast. It was a long and arduous battle, but finally the mage was defeated with a final swooping axe blow that took him down, along with the demonic spirit and one of his assistants as well.


     The last of the assistants commenced to run away, but was caught by Lady Reaver’s flames. The assistant fell to his knees and screamed in agony. Lady Reaver stood next to him and said with her normal from beyond the grave voice: “Tell me where the secret temple is at, and I will end your torment” The terrified Circle of Thorns assistant moaned in pain, but managed to signal with his head that he would cooperate. Moments later the flames ceased to torture the Circle of Thorns assistant, and Lady Reaver allowed her axe to banish away and crossed her arms waiting for an answer. The Circle of Thorns assistant slowly stood up, but being a man, could not resist the urge to stare at her breasts and groin area. This made Lady Reaver even angrier and more impatient, thus she summoned back her axe and changed her stance indicating that very soon she would be swinging. The Circle of Thorn assistant immediately stopped staring at her, and moved his head to look down towards the sand and with a trembling voice said: “Our underground temple can be found in the largest island to the northwest. At the center of the island you will see a large mountain, and on the southern side of this mountain you will see a waterfall. There is a cave at the other side of the waterfall, and in this cave is the entrance to our underground temple.”


     Lady Reaver raised her axe in a motion to ready her swing, and the assistant screamed: “But you said you would not harm me” Lady Reaver continued her motion and sent the assistant to await Forseti’s judgment and as she walked away said: “I said I would end your torment”


     As Lady Reaver prepared to leave towards the northwest in search of the island with the mountain that had a waterfall, a column of flame descended from the skies and engulfed her for a long time. Then the column of flame slowly raised back into the night sky and disappeared from sight, leaving behind Lady Reaver dressed in a new costume composed of dark leather and a metal body fitting breast plate.


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