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Aven the Young Prodigy:

Ogre the Green Beast- Pt.2


“Mr.Sorenson, will you ever stop amazing me with your intelligence and wit?”


Countess Crey, CEO of one of the most powerful corporations in the world, the Crey Industries, was waltzing into the lab. The facility was located on a small underground area, divided into three sections. Its main use was for research and development, but their current and most important research was about the super drug, Superadyne. Only one person was allowed into this project, his name was Charles Sorenson, a brilliant yet quirky scientist from South-Africa.


“Why what a very pleasant surprise my Lady, may I have the permission to be enlightened on the reason of your visit?”


Charles was a big man, above average big you could say, but a pacifist nonetheless, contradicting his current practice of science. He had been hired to develop a more enhanced form of the drug known as Superadyne, or supes. He didn’t know what were going to be its uses but, being Crey Industries his employer it would probably put in use into their super-soldier army.  His wide face reflected green with the many computer screens around the small lab, depicting various mathematical formulas and or specimen analysis, piles of research papers, thesis and other assorted scientific mumbo-jumbo covered the tiled floor.


“My reason is as it is always my dear Charles, your research. Have there been any developments since my last check-up?”


The countess grimaced a slight impatient look towards the large tanks at the end of the lab, storage devices for the supposedly developed Supes. Charles didn’t remove neither his eyes from the computer screen in front of him nor his large fingers from the keyboard, while starting his explanation to the impatient, cold and yet quite attractive countess.


“Pardon my talk-back my lady, but your last check-up was just last Wednesday, merely a week ago...”


The countess started tapping the tiled floor, while crossing her arms. Her black eyes were so sharp that almost seemed to X-ray Charles. Glimpsing a slight bad mood to his employer, Charles quickly shifted his face from the computer screen to Countess Crey, also changing the subject.


“… Still, yes. I have made a few improvements, and have successfully produced a large amount of the new drug which I call Hyperadyne, or Hypes if you’d like. “


He said smiling widely, while pointing at the smallest of the tanks in the end of the room, the small amount of age wrinkles on his forehead seemed stretch to their limit. He was nervous, and he struggled immensely not to shake like bamboo in the wind. He might be big, but a woman as beautiful and powerful as Countess Crey could bring down to her knees the most powerful of men. The power stricken figure of the countess suddenly moved, her black stilettos making a thud as she stepped towards the smaller tank.


“So, you believe to have uncovered newfound potential for this drug?”


She asked the question never once removing her black stare from the container, her eyes showed a slight sparkle of greed and lust as she approached it.


“Why, Yes! Yes.. Quite so, my Lady.”


Suddenly Charles snapped out of his catatonic nervous state, never wanting to disappoint such a wondrous beauty and such a powerful and rich employer.


“I believe that this new type of drug will not only help the subject’s evolutionary advancement but also that it will not hinder its mental stability, or capacity for the matter”


As he explained his findings he smiled, like a father proud of his son. It had been 3 years since he was first contacted by Crey Industries for his thesis on “Drug development and Its benefits”. By that time he had just left the Farsythe Institute in Cape Town, when he was contacted by one of Crey’s South-African liaisons. 2 weeks after the initial contact he was given a Green Card, and level 12 clearance to Crey Industries secrets.

“There is a chance that this drug might even be able to be synthesized into a cure for the thousands of Troll afflicted citizens”


He nervously coughed out in hopes that this drug might be used for some good, in contrast to Crey’s probable intent for it.


“Well, yes, yes. That would be a possible theory for its use. But…”


Her eyes slightly shifted from the drug’s container to Dr. Sorenson, that one sparkle of greed and lust even more apparent now.


“… That intent would not be of much profit. And as you have probably guessed, it is not in this company’s best interest to cure the Trolls, it is to enhance them into doing our bidding! Seize him!”


