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The Chronicles of Lady Reaver

The Doctor gets a house call

By Ed & Sue Garcia


     A solitary figure stands by a sinister looking sewage grate, and her keen sight does not fail to notice the lack of rust and the well greased hinges, nor the newness of the padlock on it. She stands by the grate motionless, listening for any tell tale sounds. But all she hears are the drips of water dropping on shallow water pools, and none else. Her face seemed pained, as if some monumental inner struggle was being fought.


     An arrow struck her unprotected back, and she screamed in pain as laughter filled the morning air. The slim brunette quickly turned to face her aggressor, and as the Reaper prepared to fire another shot, two Abominations charged her. The slender brunette’s body suddenly was engulfed with searing hot flames which both protected her from further damage and healed her.


     The Reaper ceased to laugh as he witnessed the transformation, and knew all too well that he was in trouble. The Abominations, well being the retarded creatures they were, simply continued their charge towards Lady Reaver, who would soon end their charge and unholy lives.


     The Reaper released another bolt at Lady Reaver, but it was vaporized by the flames bathing her body. An axe materialized on her right hand, and she maneuvered forward with a single step and swung her axe. The Abomination did not even attempted to avoid the blow, and was cut in half were he stood. The second Abomination, stopped his charge, and commenced to convulse. Obviously preparing to vomit toxic liquids upon Lady Reaver, Lady Reaver knew what was coming, and a different form of flame engulfed her as well, this time giving her glow a slightly greenish tint to the golden-blue fire aura she previously had. The Abomination vomited towards her, but somehow managed to miss all together, to its frustration it did not receive the chance to try a second time, for Lady Reaver stepped up to him and cut him down with a single swing of her axe.


     The Reaper fired his crossbow at Lady Reaver, and missed. Lady Reaver searched for his eyes and when she finally found them said with her characteristic voice from beyond the dead: “I hear the voices of the innocent slain, they beg for peace, they supplicate to have their pain relieved, and they demand justice!” The Reaper drew a wicked looking blade and laughed once more, confident on his ability with the tool he used to disembowel his victims as they pleaded for their lives. Lady Reaver showed no indications of being intimidated by the attacker and his weapon, and simply stood her ground waiting for the fool to come to her. Before the Reaper could get within striking distance Lady Reaver formed a circle of flames around her, and thus engulfing the Reaper as well. The soul cleansing and judging flames engulfed them both, since Lady Reaver was pure of heart and soul, the flames soothed her, but for the Reaper the flames were sheer agony. The Reaper screamed and dropped to his knees in sheer pain, and tried to crawl away from Lady Reaver. Lady Reaver maneuvered once more to stand before him and said with a cold voice filled with utter hatred: “You are now feeling all the agony, despair, and suffering you gave your victims. The very same despair they felt as they begged you for their life, and you laughed at them as you took their life. How does it feel, to now, experience the pain of being disemboweled alive? The voices of the innocent demand justice, and justice they shall receive!” Lady Reaver lifted her axe once more, and with a vertical downwards motion and sent the evil Reaper to Forseti for final judgment.


     Lady Reaver knelt next to the Reaper and searched through his body and back pack. In the backpack she found a container with a few organs, and a wallet which she deduced belonged to the victim whose organs were stored in the container. For long minutes she looked at the pictures of the wallet, and a tear escaped her for in the wallet were family pictures. The victim was a family man, and soon the news of his death would arrive to his wife and son. The memories of her own family, the deaths they suffered rushed her mind and many more tears now streaked down her face. With trembling hands she searched the Reaper’s body, checking each and every pocket. Eventually in his pant’s left pocket she found a key, and she felt very certain it was the key to the sewage grate. She continued searching the body for more clues, and anything else that may be of use to her, but found none.


