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By: Nelson Carrasquillo AKA Big Puerto Rico


**As people grow up they are taught many things, of course there are some things that are never taught at all…left out. Those teachings have to be sought after, found. One example of such knowledge is of time, the 4th dimension. Most people think they know all there is to time. It exist, it helps us tell how long we have been in a place, how old we are, when to eat, when to sleep. But, very few people know the true potential of time. Albert Einstein knew a great deal of things, how to bend time…theoretically speaking. He also figured something else, that time can be shook and can create another state of being, another dimension. Dimensions can only come about through a great event, an event that could end in different ways so it does. The aftermath of one ending belongs to this dimension, while the other is lived out in the next…**



Chapter 2


            Previously: With the event of the death of Big Puerto Rico in both dimensions the two worlds were reconnected. Although the different dimensions were very similar one dimension had the aliens known as Rikti still inhabiting and invading Paragon City. When the two dimensions merged the Rikti from the other dimension crossed over and started an invasion. Big Puerto Rico had a chance to return to earth to help with the fight to re-balance the scale between good and evil, but he chose to have his cousin Tony go in his place instead.


            “What happened? Where am I, is this…Talos Island?” the young spirit guide Tony Questioned. “Wait…is that a Rikti invasion? No, I have to warn someone!” he looked around and found no one, “I can’t feel Cris…but that can’t be he’s Big Puerto Rico, he can’t be dead. I have to…I have to find a psychic I can’t do anything like this,” he started to move when everything went black.


            “Don’t worry, Tony, this isn’t happening…yet.” Tommy said to his brother, but Tony did not recognize the voice, he was too confused on what was going on.


            “Why did it go dark again and who are you?” Tony questioned.


            “Don’t worry, Tony, there will be time to help those in need…if you’re up to it.” Big PR said and revealed himself and Tommy.


            Tony’s face lit with happiness and he ran to them and gave them a hug. “But how? How is all of this happening?”


            “I’m dead, Tony, I died fighting my brother and well…you know how your brother is here.” Big PR said. “Right now though we are about to embark on a journey to help the world…something I know you have wanted to do for a long time.”


            “But I remember you dying at the Rikti Crash Site…no wait no that was a dream?” Tony was confused. Memories from both dimensions were swirling in his head.


            Big PR recognized this and decided to tell Tony about what was truly happening, “Something big is going to happen, Tony, the reason why you feel this way…as if certain events feel like a dream or deja-vu instead of true memory is because…well it’s because my death caused one dimension to merge with another. I guess when something like that happens it is big enough to combine dimensions that have been ripped from each other. Most likely due to the fact that these dimensions were following the same path, they truly became one once more…” Big PR looked at Tony to see if any of this was sinking in.


            “Oddly, I’m ok with what you just said…I don’t understand the whole thing, but I’m sure it will come to me one day, but I do have one question…how the heck are we going to help? We are dead you know?” Tony commented.   


            “Well seems like that has been taken care of, a second chance is being given out to some of the heroes who died recently.” Tommy commented.


            “Awesome that means it can be just like old times, Cris.” Tony Smirked.


            “Not really, little cousin, this time the roles will be reversed. I gave up my spot to give to you.” Big PR smiled and put his hand on Tony’s shoulder.


            “But…” Tony was confused “why me? I’m no you!”


            “That’s right you’re not me. You have more potential then I ever did, Tony, you can be more powerful then I could ever be.”


            “I…I don’t know about that…but I guess if your by my side, Cris, then I can do it. If you believe in me, I will believe in myself. I will do my best. I will fight for honor, for justice; for good and I shall fight for you…the greatest man I have ever known. No matter how flawed or unflawed you were at times,” Tony smiled. “Hey I got an idea…if you will let me; I want to carry on your name! I want to be known as Big Puerto Rico.”


            Big Puerto Rico looked at Tony with a blank look, “I would be honored,” he smiled greatly, “Now that we’ve got everything ironed out, it’s time little cousin,” Big PR touched Tony on the forehead with his index and middle finger and a white light flashed.


            Tony had felt as if the light brought warmth, then a breeze and then slowly sound started to ensue around him and he awakened in Atlas Park standing in front of the city hall steps. The leaves were falling onto the feet of the countless heroes gathered there. They were awaiting the governor for a press conference that he called for. Before Tony could look around and soak in the one place he felt the most at home the governor came out to address the audience and the media.


            Camera lights flashed as if lighting was hitting in the middle of the day. The governor waved to the people to pay attention. “Hello citizens, heroes, service men and women, today I will announce something that hasn’t been done before…and I feel it has to be done due to recent acts. Those acts, though they may have been noble, have endangered the population of this great city. The acts of some heroes have enacted the acts of revenge by villains on a magnitude never before seen. I know, though, that we cannot exist with out certain things here so I proposed an idea…and it got passed. Effective immediately every hero must re-register and get implanted with a ‘control chip.’ This will be put into effect to hamper the superpowers of all the heroes and monitor their where-a-bouts so that they do not accidentally put citizens in harms way and we can monitor them…even protect them from ambushes if need be.”


