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The Chronicles of Lady Reaver

The Trail of Doctor Vahzilok

By Ed & Sue Garcia


     The darkness amongst the old warehouses on the west side of King’s Row was broken by a fire engulfed figure walking through them, a figure which seemed to have a very specific destination and purpose.


     I readied my axe, for the spirits just told me that the murderous Vahzilok were just ahead, soon the voices of the unjustly killed filling my head would go silent, and the sooner I will learn where my husband and daughter’s organs are.


    I rounded the corner and saw a ghastly sight, before me were a man wearing an intimidating skull like mask, and two Frankenstein looking zombies. I obviously caught them in the middle of some activity, for they were totally surprised by my appearance.


     I swung my axe at the nearest brute, it bit deeply into its undead flesh, yet it took the blow quite well, and seemed unharmed by it. The man stopped inspecting a body that lay next to him, and as he stood up drew a crossbow. The second zombie like creature, turned around and vomited a foul greenish fluid at me, fortunately my fire burnt it before it could harm me. I swung my axe with greater determination, despite a full sense of revulsion at this travesty of life that stood before me. This time my attack struck it hard and the monster actually seemed to moan as it was knocked off its feet. I felt a shot of pain as a bolt struck me at my chest, and saw the masked man laugh with glee as he said: “Ah Doctor Vahzilok is going to be really pleased with us, when we bring super hero body parts”


     I swung once more my axe at the fallen creature, I had recently knockdown, and was rewarded with it emitting one last groan before it was destroyed. The second creature vomited at me a second time, and managed to get his vomit to engulf me with the fowl greenish liquid. I felt myself covered in pain, as the acid burnt my skin, but the pain only served to focus my rage as the spirits continued insistence for vengeance went on.


     I swung my axe at the second creature, it was not going to get a second chance at vomiting at me at least I hoped it would not. My first swing struck its chest and knocked it down. I followed up with my axe again but in a downward motion and nailed it to the ground. To my surprise the creature was still trying to get up, despite the devastating damage I dealt to it. Once more I felt intense pain as a bolt penetrated my fiery aura and punctured into my left shoulder. That skull masked freak was going to pay for that and much more. I swung my axe in a horizontal motion, and sliced the monster’s head off. Its body fell to the ground and moved no more. Then I turned to regard the man who had been assailing me with his crossbow and said: “The voices of your victims call for justice, they call for vengeance, and vengeance they will have”


     I slowly walked towards the man who continued laughing and preparing his crossbow, and stopped before him and said: “Death awaits you, you will pay dearly for your crimes, and judgment at Forseti’s court will follow”


    The man fired his crossbow at point blank, I’m sure it struck me, but I did not feel it. I kicked him, and knocked him off his feet. I waited for him to regain his feet, for death was not going to come swiftly for this one. He drew a wicked blade, the one he had used to carve the body of a fallen Skull gang member, and while showing the blade at me he laughed.


     The mad man loudly cackled as he swung his blade, but I side stepped his attack and kicked him down once more. I locked my eyes on his and said with a cryptic voice: “The voices of the slain innocent calls for your death, you will suffer the accumulated pain that all of your victims felt, your death will be slow, and filled with agony. You will come to regret all of your evil”


     He laughed and swung his blade, it struck me, but it did not hurt. He saw me not flinch from his knife attack, and saw in my eyes what all else sees: Death. His laughter suddenly stopped, for now he realized he was not dealing with a mere mortal, but instead with a creature from the supernatural, a creature that was indeed an envoy of a God.


     It’s amusing when evil men recognize their mortality, and often tries to convince themselves that reality is not what it seemed. The wicked man, with trembling hands, held his knife between us, and said with a voice filled with fear and madness: “No, this can’t be right; Doctor Vahzilok said that we could not be killed. That if I served him faithfully, I would receive great riches and power. Please let me go, don’t hurt me”


     I looked at the coward, for he was a coward indeed. How many victims begged him for their life, and how often did he laugh at them as he carved their bodies while they were still alive. I raised my Axe and struck his left leg; he ungraciously fell to the ground, and tried crawling away from me as he continued begging. I swung my axe and struck his right arm; he stopped crawling and commenced to cry, little did he know that crying was not going to elicit any mercy from me, for the voices of the slain innocent screamed at me for vengeance, and vengeance was theirs to have.


     I kicked his side and knocked him away a few feet, he screamed in pain and terror as he saw me firmly walking towards him. In terror he said: “Please stop hurting me, I will tell you anything you want to know”


     I looked at him for long moments, and allowed him to be engulfed in his own terror, and then I formed my axe and held it high. He screamed in terror once more, and then while sobbing, he begged for his life once more. I searched for his eyes and waited for his to look at mine. Once he was under my control, I said with a voice filled with rage and contempt: “Where is your master, for he has crimes to pay. Where does your master keep his records?”


     The wicked man looked at me as his entire body trembled, and then said: “I am a Reaper, faithful servant of Doctor Vahzilok, I will not betray him!”


      I kicked him once more, making sure to strike his broken leg. His body was violently thrown against the wall from the sheer force of my kick, and his scream was a mix of agonizing pain and terror. As he slumped off the wall, I punched his face hard and broke his nose. Then I placed my left foot over his injured arm and applied pressure as I dug my boot’s spiked heel deep into his flesh and turned my foot left and right. Once more he screamed in pain, but he had information I wanted, before I would kill him.


      I pushed my boot’s spiked heel even deeper and said with a cold voice: “Give me the answers to my questions, or your pain will be even greater, hurry for my patience is coming to an end”


      I willed my divine fire to engulf me and the area around me, the Reaper screamed in pain and terror for my divine fire was now burning his flesh. I looked into his eyes and said with a voice filled with hatred: “Are you now feeling what your victim’s felt as you carved their bodies while still alive? Do you expect me to give you a mercy you did not have for your victims? The only mercy I will give you is a clean death if you give me what I have asked of you”


     The Reaper groaned and said with a shaky voice: “If I tell you, will you let me go?”


     I kicked his arm and waited for him to stop screaming before saying: “I am the envoy of vengeance, answer the question given to you”


     Finally the Reaper stopped crying and said: “Doctor Vahzilok’s laboratory can be found just north of the train station, you can enter his facility through a sewer grate. Perhaps he keeps his records there, I don’t know, I only go there to deliver the body parts he has tasked me to get”


      I looked at him for precious long moments, and noticed him looking at his knife. He then looked at me, and then back to his knife. I looked at him and gave him a knowing smile. He obviously reconsidered reaching for his knife, and slowly tried to regain his feet. He nervously smiled at me and said: “You letting me go?”


     I looked into his eyes and he saw what he had seen before: Death


     He tried to run away, but his broken leg failed him, and he noisily fell. I punched him once more and he fell unconscious.


     I waited for him to wake up, for our final confrontation. Eventually he awoke but his eyes opened wide in sheer panic as he realized he could not move. I laughed at him, and said with a voice filled of contempt: “I promised you a clean death, you may notice if you turn to your left, that I have secured you to the ground next to a fire ant hill. Soon it will be morning, and the hungry insects will be leaving their home in search of food. They will find you, and they will eat you. They will leave a clean skeleton behind, so it must be, as Forseti has decreed”


     As I walked away with the sun at my back and my shadow enlarging before me, I could hear him screaming as his punishment was dealt. Soon the voices of those many innocent victims slain by him will go quiet.


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