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The Chronicles of Lady Reaver

Enter the Vahzilok

By Ed and Sue Garcia


     A grieving tall slender Brunette stands by a grave and slowly places a red rose over it, the tombstone reads: “Here rest in peace William Fulton, beloved father of Erica Fulton and faithful husband to Laura”


     As she slowly walks away from the grave of her husband, she hears a young man’s voice whisper at her, she violently turns towards the whisper, but there is no one to be seen. She grits her teeth, for she knows it is the dead who had talked to her, once more she will be called upon to avenge the dead.


     The voice murmurs to her once more, but this time she can make out the words: “Your loved ones were not disemboweled for no reason at all, go read the Coroner’s report on your loved ones”


     She stops at mid stride, and closes her eyes as tears travel down her cheeks. Her body trembles with uncertainty and as the flood of memories rushes back to her. She screams in agony, and while experiencing helplessness says: “But they are in heaven, they are resting in peace! Please, let me have my peace!”


      The voice returns and says with a more forceful voice: “I have been murdered by the Vahzilok, my body organs taken apart and used for evil experiments. Your husband’s heart is being used in one of those ghastly horrors that walks the streets at night, please destroy the one who killed me and those monsters he created using my organs”


       She shakes her head in total disbelief, what she had been told was just too gruesome to be truth, but deep inside of her, she knew it was too horrible to be a lie. She steps into her mini van and drives to the police department, fiercely determined to prove the spirit voice wrong. But the police report confirms her worst fear, and then went beyond it, for parts of her daughter’s body had been also found missing.


     She screams in fury, as more and more voices of the dead reached her and fills her mind, tears stream down her face as she knows that once more she must kill and punish. Before the startled policeman her body is covered in fire and an axe is held by her right hand, she looks at the policeman and offers him a thin smile and starts to walk away. But before she can leave the station a police officer dressed in riot gear and holding a shotgun leveled at her chest said: “Who are you? Are you a registered hero?”


     She pauses to think, registered hero, who her? She looked at the police officer, as her mind became flooded once more with the voices of the dead pleading for vengeance, and said with an almost guttural voice, as if it had come from beyond the grave: “I am no hero. I am the incarnation of vengeance. I am a Reaver, and I avenge the innocent who has been murdered. Stand aside, for I hear the voices of the innocent murdered pleading for relief of their suffering”


     The police officer stepped back and said with a voice filled with panic: “Oh no another super psycho, we must stop her! Everyone get into your gear and help me stop her!”


     She stops and gazes at the police officer and says with a chilling voice: “I am the envoy of Forseti, God of Justice placed in this city to avenge the innocent murdered. I have no business with you, stand aside”


     The officer took a step back as she slowly moved towards the exit door, seeing she was not stopping, said: “Sorry lady, but you are under arrest! On your knees and hands over your head”


     She walked towards the officer, no longer hearing him, for her mind was cluttered with the voices of the innocent murdered, telling her where to go, telling her to go to King’s Row. The officer discharges his shotgun, but it does not hurt her; as the pellets are vaporized the moment they touch the flames engulfing her. He stands aside, and lets her walk by, as she steps out into the street he screams: “I will get you for this, no one makes a fool out of me. I will get you”


     Her once grieving face, is now changed for one filled with determination as she sprints towards the train station, no one gets on her way, but a few reckless Hellions who no longer can be counted among the living. She boards the train in somber silence, as suspicious citizens stare at her. No one talks to her inside the train, for no one there has business with her. She silently steps out of the train, and is intercepted by a squad of police officers that had been waiting for her. A police lieutenant flashes his badge before her, and says with a strict voice: “Madam you are under arrest, you have failed to register as a super hero, and resisted arrest at the Atlas City police department. Please drop to your knees and place your hands over your head”


     She looks at the young man, and she can see the fright in his face and says in a cryptic voice: “I am the envoy of Forseti. I am here to punish those who have murdered the innocent. I am here to bring peace to those murdered by the evil, for I am their death. Do you have business with me?”


     The lieutenant turned to look at the police drones and screamed: “Do something, you blasted machines” But they did not react to the slender brunette bathed in flames, for somehow they knew she was not evil.


     She looked at the machines, then she turned back to stare at the police lieutenant, and once more with a voice from beyond the grave said: “Do you have any business with me?”


     The lieutenant seemed to look around as if he heard voices around him, and his face noticeably paled as he realized he was listening to spirits. He turned to look at the flaming lady and said with terror in his voice: “Please get them to stop talking to me, they are in my head, please!”


