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By: Nelson Carrasquillo AKA Big Puerto Rico



**As people grow up they are taught many things, of course there are some things that are never taught at all…left out. Those teachings have to be sought after, found. One example of such knowledge is of time, the 4th dimension. Most people think they know all there is to time. It exist, it helps us tell how long we have been in a place, how old we are, when to eat, when to sleep. But, very few people know the true potential of time. Albert Einstein knew a great deal of things, how to bend time…theoretically speaking. He also figured something else, that time can be shook and can create another state of being, another dimension. Dimensions can only come about through a great event, an event that could end in different ways so it does. The aftermath of one ending belongs to this dimension, while the other is lived out in the next…**


Chapter 3


            Previously: Once Big PR’s little cousin Tony came back to the world of the living he was put into the middle of a press conference held at city hall. There the governor announced that he will put a damper on the powers of the heroes through the use of a chip due to some heroes being too careless and causing damage as well as putting civilians in trouble and causing villains to retaliate harsher than ever before . To the chagrin of many of the heroes the governor disregarded the fact that the villains of the city were not going to be weakened unless they were caught. This put the heroes at a definite disadvantage. A distraught hero who appeared to be the original Big PR’s old friend, Rey Tormentor, uncharacteristically attacked the governor. While talking to Tony, Cris, took his astro form and in doing so caught the attention of his one and only love, Layla AKA Innamorata. Their reunion was short lived.



            “Why…Why couldn’t I have had a little more time with him? Why couldn’t I talk to him?! Who was that man that called himself Big Puerto Rico?” Innamorata said to herself while she had gathered herself enough to stand in line to get re-registered and to get the device implanted into her.


            “Hey, Missy, keep on truckin’! The line ain’t automated,” A paragon policemen said to the Super Heroine. She nodded and stepped up to where the line had moved to.




            “So, did she see you?” Tony asked of his older cousin.


            “Yes, and it seems that her love for me, in this world, is the same from when I was a live…thankfully. If only I had more time…” Cris grew silent.


            “I’m sorry, Cris. Luckily though I have Rey in my sights, he seems different…more sporadic in his flight pattern…from what I remember you can totally tell that he had no natural flight that it was his suit that was the one doing the work. It was a tight and uniform flight; this Rey seems to fly as if it were natural…”


            Tony was cut short of his sentence by a tackle from his blind side; it was an aerial Freedom Corps patroller. He fell 20 feet to the ground. The patroller flew down, “Don’t even think about getting up, kid, I’ll put you in the slammer for it.”          


            “I was tracking down Rey Tormentor…you know the guy who shot at the governor? You’re aiding his escape!” Tony yelled at the FC member as he flew back up in the sky.


            “Just stay there, punk, we have this covered, we can handle our own, and we can definitely handle you. Now get yourself registered.” The FC member flew off in the direction that Rey Tormentor was heading towards. Rey was out of sight by this time.


            Cris appeared in front of Tony, “Looks like Rey was just too fast, don’t know how the hell that FC guy is going to catch up, in fact to me it seems like he doesn’t want to catch up. Something is going on around here… we have to go find Mirafox.”


            “I didn’t see her there,” Tony commented.


            “As well you shouldn’t have, she’s not the type to make public appearances like that. She always said if every hero is in one spot then all hell can break loose and there will be no way of prompt action. She also never trusted the politicians; I guess her paranoid thoughts were correct, because this whole thing stinks. It reeks of corruption, to me anyway.”



Talos Island: Beneath the statue of the hero Talos.


            “Hey, sis, did you just see what happened at that press conference on TV?” A hot-pink-skinned beautiful alien female said, her ears slightly pointed, her eyes an un-earthly pure blue and her hair was short and a pure deep pink.


            “Yes, I did, there is a reason I’ve never trusted the government here in this city, but something troubles me about that whole thing,” an older light red skinned alien women answered back, she was just as beautiful as the other except she was a foot shorter and her deep red hair dipped pass her shoulders, her eyes were blue also but brighter, lighter and more piercing.


            “You mean other than the obvious, Mirafox?” the hot-pink-skinned one said.


            “Yes, Inalta, you see, that man that shot the governor with the bolt of electricity looked just like an old friend of mine, Rey Tormentor, but last time I saw him he was in a coma in his ‘home town’ of Seaside Oregon. I know that for his safety his wife took him there, she unfortunately doesn’t keep in touch much with his friend from the past, she’s afraid of any attack at all. Also, this guy’s whole demeanor looked different, and I would know him from anything since we had so many training missions and real missions under our belts together as a team.”


            “Why did you say home town that way?” Inalta asked.       


