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The Chronicles of Lady Reaver

Sticks and Stones…

By Ed and Sue Garcia


     The Crey agent removed a strange pair of metal gauntlets from an aluminum case, and raised his head to look into Lady Reaver’s face. Then with a flat voice said: “Raise your hands towards me, and allow me to place these gauntlets on. They are designed to prevent you from activating your powers, regardless of the source that enables you to use them” Lady Reaver quietly submitted herself to be restricted by the strange techno-gauntlets, and then was lead to the back of an armored truck. A Paragon Protector, the male, brusquely lifted her by her hips and brutally threw her inside. As a result of her being thrown, her left chick became bruised, as her face was smashed against the side of a bench at the back of the truck. The female Paragon Protector laughed at Lady Reaver, and brutally kicked Lady Reaver’s ribs. As Lady Reaver gasped in pain and for air, she was lifted and thrown against the bench in a sitting position by both Paragon Protectors. As Lady Reaver’s head was spinning from the blow she just endured, the paragon Protectors chained her arms, and legs to the bench to prevent her from being able to move.


     The Crey officers in riot gear silently entered the truck and sat across Lady Reaver, as the Paragon Protectors closed the doors and reported to the Agent who was now sitting at the passenger side of the vehicle. Moments after, the vehicle was traveling down the Atlas Park roads with both Paragon Protectors flying over the vehicle. The vehicle left Atlas Park and entered Steel Canyon, whose tall buildings’ glass reflected the sun light upon the Crey truck. The truck traveled through buildings so tall, that they seem to almost touch the sky, and in their own terms were miracles of technology. Nothing disturbed the truck, not even a warrior would challenge the vehicle that so obviously traveled through his territory, for they feared the retaliation Crey would render on them. The smell of the air changed from smoggy to a tinge of salt, as they entered Independence Port. Once again no one disturbed the truck, not the gangster group referred often as “the family” interfered with the vehicle, nor the hordes of parading 5th column personnel trying to recruit new personnel and completing shady deals attempted to harass the Crey detachment.


     The vehicle entered Brickstown, but then it suffered a flat and was forced to stop. The agent stepped out and softly cursed: “Those darn Freaks, always destroying property, and setting traps” He turned to the truck driver and said with an irritated voice: “Well, what you waiting for? Are you waiting for an invitation or something? Get off your rear, and change the tire!”


     The Officers in Riot Gear opened the back doors of the truck and let cool air enter into the truck and stepped outside while the tired was being replaced. As the driver replaced the tire, the Male Paragon Protector flew next to a young lady walking by and commenced to ask her out for a date. The young lady simply ignored him and tried to walk away a bit faster, and eventually was forced to run as the Paragon Protector continued to harass her. She screamed for help, but none came, she screamed again, but the scream was cut short as the Protector slapped her face. The slap had been hard enough that the young lady was rendered unconscious and fell off the side of the highway bridge. As she fell, the Paragon Protector did nothing to rescue her, in fact as he saw Lady Reaver staring at him said: “Serves her right, she could have been pleasured by me, but was too dumb to know what was good for her”


     Moments after the screams of the dead filled Lady Reaver’s head, tears covered her face as she recognized the young lady’s voice among them. She tried to stand and rush the Paragon Protector but the chains held her at bay, and the gauntlets had somehow prevented her from summoning her fire aura and axe. The Paragon Protector laughed at Lady Reaver’s obvious consternation, and helplessness. But then the floor about Lady Reaver began to burn, fire erupted from the base of the truck and engulfed Lady Reaver and all of those around her. The offices in riot gear yelled in pain and quickly ran away from the searing flames that had engulfed them, and the driver had also left in a hurry. The Male Paragon Protector stopped laughing as he saw the metal gauntlets melting away from Lady Reaver, and then his eyes locked on with hers.


