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The Chronicles of Lady Reaver

The Long Arm of Crey

By Ed & Sue Garcia


     A lady ran through the streets, as her slender body was entirely caressed by bright golden flames, from the Warehouse district in Kings Row towards the train station in an easterly direction. As she ran a few Skulls were unwise to get on her way, and where now accounting for their evil deeds to Forseti; the Norse God of Justice.


     Her path took her by the train station, and where a large number of Paragon City police officers were waiting for her arrival. She saw an officer dressed in riot gear step on the street and raised a hand motioning her to stop, as a large number of armed police officers carrying rather intimidating weapons moved behind the warning officer to provide further support.


     The slender brunette stopped a few steps away from the officer, and stood quietly as her flames bathed her with a golden-blue glow. Her eyes were looking down, avoiding eye contact with the police officer, yet it was obvious by her body language that her patience was wearing thin.


     The police officer stood firmly and with a voice filled with the arrogance built over the years of pushing one’s weight on the weak, said: “You are under arrest for failure to register as an acting hero in Paragon City. Kneel before me and place your hands on your head, and don’t you give me any trouble or I will make you rue this day”


      The brunette stood motionless, but her face suddenly contorted with pain as if something very wrong, something very painful was happening to her. Then she lifted her face and searched for the officer’s face and eyes. There was anger in Lady Reaver’s eyes, and with a voice, sounding if from beyond the grave that made most officers in the area cringe in fear said: “Officer Brannigan, the voices of those unjustly slain calls for justice. They cry for vengeance, they are telling me your hideous crimes against them, they are telling me about your arrangement with the Vahzilok, and your accepting money from Crey to look the other way”


     The arresting officer took a step back in hesitation, as the brunette’s flames grew in intensity and a large axe had materialized. Another officer standing behind also took a step behind as he mumbled: “But how did she know the Lieutenant’s name, he never gave it to her?” Lieutenant Brannigan continued stepping back, but upon hearing what his subordinate said, he immediately stopped retreating and his face became filled with sheer hatred. Lieutenant Brannigan lowered his shotgun and fired. The bullets struck Lady Reaver, but were vaporized as they contacted the flames, with a glint of fear, Brannigan screamed: “What you whelps are waiting for? Fire, do not let her escape. Fire, she is resisting arrest! Can’t you see that?” Before the escorting officers could react, they were all engulfed by the cleansing fires of Forseti, many stood stunned as they realized that the fire was not harming them, but Lieutenant Brannigan and a few others were contorting in pain. Lady Reaver turned to look at the dazed officers and said: “I am not a hero. I am the Avatar of Forseti, the Norse God of justice. The flames that surround you are the flames of his judgment, those who are not evil, have nothing to fear. But those of you, who have murdered the unjust, will experience all the grief of all your victims had and still are experiencing. The voices of the unjustly slain call for justice and justice will be served this day.”


     The officers not affected by the fires stepped away, and silently witnessed Lady Reaver execute Forseti’s brand of justice. Some lifted their rifles in an attempt to stop her, but then, mystically, the flames would rematerialize around them, and this time they experienced a taste of the pain and agony that Lady Reaver experienced when the spirits begged her for justice. Each officer, one by one, their faces showed a change from the urge to help a fellow officer to one of sheer contempt. For the crimes of the evil had been revealed to them.


     Once the executions had been completed another officer, the second in command a Lieutenant as well, stood his ground before Lady Reaver and said with a voice filled with respect: “Madam, you are with out a doubt a super powered being, and it is my belief your gifts are used for the good of the citizens of Paragon City. But city ordnances require you personally fill the paperwork, we will be honored to escort you to city hall in Atlas Park to formally register you. But madam, please understand, that we are officers of the law sworn to uphold the laws”


      The flames gradually dimmed and totally faded out. The slender brunette stood before the officers and said with a firm voice: “Forseti has given me leave to follow your laws, and the voices of the unjustly slain will remain quiet for only a brief time”


     Lady Reaver entered the train station, and the escorting police officers ensured that all civilians left a train cart empty. Lady Reaver silently entered the car, as civilians stared at her at a distance as a chain of officers made sure to keep them away from her. The leading officer stepped off the train and motioned for Lady Reaver to follow. Quickly a number of police officers ran out of the next car, and immediately formed a barrier with their bodies to prevent any civilians from having any contact with her, all they needed was for the voices of the dead to fill her head and have a scene.


      As they exited the train a squad of Crey Riot officers, and a few Paragon Protectors were waiting for them. The escorting police officer looked confused at what was happening, and said with a voice filled with confusion: “What are you citizens doing here?”


     A Crey agent stepped from behind the Crey officers dressed in riot gear, the officer stepped back, as the Crey Agent was immaculately dressed in a black suit. He smiled at the officer, and adjusted his dark glasses. After a very uncomfortable period of time, the agent said with a firm voice: “The city has retained Crey to relieve you of your prisoner, known as Lady Reaver; we will now accept responsibility to transport this dangerous individual to a Crey maximum security facility. Please stand aside, be a good policeman and let us do our job” The Paragon Protectors immediately went airborne, with one of them, the masked male’s body suddenly growing spikes all over his body. People started to scream and run away, for they knew a super powered battle was about to ensue.