     She slowly nodded towards the lieutenant and her face became pained as dozens of voices now filled her head. She looked once more at the lieutenant and lifted her left eyebrow in expectation of a response from him.


     The lieutenant still visibly shaken from his experience said with a weak voice: “There has been a misunderstanding, all super types must register at the courthouse, but I know you are too busy at this moment. If you give your name, I will register you myself. What do you call yourself?”


      She gave him a puzzled look and then she regained her grave look and said: “Reaver, I shall be know to all who are evil as Reaver”


      The lieutenant stuttered a bit and replied: “I got it Lady, I mean, I got it Reaver. I will register you right away, thank you for your cooperation”


      As she walked away, she heard the lieutenant say over his radio: “Dispatch, connect me with records hall immediately! Is this records hall? This is Lieutenant Lafayette, and I need to register a new hero. Yes, her name is “Lady Reaver” and her picture is being emailed to you as we speak. Thank you, what fee? Who is going to pay the fee? Just charge it to the city for crying out loud!”


      She walked away, a sly smile could be faintly seen across her thin red lips, and as she walked away she thought to herself: “How about that, I have a name now, I shall be known as Lady Reaver, from this day on all evil doers will have a name to fear. A name to keep them awake at night, a name they will utter from their bloody lips as I slay them in just vengeance”


      “You must travel due West lady!” said an unearthly voice with urgency, “Hurry, please they will not stay there for long”


     The quiet, slender, brunette commenced to run down the street and this time chose to ignore the violence that surrounded her. Never before had she noticed the enormous amount of crime on the streets, had she been so blind to it all these years?


     She came across a very tall wall, but the spirits urged onwards, she shook her head in frustration and turned Northwards in the hope to find a set of stairs that would allow her to get over this wall. Someday she thought to herself, she would ask Forseti for the ability to fly so that these or any other walls would not be an impediment any more.


      A street gang barred her way to the stairs, they wore gruesome skull like masks over their faces and could be seen drug trafficking. The spirit voices urged her onwards, but the street gang had taken notice of her, especially of her rather seductive clothing she was wearing. A few of the gang members could be seen slipping their hands inside their pants, probably to play with their genitals. It become quite obvious what they wanted with her, but that was the one thing they would never get from her. She stood before them and concentrated in making her flames even brighter and said with a soul chilling voice: “Stand aside, for I have no business with you yet”


     The leader of the gang laughed and as he held his crutch with a very lewd motion, and said with a mocking voice: “You may not, but I have business with you. So just lie down, and spread your legs and make it easy on you”


     The entire gang laughed aloud, but the slender brunette was not. Their laughter turned into a gasp as they were surprised when the glowing axe materialized and she held it in a very threatening manner. As they gawked at her, some began pulling their weapons, and an assortment of knives, baseball bats, guns, and rifles. She looked at them one last time and said: “I had no business with you, but the voices of the slain innocent are now calling for justice to be dispensed, you all have murdered the helpless and rejoiced in their suffering. Now you will pay dearly for it”


      There was nothing more to be said, for carnage and death was the only thing that would satisfy the dead. Without hesitation she charged the nearest gang members and swung her axe killing the nearest one with a single blow. The gang reacted to her attack as a wall of lead from pistols and machine guns flew her way. Yet the strength of her rage powered her fiery aura and little damage if any was done to her. The axe was raised and killed another one as it came down, some of the gang members felt that they were out of her league and simply ran away, leaving their leader and a few more behind to deal with the enigmatic stranger.


      The leader attacked her with his machine gun, as did the rest of his crew with their preferred weapons. In frustration the leader yelled: “Who are you, where did you come from! You better leave us and run before the Skulls places a bounty on your head”


      Lady Reaver continued hacking and slashing, then stopped to regard the lieutenant and said with a voice filled with anger and a sound from beyond the grave: “A bounty on my head you say? Ha! I will let you live for that, go place the bounty on me! This way the evil doers will come to me, and I will not have to search for them among the trash. Tell your master that Lady Reaver is here to avenge the slain innocent. Tell you master that each one that he had killed, now demands his death! Tell your master that I’m coming”


      The lieutenant was already running, but she did not give chase or even attempted to.


       Reaver turned to face towards the West and quietly readied herself for her imminent engagement with the Vahzilok, there was a price to be paid and it would be paid soon.


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