     Lady Reaver tried the key on the sewer grate lock, but it did not fit, it was the wrong key! How could this be, the Reaper was returning back to base, how was he to get in without the proper key? Perhaps the key was the key to another box, which was hidden somewhere near, and in that box the true key could be found. Lady Reaver’s face contorted once more with pain, as more voices of the dead filler her mind. In desperation she swung her axe, and obliterated the grate that barred her way. She ran through the sewer corridors, looking for ways to go deeper into the system. But after the very first turn, she ran into a large mob of Abominations being lead by a Reaper. The axe quickly materialized in her right hand, and she began the gruesome task of destroying the undead zombies of Doctor Vahzilok. Toxic vomit flew all over the narrow corridor, at times striking Lady Reaver and giving her a great deal of pain, but the greenish healing fires engulfed her body, thus protecting her from further toxic damage and healing the wounds they had caused. Her axe chopped, swung, and whirled about. After a few minutes the squad of Abominations had been totally obliterated, along with the original Reaper. Among the wreckage of the battle, Lady Reaver discovered that during the fight a second Reaper and a Mortificator had joined the fight and been defeated as well.


      Despite the destruction of so much evil, the number of voices of the unjustly slain kept raising instead of diminishing. As Lady Reaver continued traveling down the filthy and reeking sewer corridors, she wondered if she could handle the dozens if not hundred of voices within her head as she fought the evil Vahzilok.


     Another turn and another gaggle of Abominations, Reapers and Mortificators was found and destroyed. It seemed that there were more and more of these monsters to be found each step she took, yet they were each confronted and destroyed. Finally the sewer corridors opened up into a large square chamber, and in it large numbers of the unholy creatures could be seen, along with Reapers and Mortificators. But this time, there was something different, something else. The new creatures in there were dressed in tight fighting silver colored clothes, like spandex of some sort. It became very evident to Lady Reaver that these silver dressed creatures were very much in charge. It mattered not, for she could not tarry much longer, as the number of voices in her head continued to increase. She stepped into the room, and immediately two squads of Abominations rushed her, and a hail of crossbow bolts were flying all around her. Her protective fires’ glow became much more intense, and she waited for all the Abominations to gather around her. She focused her mind on her next attack, and leapt into the air, and twirled in a circular motion as her axe materialized in her right hand and brutally swung it. As she completed her leap and twist motion, all the creatures around her had been devastatingly struck by the axe, with over half of them destroyed from the mighty blow. The rest were knocked down, and not able to counter attack. She stepped next to the closest Abomination and swung her axe in a horizontal motion, thus finishing what her area attack started. Bolt after bolt flew past her or were destroyed by the flames that engulfed her. To her great irritation, the Reapers and Mortificators were not closing in to melee range, and seemed pretty comfortable attacking from range. After a few moments all the Abominations had been destroyed, and it was the Reapers next in her agenda to deal with.


     As she stepped forward she found herself surrounded by dark evil tentacles, she found her forward movement had been totally denied and that the tentacles were starting to tightly grip and constrict her. In anger she summoned her cleansing flames, and a circle of fire burning everything around her was formed, thus destroying the tentacles and freeing her to once more charge her opponents. But this time she was now going for the silver dressed and enigmatically masked creature. As she approached the silver dressed creature, she heard a Reaper say with a mocking voice: “She will now pay for what she has done to us, the Eidolon will render her helpless, and we will harvest her organs for our master Doctor Vahzilok”


     So this new nuisance, thought Lady Reaver to herself, is known as an Eidolon. It mattered not to her what the creature’s professional name was, for it was her destiny to bring them all to judgment. She closed the distance with the Eidolon whose futile efforts at immobilizing her accomplished nothing, but then a second Eidolon stepped away from the concealment of a column and engulfed Lady Reaver within a dark thick fog. Lady Reaver felt a portion of her endurance zapped away in a very painful manner, and thus with grim determination she confronted both Eidolons. They were very agile and quick, a stark contrast to all other Vahzilok she had fought before, and wondered what the Doctor would be like. Despite their greater agility and remarkable powers, both Eidolons were no match for Lady Reaver and were both sent to Forseti a few minutes later. With the defeat of the Eidolons the surviving Reapers and Mortificators morale dropped, and they commenced to disperse and simply run away. Lady Reaver chose the nearest one and chased him down the corridor, the use of her enhanced movement powers gave her a distinct edge, and had no trouble catching up to the Mortificator and lay him low. It took considerable amount of time to track each of the large room’s occupants and destroy them, but there was no escaping Lady Reaver, for the voices of the unjustly dead told her where to look each time.