Suddenly Countess Crey’s escort of super-soldiers jumped Charles, he tried to wrestle himself free by grabbing the nearby chair and hitting the approaching tank with it. The chair hit enough strength to break a normal man’s back, but to this Super-power the hit only threw him off balance. Charles tried to make a run for the lab’s exit only stopping to grab a suitcase full of the Hyperadyne’s samples, but as he was reaching for the glass doors an energy ray blasted his lower-back, throwing him through the doors and into the concrete wall with a huge loud thud.


In the flash of a moment all chaos ensued. The briefcase broke as it hit the ground, sending the drug samples flying through the room, two of which fell and splattered all over Charles. Seconds after, his skin had absorbed the chemicals, mutations started, his body went into convulsions, every inch of his skin seemed to feel his surrounding environment to its full extent, as if a whole new universe of opportunities had just been opened for him to explore, but the hallucination didn’t last long, the rush and thirst for cosmic knowledge were quickly replaced by the pain and suffering of nearly deadly seizures. Every muscle in his body began to shift and expand as the seizures became evermore painful, his skin pigmentation abruptly changed from a mocca brown to bright red, again it changed into a pale silver until it stopped at a bright green. His bones increased exponentially in size also becoming more rigid, the large man had now become a hulk inside the somewhat small lab.


Soon, all went quiet, not a soul in sight other than the now changed Charles Sorenson. The Countess had fled quickly once the fight ensued, leaving her men behind to watch as her top scientist mutated into something larger than her plans, something larger than even life itself.


Meanwhile, across town, in a somewhat decrepit dojo:


“So, tell me something about yourself..”


Said the man sitting across the room on the oriental decorated long-chair. His face was hidden in the shadows, only from his neck down was he visible, the man wore a samurai-like white and green kimono, his hands were wrapped with bandages, probably used for fighting.

“Wh-what do you want to know?”

Kai replied in a nervous tone. He was anxious, he had never met a real hero before, let alone one that would be his teacher for the near future.

“I don’t know. What are your strengths?”

The question was puzzling. What WERE his strengths really?

“Excuse me? Strengths, what do you mean strengths?”

The man who was soon to be his teacher leaned a bit forward, towards the light. This was the first time Kai could gaze at some facial features, he had a scar on the lower part of the chin that went up through his mouth, and he also had a carefully trimmed goatee. Nothing else of his face could be seen, still shrouded in darkness.

“Let me put it this way. What are your powers? How did they appear and have you experienced any new different abilities?”

Kai couldn’t say that he wasn’t expecting him to ask something like that, but still he was caught off-guard.

The next few minutes Kai spilled out the day his powers emerged, how he was attacked by one of the Freakshow’s thugs, this subject piqued more interest in the mysterious hero. Kai continued  the tale in how he was struck down quickly, falling into unconsciousness, and then rising up like a phoenix from the ashes engulfed in fire and light, a second later throwing the villain into a wall like a hale on paper. After he was finished all went quiet.. He was thinking about what to say next, you see, he HAD experienced new powers, he had fought new villains, but still he was unsure of himself.

A Few days before this meeting, he had gone to Independence Port with his best friend, since he was the only one who’s parents didn’t own a car he had to take the tram, for a while everything was right, the tram was quiet and not very crowded. That changed when two low level grunts of the Skulls entered very near Atlas and started bullying an old lady at the end of the carriage, at the beginning Kai kept to himself, since the attack by the Freakshow thug he hadn’t seen anymore activity from his powers.. But when after the grunts had already taken everything of value from the old lady, an old pocket watch and a few cheap pearl necklaces, continued to beat her down something in him snapped, the anger reemerged at the sight of the injustice and the same feeling of unlimited power took a hold of him, in a moment he was sitting on a comfortable tram bench, the other he was choking one of the thugs without even touching him, only grasping air with his right hand, the other thug mooning Paragon with his butt sticking out of the window, large shards of glass stuck on it.




After a year of waiting the second part of Aven is here, wait for part three now! :)

Expect the next one to be quicker

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