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The Chronicles of Lady Reaver


By Ed and Sue Garcia


     The loudly buzzing alarm clock demanded the attention it had been built to receive each morning. A tired hand left the warmth of the blankets and slowly reached towards the clock and turned the alarm off. At first a leg slowly worked itself out of the blanket, and then the other leg slowly followed. Once both feet were firmly on the ground, a soft, delicate groan could be heard as the rest of the blankets were pushed aside.


      For a few moments a slender brunette sat on the bed, stretched her arms wide and turned to regard her husband with a smile on her face, as he went on sleeping. She slowly leaned toward her right, and softly kissed her husband’s forehead and left the bed to head towards the bathroom.


      As she enjoyed the warm shower, she reminisced the many happy moments of her life with her husband and continued smiling. She remembered the first day she met him at the shopping mall, and the terrible choice of clothing he was wearing, but even then he had such an attractive smile and a difficult to explain charm in the way he moved and spoke. She rejoiced in the memory of his asking for her hand in marriage, and of her wedding day. A sly smile now showed on her face, as she remembered his warmth as he held her during the moment of passion, and the memory when she first learnt she was pregnant. A smile filled with pride now took over, as she remember giving birth to her daughter which both  her husband and her had grown to cherish beyond life itself. A giggle escaped her as she showered, for she remembered talking her husband into letting her adopt “Spunky” her German Shepard friend and companion when neither her husband or daughter were home.


     The shower ended when the bath tub was full of warm water, and then she slowly lowered herself to relish the warmth of the water as it slowly engulfed her body. With a satisfaction filled smile she reached for a razor and after applying a rich lather of foamy skin softener and other lubricants proceeded to shave her legs. A few minutes later, once the grooming had been completed, she stepped out of the bath tub and pulled the drain plug to allow the water to drain away. As she dried herself, she smiled once more and cherished the thought that this day, was a very special day in her life, for it was her beloved husband’s birthday. She wanted to make it special, she wanted to make him happy, wanted him to feel young. She decided that cooking him breakfast would be a good start, and of course she would have to make his favorite dishes for lunch and dinner as well. Silently she reviewed the ingredients flour, sugar, strawberry preserves, and eggs to make him some strawberry filled crepes.  Then searched through her memory to remember if all the ingredients were available, and with a giggle decided that she did have all she would need. Of course a grown man can not live out of crepes alone, and he would require quite a bit more with his crepes. In her mind she thought of tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, ham, cheese, eggs, mushrooms and bacon. With another smile she believed to have all the ingredients to make his favorite omelet. Hash browns, he would want hash browns to go with his omelet. With a frown she decided that she could not remember if she had any potatoes to make hash browns or frozen hash browns to fry for him.


     Quickly she commenced to dress, and looked at herself at the mirror. She smiled at herself and realized that time had been kind to her and she was still a beautiful woman, despite of her age. Her frown turned into a wicked smile as a thought crossed her mind, for tonight she would show him how young she really was in bed. She giggled and slipped her dress on with a bit of a hurry.


      She quietly walked towards the kitchen and noticed that Spunky was waiting for her already, and wagging his tail as he sat by his food dish. She smiled at Spunky and thought to herself that the dog was for some reason always hungry. She hugged Spunky and gave him a kiss on his forehead as the dog happily licked her face. She laughed at Spunky and decided he deserved something special, and instead of serving dog food, she filled his bowl with corn pops and milk, which of course the dog greedily devoured.


     The freezer door opened with a whoosh of frigid air caressing her face, but despite of how many bags she turned over, shoved aside, there were no hash browns to be found. She growled in frustration, and then with resignation returned to the bedroom and stopped at the door to once more enjoy the sight of her husband peacefully sleeping.


     She walked towards the dresser to gather her keys and purse, and then left the room. On the way out she stopped to check on her daughter who was still asleep, but after all what could one expect out of a teenager who spent most the night out partying with her friends. She smiled and told herself, that she had been young once. Once more she giggled, for she had special plans for a romantic night, or shall we say an erotic encounter with her husband. She quickened her pace towards the garage while giggling as she remembered buying those garter belts and spiked heel boots.