     Fire now bathed the slender brunette who now stepped off the truck with axe in hand, and with a cryptic voice said: “I hear the voices of the innocent slain crying for justice, and justice they shall receive”


     The female Paragon Protector was the first to react and opened up with a twin energy bolt attack, which seemed to have no effect on Lady Reaver. The Agent pulled her pistol and commenced firing along the rest of the officers in riot gear. The Male Paragon Protector threw a slew of vicious spines at the flaming lady, but with little effect, for his apparent intent to pin her in place did not work.


     Lady Reaver stepped off the truck and swung her blade at the closest aggressor, the Crey Agent. Her swing was a horizontal blow that cleanly cleaved though his flak jacket and bit deep into the agent’s flesh. The agent moaned in pain and collapsed unconscious from the blow. The female Paragon Protector became airborne and continued pummeling Lady Reaver with energy beam after another, but such was the rage of Lady Reaver that her fire shield absorbed all the damage or the great majority of it. The male Paragon Protector screamed a battle yell and charged Lady Reaver with his entire body as he swung his clawed fist. The brutality of the blow was such that Lady Reaver was knocked off her feet, but the damage was not so severe to prevent her from immediately getting back up. The officer in riot gear continued firing their automatic weapons and stood next to the male Paragon Protector, yet their bullets had no effect that could be seen. Lady Reaver swung her axe in a wide arc and struck all the riot officers and the male Paragon Protector, and in return knocking all of them off their feet. As they all were getting back up, Lady Reaver once more swung her axe in a wide arc and sent them all flying back and off their feet. But this time, only the Male Paragon Protector stood back up. Before Lady Reaver could get another swing in, the male Paragon Protector shivered for a few moments and a golden glow appeared around him, to Lady Reaver’s dismay her axe attack missed her mark. Both Paragon Protectors continued their assault at Lady Reaver who was starting to show some wear and tear from their attacks, while the male Paragon Protector was easily evading her attacks. Lady Reaver suddenly stopped attacking, and simply stepped back and away from the male Paragon Protector. The male Paragon Protector was surprised at the sudden stop of Lady Reaver’s attacks and said with a mocking voice: “I see you have tired, and no longer capable of fighting. I will pummel you till you are unconscious, and then I will ravage your body till you cry for me to kill you”


     Lady Reaver’s face had no expression, but her voice hinted no passion, no exhaustion, just the normal from beyond the death voice: “I hear the voices of the innocent murdered, they cry for rest, they yell for justice, they demand vengeance” Suddenly Lady Reaver engaged her super speed and then leapt and brutally swung her axe at the lady Paragon Protector. The blow was so devastating that the lady Paragon Protector was violently thrown towards the ground and loudly crashing against the Crey truck. As she tried to get up, Lady Reaver delivered a second and final blow to her. The male Paragon Protector stood still, too surprised at what had just occurred and then with a voice filled with surprise said: “But, but, but you are not supposed to fly or move that fast. Our reports said nothing of that”


     It matter not what he had to say or thought, for the voices of the innocent slain demanded justice and it was Lady Reaver’s job to dispense justice and give them the peace they so ardently desired.


     Lady Reaver swung her axe in a vertical motion and struck the male Paragon Protector’s left shoulder. The evil Crey screamed in pain, and disbelief that he had been struck, but before he could say more, Lady Reaver struck him a second time with a horizontal blow and struck his right leg, then said with a voice filled with hatred towards the Paragon Protector: “The voices of the dead told me about your ability to focus your defenses and greatly prevent you receiving any damage from those attacking you. But the voices of the innocent slain also told me that your ability only last for a short period of time. Now I will send you to Forseti for judgment, but before I send you to Forseti, I will make you feel the pain and suffering you so readily gave them”


     Soul cleansing fires engulfed both the Paragon Protector and Lady Reaver, the Paragon Protector screamed in pain as he dropped to his knees, and tried to crawl away from the punishing fires. No sooner would he leave the circle of fire, that Lady Reaver would start another one. After several long minutes of torturing the Paragon Protector, she raised her axe and swung it one more time. Mercifully the voices of the innocent dead slowly began to quiet down, as justice had been rendered.


     Lady Reaver took a step away from the now burning Crey truck, and walked towards the train station for she had unfinished business back in King’s Row.


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