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Shadows of the League


On the rooftops of Paragon City, three lone heroes were preparing themselves for the final confrontation with their current nemesis.  Among their number was a beautiful young woman with red hair and a red and blue costume; a man in a white costume with a silver helmet; and a strong looking man in a red skeleton costume. They had tracked this particular villain for months now, every time they had caught up with him he would escape at the last second. The night was cold and dark, the moon covered by an unnaturally thick blanket of cloud. Below them were the desolate streets of Kings Row, not many sane people walked in the back alleys of this industrial jungle. They had managed to track this elusive mastermind to a warehouse controlled by the skulls in the edge of the industrial state.


The name of the heroine was Violetrubby. She had chosen that name because she knew that someone else must have already taken the name “Violetruby”, but she always said it was pronounced that way. She was a powerful mage with the ability to control fire and energy spells of the highest level. Momentumann was the name of the hero in white, he was a physicist that had been exposed to his reality altering experiments for too long, now he was able to control reality it self. Finally the hero in the skull costume was known as King Lava Skull, a hero with no powers of his own, but he had learned a lethal and now forbidden martial art of darkness.


They peered into the villain’s layer. Among the many indistinguishable crates and cranes, were a couple of Skull thugs and very tall man dressed in a black suit and with a black mask, this was their man. He called himself the League of Terror, a sly villain that had made his name by making alliances then stabbing his allies in the back. He was known to be a pawn for Arachnos. He mainly worked with Skulls and Hellions, but his most troubling allies where the circle of Thorns and Vahzilok, and no-one knew what type of foul contracts and arrangements he had forged with these villainous organisations. Violetrubby and Momentumann had fought Vahzilok and the circle before, and they knew that neither were pushovers like the Skulls or the Hellions.


Taking charge, Violetrubby signalled her two partners to prepare themselves to jump on her mark, they nodded. A blast of purple energy flashed by her face and smashed into the helmet of Momentumann, sending him flying into the darkness. Before she could even react to the first attack, an energy covered fist smashed into the chest of King Lava Skull, thrusting him into the window, which broke with great ease. He fell and landed a few feet from the great mastermind. The Skulls pulled out the Uzis and menacingly pointed at the fallen hero. “Commander, throw us down the girl next!” shouted the great villain, in an unholy voice that echoed with evil. A great hand clasped around Violetrubby’s neck. She saw for the first time one of her attackers, a great muscular man, costumed in leather and wearing an impressive breathing apparatus below his leather uniform. Behind him was an even greater oddity, an undistinguishable humanoid without a face, instead it had a mirror, slightly curved to follow the curvature of the head.


Violetrubby knew she had to do something quickly or this entire operation would end in a disaster. Concentrating as hard as she could, she forced a blade of pure fire into her hand, and before her attacker could react she sliced his breathing apparatus in two. The hulking brute recoiled in pain, but instead of being stunned by the attack, he launched a powerful strike that caught Violetrubby completely by surprise. She knew she would fly off the side of the building with the force of such an attack, but instead she gently hovered in the air. Then she saw the unmistakable twinkle of Momentumann. “I’m not out yet!” he laughed as he used his power to crush the mirror faced creature under its own, now greatly increased, weight. In the distraction Violetrubby took the opportunity to send a magical energy wave to knock both villains to the floor.

Inside the warehouse was a different scenario all together. The League of Terror was a huge man, and he had easily overpowered King Lava Skull. Like a light pillow, King Lava Skull had been thrown into one of the crates. As he and the crate smashed into a big messy wreck, he noticed than the crates were filled with humanoid remains, this was the work of the Vahzilok. The Skulls were just as perplexed as the hero to the content of the crates, but before they could voice their discontents, some of the crates exploded and revealed undead horrors that quickly dispatched the League’s former allies.


Back on the rooftop the battle was fairly even. Violetrubby had managed to weaken the giant considerably through many a magical blast. Yet the hulking brute had been able to take all the punishment she could muster, he on the other hand had only managed to score a few hits, yet each where incredibly crippling. Momentumann had been able to crush the mirror-faced construction, but it had managed to attack the very mind of Momentumann, and as such both were considerably disabled to carry on fighting.


As the melee continued, Violetrubby managed to glimpse at the situation below, the sight was one of utter mayhem. Undead creatures where brutally dismembering Skulls, and more of these foul creatures were emerging from all the crates in the warehouse every second. Violetrubby knew she had to stop these creatures from escaping into Kings Row, but even with all the heroes around, such a number of undead would cause utter chaos. She knew she would have to collapse the roof to stop them.


The League of Terror glanced up, and he saw the metal roof over him start to melt under some unknown yet incredible source of heat. He was forced to protect himself from the melting roof with one of his undead creatures. Within minutes the entire warehouse was a giant inferno, in the sea of flames only two beings were still standing.  Both hero and villain were exhausted by the confrontation; both knew that it would end here.


“Impressive, girl, I didn’t know a hero of your level could melt an entire roof, but victory shall be mine!” said the League of Terror with great confidence. Violetrubby was too exhausted to reply, she had used too much energy melting the roof, and to top it off she had also needed to stop the great brute from smashing her to bits by surrounding herself with a very powerful, but draining shield of flames. She needed to rest a bit before she could do anything, this was looking bad. Momentumann had been to hurt to carry on, and had been teleported to the medical center.


The League approached the exhausted heroine. He towered over her, and laughed. He twisted his right arm to reveal a menacing looking contraption of blades and needles. He looked at his victim before finishing her off, he needed time to charge his weapon. As he started the attack, a shadowy figure kicked the weapon out of his hand. The League looked at his new opponent; it was no other than King Lava Skull. Somehow he had managed to survive the undead and the molten metal. They traded a few blows, but it was a lost cause. A few seconds later the League was blasted out of the warehouse by the most powerful blast Violetrubby could manage in her weakened state. Seconds later the League was arrested by the police force of Kings Row.


“Good job. Violetrubby, King Lava Skull, today you managed to take down three of our most wanted villains. The brute is called Commander Blitzbison, the other thing calls itself the Mirrorface Puppet. Apparently these two have been working with the League of Terror for quite some time now.” The police officer was explaining to the heroes. The League of Terror was being forced into a police van. He wasn’t resisting, only laughing. The heroes turned to face the now captured villain. “What is so funny?” demanded Violetrubby. The League stopped laughing, and slowly said, “There is no cure you know”


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