     She opened the door to the garage and saw Spunky following her, hoping he would get to ride with her in the car. But it was the summer, and the morning was already getting warm, thus she decided that it would not be a good idea to leave Spunky locked inside the car. She hugged Spunky, and said with a sad voice: “Sorry Spunky, it’s too hot now, and I can’t take you. Be a good boy for mama, and watch over my home and keep them safe” Somehow she could tell by looking into Spunky’s eyes that dog was very sad but had understood her command.


     It was a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky, and made a note to get some steaks to grill for lunch. Paragon City was a very active place, but despite of there being a criminal element present she felt safe. There seemed that around Atlas Park there was a superhero just about everywhere, you could not take a step and not see one chasing a crook.


     She drove by and slowed down to admire the incredible physiques of the many male heroes and their often rather revealing outfits. She laughed aloud and mocked herself about behaving like a little girl, when she caught herself thinking what it would be like making love to a superhero. She thought of her husband, a very talented architect, but no where close to even pass for a superhero. She laughed as she saw her husband in his Izod shirt, faded blue jeans and a mug of coffee in his left hand, some kind of hero he would make and laughed some more. On the other hand he was a hero to her, deep in her heart she worshipped that man, for despite all his frailties and lack of super powers, he was true to her, and always saw to her daughter’s and her needs. With a tear escaping her left eye, she realized that perhaps he did have a superpower after all, he had commitment, and that was a rare power indeed.


     She parked her car almost at the very entrance to the grocery store, and thought to herself this must be her lucky day and with a little prance in her step entered the store. She grabbed a shopping cart, and quickly walked down the aisles picking can goods, bags and anything she thought she could use. Might as well get all the ingredients to make his favorite dinner as well, she thought to herself, meatloaf and mashed potatoes was what was for dinner tonight. With an even bigger smile, she picked up two bottles of Asti Spumante, the good one of course, and some cheese and crackers to go with them. Of course the wine and cheese, was for her especial gift to him, a night he would remember till the day he died.


     She agonized the full time that she was forced to endure the long wait at the cashiers, for somehow this day too many people had decided to go shopping as well, how rude of them. Eventually the ritual of waiting, reading the scandal magazines and resisting the urge to eat every candy bar within hands reach, was over. But the misery did not end there, for some strange reason every traffic light on her way home seemed to turn red as she approached them.


     As she pulled her car into the drive way, she could not help to notice that something was not altogether right, and in fact something was terribly wrong. For starters the main door to her house had been ripped of its hinges, and the broken pieces of the door scattered all over her front yard.


     She could not ignore the growing knot feeling forming in her stomach, as her heart beat raced. Tears commenced to streak down her face, for she feared the worst.


     She opened the door, and ran towards her home as she screamed her husband’s name. Once she stepped through the entrance to her house, she could see the mangled pieces of what once had been Spunky. She screamed in desperation and sheer agony as she saw her dog’s head impaled on a broom stick. Blood was splatter everywhere, and her mind returned to her and the thoughts of her daughter and husband became her central thought.


     The walls of the hallway were also bloody, filled with many holes from bullets, and holes that appeared to have been made with a sledge hammer. She entered her daughter’s room first, for it was on the way to the master bedroom. A horrified scream escaped her lips as she saw her daughter’s hands bound to the bedposts, while most of her entrails had seemed to have been barbarically removed from her and flung all over the room. Crying, she slowly approached the bruised face of her daughter and with a trembling hand pushed her eyelids closed. She lifted her head to look around the room, and on the wall written in blood were the words “Hellions Rule”


     There was no way of telling how long she knelt crying next to her dead daughter, while gently caressing her hair. But then slowly she stepped away from the bed, and walked towards the master bedroom. In her mind she kept saying to herself: “No, No, No this can not be happening! We are good people! This does not happen to good people! No!”


      But she knew that it this was too horrible to be a bad dream, for life is seldom kind to those who had fallen off some God’s grace. She entered her room, her husband apparently had tried to defend himself, but was no match for the horde of murderers that had invaded their home. Like her daughter, he had been disemboweled but also totally dismembered.