     There was another corridor that provided another path to follow out of the large room, and she quietly took it. She entered the dark corridor with her flames breaking the darkness, and warning those whose hearts are filled with evil that justice was on her way; that Lady Reaver was coming!


     The corridor was clear of monsters, yet the voices of the innocent slain continued to grow in numbers, exasperated Lady Reaver thought: “Surely after all the slaying of these evil monsters, the voices would start to quiet down”


     Abruptly the corridor came to an end, for a large steel iris looking door barred her way. On a box to the side was a key hole, and Lady Reaver decided to give the key she had retrieved from the Reaper long ago another try. To her surprise and great pleasure, the key was to this box and with a turn of the key the sound of machinery could be heard as the iris opened.


     As the iris opened, she could see a large number of Abominations once more, with their standard complement of Reapers and Mortificators. Also a large number of Eidolons could be seen milling about. At a distance to the far corner, there was an enormous looking abomination, and it seemed all other creatures treated it with a certain amount of awe.


     As she stood at the entrance studying the gruesome spectacle before her, she was spotted by an abomination wearing a strange backpack. It rushed at her, and she immediately materialized her axe, but then a few steps away it stopped and seemed to be concentrating to do something, puzzled Lady Reaver simply stood and watched the creature do whatever it was going to do. Then it blew up, the shock of the explosion engulfed her, but her flames were more than a match for the explosion and laughed at the silly way the Abomination gave its unholy life away.


     The explosion while not harming her was not a total waste, for it had served as an alarm, and a large contingent of Abominations, Reapers, Mortificators and Eidolons were now running towards her. Her first impulse was to run away from the unholy mob, but the voices of the dead, continued pleading, begging, imploring her for peace. Thus she stood her ground, and clenched her teeth tight in preparation for what was coming ahead.


      Soon the arrows and dark energies of her ranged aggressors was upon her, and the Abominations where nearly atop of her. She endured the pain from the many dark powers used upon her, and the pricking pain of the bolts that did manage to penetrate her fiery shield. The toxic vomit followed, obviously being shorter ranged than the other Vahzilok ranged attacks, but the pain inflicted by them was much greater. Lady Reaver briefly closed her eyes and summoned the cleansing fires of Forseti, and the pain was gone with the majority of her wounds. Then she was rocked, and knocked of her feet as several Abominations detonated the explosives within their backpacks, but this time she was injured from the massive number of explosions so near to her. She blindly swung her axe as she attempted to regain her feet, striking many Abominations in the process; after all it was hard to miss when so tightly surrounded. She screamed with rage, as she swung her axe with deadly intent. Each time she swung an Abomination was destroyed, but commenced to falter as the massive number of attacks commenced to take their toll. She thought of her husband and daughter, and how they were killed. She thought it was because of these monsters, that her family had been slain in such a gruesome manner. Inspired by these thoughts and her faith in Forseti, her health was restored and also felt her endurance invigorated. Once more with grim determination, she went about her task of decimating the unholy life about her. Minutes later the last of the Abominations detonated itself in an act of desperation, but it was a futile act, for it did no damage. To Lady Reaver’s surprise two Eidolons closed the distance with her, and attacked. Lady stared at them, and engulfed them within her circle of fire. The pain they suffered made them hesitate, and while they attempted to exit the circle of flames that pained them so much, Lady Reaver took the opportunity to swing her axe with deadly results and destroy one of her aggressors. The Reapers ceased to fire their crossbows at Lady Reaver and closed in with their wicked looking blades to support the second Eidolon. Four Mortificators could be also seen instead of firing their crossbows to be busily working on four destroyed Abominations. Lady Reaver swung her axe wide as she leapt, striking all of her nearby opponents with a mighty blow, many were knocked down, but none had been destroyed. She swung her axe in a tight arc, centering her arc on the Eidolon. Her attack was true and the Eidolon fell destroyed along with three other Reapers. But her victory was short lived, as she saw four Abominations standing back, obviously reanimated by the Mortificators.


