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Falling Sky: Aven

A Day To Remember


Both of them stood relentless facing their fate. They faced uncertainty, they faced fear, they faced the dark, still, they did not move.

Was it because they were the epitome of courage? That could be true. Was it because they did not fear death? Perhaps.

In fact.. They were just mummies! Living mummies wrapped up in black tentacles!

Yes, they were trapped, betrayed by someone they called a friend.


Their names were Spirit Ronin and Huge-Man, heroes of the legendary city of Paragon. Both were scrappers, the first with great knowledge in swordfighting and battlefield tactics, having lived a thousand lives Jason Mitsu was a scarred soul with a quest, first to get loose of those tight binds, find a way out of the darkness and then track down his crazed wife. The latter, a drunk, a brawler, as bright as a doorknob, and also a great friend, Edgar was the kindest musclehead anyone could meet, he loved to fight, to drink and right now.. He really had to go peepee.


- Hey, Ron! -


 Belched out the musclehead, his voice sounded like a truck in the darkness


- Can't you like, sum up your magic kitchen knife thingy and get me out of here? I gotta take a leak!


The niponic scrapper kept his eyes shut, his body in a very rigid, trance-like form underneath the dark tentacles that held both men down.


- You know what? Never mind... It's kinda too late now. -


Huge-Man said keeping his voice down, embarrassed.


 Then, suddenly as the stirngs of yellowish liquid seeped through the magical ropes of darkness, a portal opened underneath them and their bindings creeped into oblivion, letting them loose.


- Didn't know summons were allergic to pee! -


chuckled the muscle-bound scrapper to his friend. He didn't answer, his stance had not changed when their bindings vanished, and even though they were no longer bound by chains they were still trapped in the darkness below Perez Park.


Above ground, even above the trees and the buildings of the area, the betrayer stood, static in the air around him, the darkness inside him creeping up as the iminent threat to the world closed in. Mr. Miracle had given up on his friendship to save his friends' lives, the portals all around the city carried within them an evil impression, he and a few others also originated in the depths of magic could sense it.

Sacrifice was his life's goal, to sacrifice his love to protect the ones he loved, to sacrifice his friendship to save his friends, to sacrifice his life to keep the innocent from dying. And so, wihtout a single remorse or doubt, Paul Duvain the man, Mr. Miracle the hero flew into the red portal.

And he was no more.


Back underground, Huge-man was once again relieving himself, for a man with such a grand stature he had a very small bladder, he did not notice him until he was gone, Spirit Ronin had snapped out from his trance and was already marching into the darkness, sword clutched in his hand, ready for anything. Finally Huge-man's bladder was satisfied and he found himself alone in the darkness, then he noticed the faint green glow of Ronin's enchanted sword and followed him into their fate.

Both men were once more.


The now:


-Tropic.. -


Coughed the injured man laying in the empty warehouse's floor.


- My name is Tropic.. -


His voice was weak, as was everything else. He had taken a nearly fatal blow from the plasma beams of one of the alien flagships, it was amazing he had survived the first shot but had it not been for Aven also being injured in a nearby building, when he blew through one of the walls like the fiery flames of an hellish ball from hell, and saving him by jumping a few twenty stories from the exploding building right into the concrete floor of the warehouse they now stood, which the day before was swarming with lazy alien soldiers and stinky alien monkeys, who at the sight of them shot, blew, sliced and tried to kill them in a very welcoming fight-fest, he would have died.


-Don't try to get up, you're still in a bad shape from that blast. And don't worry, I've taken care of the Rikti. I'm Aven. -


Said Aven pointing his hand at the large chunk of molten alien, rubble and steel behind them. The fight had also taken a toll on him but thanks to his genetic material e could heal pretty fast, though he had been feeling somewhat weakened since his rough trip to the past. His left arm felt numb for awhile as he had just put on a few hundred pounds on one single spot, he clutched it trying to increase blood flow pressure to awaken it. When his arm was somewhat restored to a woken state he helped Tropic up, he knew that there would be a friendly outpost near, Paragon General, at Atlas Park, near his home. Having the memories and knowledge of times past can be quite a resource when you are thrown back to those same times, and right now every help was needed to fight this almost invincible threat.