       She screamed with outrage and shouted: “You let this happen! I want justice! I want revenge! I want to kill those animals! I want justice! I want revenge” She continued screaming these words over and over, as she cried, till finally the shock and exhaustion overcame her.


     She awoke in a strange place, it was frigid, it was cloudy, and it felt strange. But she did not feel alone. There was someone or something within the fog around her. She walked slowly forming a slight circular pattern, waiting to be attacked at any moment. Then the memory of her dead husband returned to her, followed by the memory of her daughter and dog. Once more despair filled her heart, but soon afterwards the burn of hatred and the thirst for vengeance replaced it.


     The fog slowly dissipated revealing a white bearded man dressed in leather and wielding a large hammer in his right hand, as he sat in a magnificent throne which looked to be made out of gold. He looked at her with penetrating eyes, and with out expression. She looked at him with hatred.


     Finally she broke the silence and said: “Who are you? Why you toy with me?”


      The bearded man gave her a fatherly smile, and said with a soft voice that only she could hear in her mind: “I am Forseti, Norse God of Justice”


      She bitterly laughed as she stood before the self proclaimed God and then said with disdain: “You a God of Justice? Where were you when the Hellions busted into my house? Where were you when they were raping my daughter? Where were you when they slaughtered her? Where were you when they murdered my husband? And you call yourself a God of Justice?”


     Forseti gave her a long look and then with a firm voice said: “You want justice? You want to punish those who killed your family? Ah? Well, there is price to be paid, and you shall pay it in full! You prayer has been heard and answered! Go Reaver, and bring justice against those who practice evil in Paragon City


     She awoke next to her dead husband, but she felt different. Then she heard a soft voice coming from what it seemed very far away, but it was too faint to understand what it had said. She walked away from her dead husband, and looked into one of the dresser drawers thrown to the side and near her. Within it was her naughty outfit, the outfit her husband would never get to see her wearing for him. She removed her clothes, as tears fell, and in her mind she mourned her family and the many things they would never get to do. Then slowly she began to put her naughty outfit on, so at least her dead husband’s body could see it and that somehow the spirit of her husband may be around and see her wearing it. Suddenly the ghostly voice became louder, as if approaching her. She was half naked, and felt something was coming her way. She rushed to finish dressing up and to be ready for whatever was coming her way, but no more sounds of anything could be heard. She finished putting on her rather revealing outfit on, and turned to face her husband’s dead body. Suddenly she heard a voice, it was faint but clear, it was her husband’s.


     She turned towards the voice, but there was nothing next to her, so she shook her head for she believed that her grief was making her hear voices. She looked at her dead husband for long moments, and decided it was time to change. Then she heard another voice, it was her daughters, and this time she understood what she said: “Mammy, please avenge me, kill those who murdered me, kill them so that I may go to heaven”


     She screamed with happiness: “Baby, you are all right” But as she turned to face the voice there was no one, and the voice had gone silent. From behind her she heard her husband’s voice: “Please kill those who murdered me, help me go on”


    Once more she turned about, but there was no one to be seen. Then she heard both her daughter and husband speak to her, pleading to her for vengeance, for relief. In desperation she screamed: “But I do not know where they are, and I’m but just a woman, what can I possibly do to them”


     Yet the voices, continued pleading for mercy. But her husband said: “Leave the house, sprint west towards the abandoned warehouse area of the city”


     She walked towards the door of the house, and stopped. She said with a trembling voice: “Darling, I can’t do it! I’m just a woman, how can I kill those mad men?”


      Her daughter lamented near her, and said: “Please mom, go to the warehouse, you have been given all you need to free us, run mom please”


     She started to run towards the street, but then stopped and headed towards her car. She stopped on her tracks as her husband spoke to he once more saying: “Stop, you no longer need that car, you have been gifted by Forseti, you are stronger and faster than ever before, yours is the strength of retaliation! You can run faster than your car and leap over walls, let your thirst for vengeance burn through you and power you! Run! Run”


    She turned about and commenced running down the street, to her surprise she caught up and then passed a car and then another. Still confused she continued running towards the warehouse district, filled with dread and doubt.