            The audience of both super-powered and non super-powered were shocked with the announcement, the heroes and heroines were very uneasy at the decision that was made. Talk of avoiding the chip was whispered among certain heroes.


            “What about the villains, governor, they will not line up to get their power nerfed!” a reporter finally asked breaking the some what silence.


            “They will get treated when they are put in jail. So, it seems that the heroes need to stop sitting there with the dumb look on their faces and get in line quick so they can re-register and get out there to take down some baddies. But…look at the bright side, at least this will promote teamwork among the supers,” the governor smirked as though he didn’t care for the superheroes. “Trust me, everyone, I’m doing this because I don’t want anyone hurt. Oh and this is mandatory for all heroes. Those who refuse become what they vowed to fight against…criminals!”


            “But this isn’t fair to us, Governor Douche Bag!” the hero Kid Aux interjected. This puts us at a disadvantage, and only rookies make stupid mistakes like that, how ‘bout putting them through some training? How ‘bout putting tax payer’s money into better use and teach new heroes willingly how to be safe around citizens?” all of the heroes shouted in a agreement with the young hero Kid Aux. “This is a stupid move and as you can tell it gets me hot under the collar!” The young hero called Kid Aux commented.


            “Who is that, Johnson?” the governor covered the mic and whispered to his public relations guy.


            “Kid Aux, sir,” the PR guy answered.


            “Well, ‘Kid Aux,’ is it? If you don’t know respect for your elders how will you ever respect your surroundings and the people in them? You can’t UN-teach stubbornness. Make sure you’re in line, young man, I’m sure you have caused some havoc on your patrols, you seem like one of those types,” the governor pointed his finger at the rebellious hero.


            Kid Aux was about to let go of one of his many snappy comebacks when he was cut short by a primal scream. A hero flew up from the crowd. “Is that…Rey?” Kid Aux questioned.


            “I can’t believe you did this to us, fuck you…fuck you and all of your cronies!” the metal suit clad Rey Tormentor threw a bolt of electricity and hit the governor in the chest. The blast threw the governor off of his feet and through the door of the entrance to city hall. The security guards shot at the distraught hero but were unsuccessful and the hero flew away.


            “What the hell just happened?” the heroine Innamorata asked of her teammate Kid Aux.


            “That couldn’t have been Rey…he wouldn’t do that, you and I both know that!” Kid Aux yelled through the commotion.


            Tony followed Rey with his eyes, “Cris, how could that have happened? The Rey I knew wouldn’t have done that!” Tony asked of his mentor through thought.


            “I don’t know, Tony, I was told that sometimes people will be different when dimensions combine but I don’t think that Rey was a bad person in the other dimension,” Big PR’s astro form appeared to Tony as he had finished his sentence.


            Innamorata sensed the alteration in the energy in the area thanks to her psychic ability and saw that something was talking to Tony. “Excuse me…” she approached him, “who are you? I don’t believe I have ever seen you around?”


            Tony looked at the heroine and smirked, “I’m Big Puerto Rico, and I’m sorry to cut this short but I have something urgent to take care of.” Tony flew away leaving the heroine in confusion.


            “Your…your not Cris…he’s dead,” Innamorata said softly. She couldn’t see Tony’s face because of his mask covered all of his face but she knew for sure that he was not Cris.


            Cris stayed behind while Tony went to go try and catch up with Rey Tormentor, in honesty he stayed to see the only women that had his heart in her hand. Seeing the love of his life, and after life, refreshed him…even if she couldn’t see him he still wanted to see her, “Layla…I love you.” He said to her.


            Innamorata’s face adopted a saddened look. It was as if she had heard Cris. Tears started to roll from her eyes. “Cris, is that you?” She questioned. She tried to focus but there was still too much activity happening around her, with heroes fleeing from registering and other rushing to help the governor.


            Cris tried to move with all of his power, but it seemed that he was being pulled back. He reached out his hand in hopes that she may see it, that she may be able to touch it. He figured since she was a psychic she can do almost anything. Glimpses of the original Big PR faded in and out for Innamorata. She saw him reaching for her through the tears in her eyes. Memories of when they first met rushed through both of the lover’s heads. She reached out her hand and started to make her way closer to him; hoping that she may touch the man that held her heart in his hands. Cris still struggled but they got closer. They were in fingertip’s range of each other and as the very tip of their middle fingers touched Cris disappeared from his astro form and from that state of consciousness.


            Innamorata rushed to the spot where he was and tried to grab him and hug him but she realized he wasn’t there anymore. As if Atlas himself decided to put the weight of the world on her shoulders Innamorata slowly fell to her knees and slumped over. Her hands stood palm up and caught some of her tears while the other tear drops painted the pavement with circular splats. She cried in silence, in pain, in a lover’s sorrow. No noise was heard from her and for her she heard no noise…just emptiness within herself and in her world.

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