The trip took much more time than expected, with the recurring encounters with small Rikti patrols, the occasional citizen in need and their own problems, Tropic seemed to be better though, he didn't need Aven's help anymore and was at the moment dispatching a few Rikti swordsmen they had stumbled on while helping an injured woman and her children.

Aven hadn't seen his newfound friend fight yet, and right now that was still hard to see as the hero speeded between two gigantic energy slicers. They hit nothing only hot-air and flares, he was fast, very fast, his wounds were healing at the same speed, and the fires he generated were as or even more powerful than Kai's, they were similar in a way, the powers, the stance and he also had this ancient feel to him.

Appearing behind the swordsmen he tapped their shoulders, the dazzled aliens turned around only to hit face first into two flaming red fists. He then threw a blast at each sending them into a wall. Those two wouldn't be bothering this world ever again. Both heroes returned to their journey with an ever increasing escort of the wounded and helpless, and even a couple more heroes had also joined them, increasing their survival until they reached the hospital. With the new help the trip was over in a pinch in a moment they were going to the weakly lit halls of Paragon General, the place was packed with the dying, the dead and the injured, it was such a horrid sight, that it triggered a flashback in Kai's mind.


It was the day his father disappeared, he was in the very same spot on the same day as he was now, though only at a latter time in the evening, his mother had been hit by a truck that had been blown off the street by some of the first blasts from the ships above, somehow she survived, later he would find out she was a retired hero, the same as his father who had taken off to fight the Rikti in secret. He had told them he was going to find help and never came back. In the hospital that day the scene was the same, the dying, the dead and the injured, only this time he wasn't helpless and he could do some good. He could find his father.


Back to reality he felt dizzy, enough to lose balance, Tropic noticed and grabbed his arm keeping him from falling down, he regain his footing and nodded at Tropic for the assist, this was when he realized both of them were wearing just something close to rags. He was still wearing the street clothes with which he had left his home with and that were now just a charred remnant of their former glory, Tropic too was in a bad shape clothes wise, he was only wearing a pair of old jeans also burned in several unwanting places. Kai took off one of his power bracers and handed it to Tropic, he just looked at it confused.


- That'll give you some new clothes, and keep you off some minor damage. See this small blue crystal in the center of it? It contains special nanites, nano sized robots, they create a fitting apparel according to the user, I'll show you. -


He put his wrist in front of him and pressed the crystal in the middle of the bronzed bracer, it began glimmering in a soft blue light and suddenly a grey mist went from Kai's arm through his whole body, the mist hardened and in a few seconds formed what looked like a dark grey spandex suit, fashioned with a few bronzed graphics and a golden "A" in the middle of his chest, he had regained another bracer, replacing the one he handed to Tropic.


- It's made of a special polymer that adapts to the user, while it processes which look suits you best it also analyzes your DNA changing to better suit your powers. Go on, try it. -


Tropic held the bronzed bracer with a doubtful look, it took a couple of seconds but he decided to try it, equipping it on his left wrist he did as Aven had showed him, pressing the small crystal, a dark mist began surrounding him, it was an awkward feeling, the small machines making their way through his body, searching, recording, changing, just the same way as before the mist hardened around him, right away forming his look, black leather pants and boots, a dark red T-shirt with a hawk logo in white on his chest, his wrists wore now two bracers nto bronze but dark silver. He looked amazed at himself, it had been something he had in his mind for a while and now there it was. He reached out his and to Aven and they handshook in appreciation.


- I have a mission for you and me, will you help me? -


Said Aven as his serious gaze caught Tropic.

He nodded, not much of a talker anyway. Aven turned around and sarted marching out onto the chaotic street, motioning Tropic to follow him. Both men hit the skies of the razed Paragon.


- This'll be a day to remember -

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