            “Because he was born some where on the continent of Africa and then taken here by one Dr. Tormentor he lived here for most of his life, so I would consider this his home town. His wife on the other hand doesn’t, simply because he lived in that town 2 years out of his life when he was a child, that’s when they met.”


            “Well they say home is where the heart is, sis,” Inalta smiled.


            “My dear younger sister…you watch too much Television, you’re becoming cheesy!” Mirafox giggled and rubbed the head of her little sister.


            Bogie approaching base, my ladies,” a soft women’s voice said through some speakers.


            “Computer, please bring up a visual,” Mirafox asked of the voice.


            “I mean no disrespect to your highness, but, I do have a name. Visual of bogie is on screen one.”


            “I’m sorry, Linda, and thank you…I still need to get used to this new Por-e-quan technology, A.I. with feelings is pretty new to me,” Mirafox approached the screen. “Red, white and blue, I haven’t seen anyone be so flashy since Statesmen died and well, Big PR as a matter of fact as well.”


            “True, costumes now and days usually have more dull color or black or something less loud…or patriotic depending on how you look at it.” Inalta observed.


            “It doesn’t seem to be threatening, my ladies.”


            “Thank you, Linda. So, sis, what are going to do?” Inalta asked.


            “Nothing, Inalta, it’s probably just a new hero trying to know the different dead heroes around here.”


            “Bogie broke the water plane and is heading towards the underground entrance…bogie has entered the water dispensing vault, waiting command.”


            “Holy breaking and entering, Mirafox, he got in!” Inalta had a genuine concern look on her face.


            “Ok…first thing you need to stop watching those old hero shows, that was horrible, and it seems like this guy knows what he’s doing. Linda, scan him please.”


            “A step ahead of you, my lady, no weapons, origin is energy, can’t pinpoint if he uses projectiles or not.”


            Mirafox squinted and backed away of the screen, she started to head toward the door, “It could be one of our friends, maybe using a disguise or something. Linda, open the hatch.”


            The door to the main base opened and a dripping Big PR came out to the vision of the 2 beautiful sisters he was taken aback. Mirafox stepped closely to the 6 foot 1 hero, although he was not that tall, he still stood head and shoulders above Mirafox.


            “You look like him, except you’re a little younger looking, and your mask is a full mask, you share everything else except for not having a cape,” Mirafox reached for Tony’s mask, Tony was too engulfed in the beauty of Inalta. Mirafox lifted his mask with ease “Even your face has a resemblance to him, family maybe?”       


            Tony finally realized his mask was taken off, and he slowly took it from the hands of the alien beauty. Cris materialized besides Tony with a look of confusion on his face.


            “Are you for real, Tony? You should pay more attention, little cousin,” Cris said to his younger cousin. “It’s true that they’re allies but wow, not even a flinch,” Cris chuckled.


            “There’s the face I knew as Big Puerto Rico,” Mirafox said with great joy to the spirit of Cris.


            “I’m supposed to be a freakin spirit what’s with everyone seeing me?” Cris said jokingly. “Well I guess it’s a good thing they can see me, seems like your no good to me around them, Tony, I swear hormones are truly blinding.”


            “Well he still seems pretty young there my old friend…and remember I’m from another planet our heightened sense will let us sense you,” Mirafox said.          


            Inalta flashed a bashful smile, flattered that the young man before her thought her as pretty. She slowly walked up to him, she thought he was cute too so it took her a while to extend her hand, “Hi, I’m Inalta, who are you?”


            Tony did a head stutter and then put his mask back on and cleared his throat, “I’m…Big PR, but you can call me Tony.” He shook her hand still pretty much dumb found but he hid it well.


            “You know I think I like you better with out the full mask.” Inalta commented as she returned to the hub of the base.


            Tony took of his mask, “I do need to get a new one it kind blocks too much of my vision,” Cris did a quick chuckle. “If I could kick you I would,” Tony said to Cris through thought.


            Tony, Mirafox, and Inalta walked into the computer room and sat down at a big round table.


            Mirafox looked at the new Big PR, “So, Tony, did you see what went down?”


            Tony shook his head, “I was actually there…in fact I started to chase Rey, if that even was him, down. But, out of the blue some FC patrol man stopped me and he got away…something’s going on and I don’t think I’m gonna register at all…hell for them Big Puerto Rico is dead, so no need,” Tony smiled at his good observation.


            “You’re damn right something fishy is going down,” Mirafox’s intensity was very apparent, and her eyes started to glow her natural light blue aura. “We need to get to the bottom of this; I’m not even going to get close to re-registering until every villain gets this before me…” 

            To be continued…

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