    She leapt over a wall with ease, and stopped to regard her feat in utter amazement. Then she felt something on her head. Slowly she reached and felt a headpiece, and with great care removed it to see it. It was made out of gold, and had large wings at its sides resembling much those worn by the mythological Valkiries. But the headpiece had a dark red hue to them, red as the blood spilt from the innocent victims of the Hellions and all that is evil. She placed the headpiece back and in her face a sense of determination could be seen, and then with fierceness ran forward and leapt over another wall.


    She ran down a long alleyway, and saw rows of warehouses ahead of her. She stopped confused, for she did not know which one where the Hellions hiding at. But her daughter spoke to her, with a pleading voice saying: “Mommy, please, I want to go to heaven, please go to the third one to your right, please Mommy, please!”


    Tears streaked down her face, as she walked towards the warehouse, as she approached the warehouse she could hear the screams of the celebrating Hellions. She commenced to cry aloud, and as she sobbed said: “Oh my baby, I can’t, I can’t kill those animals, for I’m but just a woman”


    Then she heard her husband say with a firm voice: “Let your anger be your shield, let the fire of your hatred of them engulf you and make you immune to anything they could do! Let your love for us and what is just, be like an axe to split their evil souls! Go! Go! Go my love for we are in pain! Go!


    She screamed in frustration, but the continuous laments from both her daughter and husband would not subside. As she heard the raucous laughter of the Hellions and the agonizing pleas of her loved ones, hatred filled her soul and fire enveloped her. Her immense thirst for vengeance, and justice over took her, and with sheer determination charged towards the entrance of the warehouse. A mere step away from the entrance to the warehouse, her thirst for revenge materialized in the form of a large two handed battle axe. Then she swung the axe with unnerving ferocity, and with a feral scream. The door exploded into a thousand splinters from the sheer force of the axe’s blow, giving the fire engulfed brunette access to the warehouse’s interior.


    She stepped through the smashed entrance and saw two Hellions guarding the entrance, but stunned into inaction from her dramatic appearance. She did not hesitate, and stepped towards the closest one, swinging her axe in a flat horizontal arc. The axe struck the first thug and cleaved deeply into the punk, killing him with a single blow. The second thug pulled a gun and fired at her; the bullet struck her and it smarted, but did not really hurt her. The second swing smashed his skull and she walked past his now slumping body without a second thought, for she was determined to finish what she had come here to do.


    Three more Hellions heard the commotion and entered the lobby in an effort to learn what had happened. They laughed at her, and made lewd gestures at her, and then she realized that she was wearing her naughty outfit and high heeled boots. She became even angrier and charged the brutes. By the time she closed on them, two of them had pulled their pistols and were shooting at her, but they seemed to have lousy aim. The third Hellion continued laughing at her, produced a baseball bat and prepared to swing at her.


      She gave the thug a knowing smile and swung her axe killing one of the pistol wielding thugs in a single blow, then with an unnatural voice said: “I hear the voices of the innocent murdered, you shall pay for your crime”


     A thug fired again, but the bullet was reduced to ashes as it penetrated the fire that engulfed and protected her, while the baseball bat missed striking her. She swung her axe a second time, and the second pistol using thug could not be counted among the living anymore.


     The baseball bat using thug said: “Forget this” And turned around to run away from her. She looked at him run, but did not run after him, for she knew there was nowhere in this warehouse, or in this world he could hide from her.


     She turned around and followed a long corridor which ended in a large storage area, in it she could see nine thugs gambling and fight training with each other.


     The group of thugs spotted her, and their faces were filled with a smile as they saw the scantily clothed woman standing before them. It seemed their lust was more powerful than their sense of survival or just plain common sense. She walked towards them with confidence, as they laughed and made lewd gestures towards her, one of them commenced to drop his pants. Of course he stopped when he saw the axe materialize in her right hand. They suddenly realized that this was not some fancy whore that had come to pleasure them, and instead they realized it was a being that had come to kill them. One of the thugs pulled a machine gun and commenced shooting at her, but he was so scared that the shots struck the ground before her feet, the second thug pulled a knife and the last one had a sword held in a rather threatening manner.


