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The Chronicles of Lady Reaver

Chinese Take Out

By Ed & Sue Garcia


     The female Paragon Protector was quick to take advantage of Lady Reaver’s distressed state of mind, and blasted the lonely tanker with an energy sniper blow which glowed brilliant blue against the stark, dark and dirty grey of the sewer drain entrance wall. Lady Reaver was violently knocked back from the blow several feet, and limply fell to the ground, as if she was not aware of what had happened to her. The Crey hunting team, stood there stunned at the unexpected reaction of the flaming tanker. All riot geared officers stood still, away and visibly nervous of what may soon occur. The field agent, responsible for the operation, was also not sure of what course of action to take. The four Paragon Protectors, also stood expectantly, but a male spine scrapper type growled with impatience. Eventually this male, spine scrapper, Paragon Protector finally growled one more time and said with a voice filled with annoyance: “Lets take her out! That is what we were sent to do”


     The Agent produced another device, adjusted a few knobs on it, and said: “The teleport rerouting unit is operational, take care her out with maximum brutality, she trashed too many of our colleagues a few days ago. Its time she learns to respect the Crey”


     The male, scrapper, that had been growling all along and spoiling for a fight, was the first to leap towards the apparently helpless Lady Reaver. But as his leap took him next to her, he saw her starting to be engulfed by golden, blue and green flames. As he landed, a circle of flames engulfed them both. The Paragon Protector screamed in pain, for the suffering and pain he induced to all of his victims was now being experienced by him. Lady Reaver was now standing, with axe in hand. The other three Paragon Protectors reacted in an instinctive reaction to protect one of their own. Two of the Paragon Protectors, both ladies, were energy blasters, and commenced blasting at Lady Reaver with little effect. The other Paragon Protector was also a spine scrapper, and dashed forward to join his team mate.


     Lady Reaver did not speak a word, and simply swung her axe in a vertical motion at the scraper Paragon Protector who was crawling away from her cleansing flames. The brutal impact of the axe sent the Paragon Protector skyward as he had been scooped up by the blow and thrown upwards. As all that goes up, must come down, so did the hapless Paragon Protector who was struck by a horizontal axe swing, and immediately afterward sent to stand before Forseti for judgment.


     The second spine scraper, gave a feral growl, and leapt towards Lady Reaver striking her with ferocious claw attacks. Lady Reaver took the hits, but gave no signs of being injured nor impressed by the attack. Lady Reaver sought the eyes of her aggressor, and in time, the aggressor was stupid enough to lock his eyes with the flame engulfed avenger of the innocent slain. As cleansing fires now engulfed this second Paragon Protector, the Protector dropped to his knees in pain, and screamed a bestial howl of anguish. The other two Paragon Protectors desperately attempted to take Lady Reaver down, but they simply had no effect. By now the riot gear Crey were firing their machine guns at Lady Reaver as well, while the Agent was busy talking to his communicator device.


     Lady Reaver struck the remaining Paragon Protector with her axe, once, twice, and with the third blow sent him to the final judgment fires and court of Forseti. By now the riot geared Crey lost morale and quickly dispersed as they ran away, so did the agent. Lady Reaver saw her aggressors run away, but focused her attention on the Agent, and with a leap landed in front of him. The agent screamed in terror at the sudden appearance of the flaming incarnation of vengeance, but his Crey training eventually took over and was able to calm down. With a slight throat clearing sound, the Agent said: “I have orders to arrest you, and take you to a high security Crey contracted prison. Your resisting arrest is only making things worse for you”


      Lady Reaver looked at the little man, who so valiantly stood before her. In a way she felt a bit of respect for the man, but the voices of the dead prevented her from feeling much more of anything else. Lady Reaver locked her eyes with the agent’s, and said with her typical from beyond the dead voice: “The voices of the murdered calls for me to give them justice, they cry in anguish, always seeking peace and never finding it until vengeance has been given to them”


     The agent managed to break the mesmerize effect that Lady Reaver tends to have and simply ran away as fast as he could. Lady Reaver leapt once more and as she landed swung her axe vertically striking the agent with brutal effect. The agent dropped to the ground, defeated with a single blow and was sent to Forseti for his final judgment.


     A silent flame bathed figure stood at the train station, totally ignored by the police drones and the Paragon City police force. When the train to Steel Canyon arrived, she silently boarded it.


     Lady Reaver exited the train at Steel Canyon, and memories of her coming here to punish the criminal deeds of warriors and destroying those pesky wind-up toy monsters known as the “clockwork” rushed into her mind. She knew where the Tsoo congregated around Steel Canyon, and how they preferred to hang around the hospital. With grim determination she leapt high and far, her jump took her over entire buildings and moments later she was at the Hospital district area.


     Shortly afterward she had no problem locating a band of Tsoo, for they were arrogant in their knowledge of their power and status they enjoyed in Steel Canyon. As they harassed citizens for money or to sell drugs to them, the Tsoo paid no attention to what or who was near them, so they never saw Lady Reaver bathed in flame directly walking towards them with her axe held in her right hand.


     The axe was swung in a swooping fashion, and a Tsoo Sorcerer was soon sent airborne, and his inert body noisily landing on the concrete paved parking lot. The Sorcerer’s henchmen were quick to counter attack, but they were dropping one by one just as quickly as the Sorcerer did. Finally the last of the Tsoo minions realized he was badly outclassed and decided to run, but Lady Reaver was ready for him, and had him bathed in cleansing fires, As the Tsoo minion screamed in anguish, Lady Reaver said with a firm voice: “I want to see your records, your clan had made a business transaction with Doctor Vahzilok and I want to know what happened to those organs”


      The minion gasped in pain, and said: “Lady, please spare me! The organs we had acquired from the Vahzilok were stolen from us by the Circle of Thorns! All I know is that the Thorns left to their hideout in Talos. Lady that is all I know, this is the truth, please, please!” Lady Reaver swung her axe once more, and ended the Tsoo’s misery.


      The voices of the dead that cried for vengeance were soon overwhelmed, by her own voice, as she cried for vengeance.


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