     Lady Reaver knew that as long as the Mortificators were reanimating the Abominations this battle would never end. So she ignored the remaining Reapers and charged the nearest Mortificator who was now kneeling by another Abomination. The Mortificator did not even realize he was under attack, for he was too immersed in his unholy task. The single axe blow sent the Mortificator to Forseti, but not before he had completed his task of reanimating the abomination. Lady Reaver once more leapt and swung her axe, and killed the four Reapers and two Abominations next to her with her brutal axe blow. Yet there were three Mortificators at large, busily reanimating more Abominations. It was a long tedious process of charging a Mortificator and destroying him and the Abominations he had made, but eventually the job was done.


     Lady Reaver was amazed at the arrogance of the large Abomination at not even reacting at her decimation of his associates, but was happy not to have to deal with such large creature during the fight she just had. Lady Reaver stepped back, and evaluated the current situation at the room. Her current count included the huge Abomination, one Eidolon, a Mortificator, two Reapers, and eight Abominations left in the room. Also past the huge Abomination was a large set of cabinet files, to which she hoped the information regarding her husband and daughter’s organs would be available.


     Lady Reaver boldly stepped towards the huge Abomination, and as she neared him the huge Abomination said: “You, how dare you interrupt Doctor Vahzilok! Kill her!”


     It seems that everything in the room, simply charged at her with murderous intent. It mattered not, for Lady Reaver knew all along what the outcome would be, for it was written in the book of justice. She swung her axe in a vertical and downward motion at the closest Eidolon, striking it with uncanny precision and destroying it with a single blow. She followed her attack with a twirling leap and an axe swing, many Abominations dropped dead from her axe attack, and the rest of her aggressors were knocked of their feet. As they attempted to regain their feet, Lady Reaver swung her blade with deadly result at a Mortificator in a close arc, which also destroyed a Reaper and another Abomination.


     Doctor Vahzilok growled with a feral voice, angered at the destruction of his handy work and charged towards Lady Reaver. By the time he got near Lady Reaver the last of his henchmen had been sent to Forseti for judgment. So it was down to a one on one encounter.


     Doctor Vahzilok swung his great arm and struck Lady Reaver with a mighty blow, yet she held her ground as she said: “The voices of the innocent slain are demanding peace, calling for vengeance, and they shall have it” Then the cleansing, burning fires of Forseti engulfed them both, but to Lady Reaver’s surprise she saw no visible effects on Doctor Vahzilok. She swung her axe, and struck the Doctor; but to her horror, she saw him to begin regenerating the damage quite quickly. Then the Doctor struck her again, and this time she was knocked down. He continued pummeling her as she tried to get up, but no sooner she would regain her feet, she would be knocked down again. Finally she managed to swing her axe and get a good blow in, by all rights the Doctor should have been knocked down, but he did not fall. Lady Reaver summoned the healing fire to restore her health, and endured another brutal blow from the totally healed Doctor. Then as anger and the thirst of justice grew in Lady Reaver, her attacks became much more accurate and brutal. It was a titanic struggle between the two figures standing on sewage water, with the sounds of their fighting echoing through the walls and corridors of the sewer system. Neither villain nor hero asked for mercy, for there was none to be given. The battle ensued for hours, with Doctor Vahzilok starting to show wear and tear. Lady Reaver thought of her husband’s last words to her of gratitude, and the rage of it inspired her to hit even harder, each blow she delivered was a coldly calculated attack. Finally with the last of her endurance, she delivered one final blow and Doctor Vahzilok had been defeated. With the last blow, the voices of many of the dead commenced, one by one, to go silent.


     Lady Reaver was appalled at the large number of victims Doctor Vahzilok had disemboweled and used their organs. She followed the alphabetically ordered files, and came across her husband and daughter’s files. She read them as tears streaked down her cheeks, and learned that their organs had originally been used to make Abominations, but then a deal had been bartered with the Tsoo gang at Steel Canyon for their organs were needed for some kind of drug making process. Once more the sounds of crying and laments could be heard echoing through the walls and corridors of the sewage system, and slowly a broken hearted woman stepped out and past the sewer grate. As she stepped out, with tears blurring her vision, she heard: “You did not think you could get away from the Crey that easily, did you?”


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