    She charged them, blinded by the fire of her own hatred and thirst for vengeance. If she had been hurt, she never felt the pain of being struck, but when it was all over all three of them were now dead, among the other six corpses of Hellions that may have arrived to help their besieged friends during the fight, and somehow in her blind fury never saw them join the fight.


     She did feel tired, so she stood still as she rested and carefully examined her surroundings. At a distance she noticed a crate marked and colored in such a different way, that it was obvious it did not belong here. She walked towards the crate, but before she could get close enough to examine it, she felt the thud of a baseball bat striking her left shoulder. She turned around and punched the thug, knocking him off is feet. Then as he attempted to get up, she swung her axe and killed him with a sickening slicing sound.


     She opened the crate and inside of it was a figurine made out of Onyx stone, and somehow she could feel that this figurine was magical in nature for she could sense a power source of some kind.


     She knew she was not finished, for the pleas of her daughter and husband urged her to go on towards her left and deeper into the warehouse. She killed six more thugs before a much larger Hellion became evident to her. He wore two large spiked shoulder pads and next to him rested a large axe. She did not try to surprise him, for it had been him who had killed her daughter and husband. It was him who had disemboweled them, and rejoiced in his actions.


     He looked at her, and gave her a lusty look, and then he said: “Ah so you come to kill me, ah? Avenge a loved one I bet! Ha, you are not the first who had tried that. I will beat you to mere inches from your death, and then I will ravage you, on and on, until you beg me to kill you”


     She did not flinch, and simply stood still waiting for him. The fire around her burnt firmly and brightly. Her axe sparkled and reflected the light produce by her fiery aura which shielded her from damage. Her face was devoid of emotion, for she was fully focused on her deadly task.


     He grew tired of the wait, and lifted his axe as he lightly stepped towards her. He swung his axe and she blocked it with hers, and then casually punched him with her left fist. He stumbled back a few steps and roared with a bestial yell. But before he could raise his axe, she swung her axe. It struck his left leg hard, and in pain he fell to the floor. He slowly commenced to raise himself, but she again swung her axe, and the blow from it knocked him off his feet and nearly across the room. She confidently stepped towards him, there was fear in his eyes, but there was also hatred. But her hatred for him was far greater than his. She looked at him with contempt and said: “I hear the voices of those innocently murdered by you, they demand justice, and they demand your death!”


     She swung her axe, with a yell filled with agonizing pain and hatred, and the axe struck his neck and severed his head from his body. With his death came peace in her heart, the flames resided and her axe vanished.


     She commenced to cry aloud and dropped to her knees, but her tears were cut short as her daughter talked to her saying: “Thank you mommy, thank you mommy, I’m going to heaven now mommy”


     She clutched at the floor and with a painful wail said: “No, my baby, please don’t leave me, no” But she was now gone, and she knew it.


     She continued crying in total despair, but then stopped as she heard her husband say: “My love, thank you for bringing us peace. I regret not being able to remain with you for I must now go on into the afterlife. I will watch over our daughter and I will be waiting for you when we once again can be rejoined. That statue you found is magical and must be returned to a mystic at the town hall at Atlas Park, she will know what to do with it. I love you”


    And then he was gone, and she was now more alone than ever. She reached towards the dead Hellion and removed his shoulder pads, and placed them on herself and said: “I will now take this and keep it as a souvenir to remind me of this moment”


    As she began crying again she heard another voice, a voice of a little boy. At least that is what she had thought. She got back on her feet and looked around, but saw no one. She stepped away from the dead body of the Hellion leader, and looked towards the hallway which would take her to the exit of this cursed building. Then she heard the voice say again: “Miss, please, Lady Reaver, please help me go to heaven. Please, I’m in so much pain! Please, these evil men came to my home and murdered my family and me. Please, I feel so cold”

 She stood still and as her fiery aura engulfed her, said with a chilling and from beyond the grave voice: “Yes little boy, oh yes, there is a price that must be paid”

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