     The police officer stood his ground, much to everyone’s surprise to include the agent, and with a firm voice said: “Lady Reaver is not our prisoner, for we are her escort to avoid riff raff from disturbing her. Now I ask for you to be a good corporate worker and stand aside, after all you don’t want to give Crey a bad reputation, don’t we?”


     The agent laughed, and drew his weapon as he loudly said: “I can see that the super villain has used her mental influencing powers to take over their weak minds. It saddens me to have to bring pain to innocent victims”


     The Paragon City police officers stepped back, but fear could be easily seen on their faces, but yet managed to have enough courage left to draw their weapons, for such is the effect of the cleansing fires of Forseti on those with good hearts.


     The Lieutenant looked at the agent, and gave him a cold knowing smile, and said with a firm voice: “Do not draw weapons against an officer of the law, that is illegal, even for Crey personnel. I must see your paperwork first, before I even consider turning anyone to you”


      The agent looked at the officer and then at Lady Reaver, who was still in her civilian form, and said with a threatening voice: “I was not given any paperwork, was ordered to come here and take Lady Reaver into custody”


       The Lieutenant smiled at the agent and said: “No paperwork, no release. You corporate workers should understand better than anyone else the importance of paperwork. Why not just walk a few hundred yards and enter the courthouse? I believe once we get there, we can clarify any possible misunderstandings, right?


       The agent softly growled as he saw two police drones leave the entrance of the train station, and silently hover next to the Paragon Protectors. The Lieutenant smiled at the agent, and pointed to his wrist, and said with a firm voice: “I have sent a signal for support, these are the first of the police drones to get here, there will be more. I think you had a communications glitch, and you are acting on such defective information with good intentions. Go back to Bricks or wherever you guys come from. Lady Reaver is no criminal, and will be registered shortly. The sooner you step aside, and discontinue interfering with official police business the better it will be for all parties”


     The agent spat, and motioned for the rest of the Crey personnel to follow him, as he gave an intimidating look to the police Lieutenant.


     Lady Reaver stood still and looked at the police Lieutenant for a long moment, and finally said with a firm voice: “You have placed yourself and your men at great risk on my behalf, and yet I do not know your name. Will you give it to me?” The Lieutenant smiled and cordially said as he stretched his hand forward: “My name is Lieutenant Charles Lancaster, at your service madam” Lady Reaver shook his hand and said: “I am pleased to make your acquaintance Lieutenant Lancaster, I shall consider you a friend to Forseti and myself as well. If you ever wronged and you suffer death, know that I will personally hunt those who had slain you, and give you justice and eternal peace”


     Lady Reaver entered the courthouse, and stood before the records office. Lieutenant Lancaster stood next to her and said: “Give this lady a form 1356B rev C, the hero registration form” A bored clerk looked at them both, and typed something on his keyboard, then said: “Use the computer terminal in stall number four”


     Lady Reaver sat on a chair and commenced filling the form, when she finished she stood by a camera and had her picture taken. The Lieutenant smiled and said: “Well you are now registered, welcome Lady Reaver, newest protector of justice in Paragon City” But before anyone could cheer, the clerk said: “I’m sorry but there is a warrant for Lady Reaver’s arrest, please handcuff her and escort her outside where a Crey escort service will be awaiting”


      The Lieutenant gasped and said: “What you mean under arrest, for what crime?” The clerk did not bother to look up, and continued reading his monitor saying: “Lady Reaver is wanted for illegal use of her powers in public, failure to register prior to use those powers in public, and failure to bring her captives to the nearest detention facility” The Lieutenant looked truly embarrassed, and said with a voice filled with desperation: “We never have done this before, why are we yielding captives to Crey?” The clerk did not raise his head to look at us, and continued typing something on his keyboard and said with a voice filled with insolence: “I don’t know, it’s not my job to know that, and I simply don’t care”


     The Lieutenant gave a pained look at Lady Reaver, but did not had time to say anything as the Crey agent he had recently embarrassed entered the room. The agent wore a mocking smile, and said: “There was no mistake was it? Well Lieutenant what you waiting for? Turn her over to us now!”


     The slender brunette gently placed her hand on LT. Lancaster’s shoulder and said: “There is no need for embarrassment or violence on my behalf. I will quietly go with these duly assigned officers of the law. Can you at least tell me when my court date is?”


     The agent looked at the LT and said: “That information was not given to me, was only told to escort this dangerous criminal to Bricks for safe keeping” The LT now looked at the clerk, who seemed too busy doing something else. As Lady Reaver walked away from the clerk towards the Cray agent and his cronies, the clerk stood up, on the sleeve of his uniform there was a patch. The patch said: “Crey”


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