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Phoenix Born

By Myths n’ Wraiths


When they brought her to our sanctuary she was just a small child, but such an incredible beauty she was that I thought the gods had taken to their old ways and were wandering the earth once again mingling with the mortals. In some respects I was not wrong but it was neither Sol nor Mars that had sired this rare child. The fiery-headed baby was born of a forbidden union between a Phoenix and human; if human he could be called. It was a man of incredible power, power so great that it had raised concern even among the gods.

            For over seven centuries a charge such as this had not been brought to our monastery. Countless lives of men had passed since we had nursed one such as she from infancy to a young woman. It was no small feat for old men such as us to raise young Fuega, as we came to call her. A sparse monastery secluded in the mountain ranges of Spain is far from the ideal place to bring up a child such as her. In the narrow halls and small quarters however, lay the secret to suppressing her unimaginable abilities until the day that was appointed for her.

            Years passed and while her powers were held in check by the ancient magic’s of our sanctuary, the fire of her individuality could not be suppressed. Always she questioned where she came from and what had come of her parents. There were precious few answers to her innumerable inquisitions. As she grew older the subject arose more and more often, and try as we might to guide her mind and heart, bitterness began to settle upon her. She had no understanding of what she was capable of, or what her true parents had been, but inside of her heart she realized that she was far different than we mortals.

            In an attempt to calm her restless spirit I took the young one into the mountains to meditate on the night that marked her sixteenth year with us. It was on that night, in the dark and the cold of the great heights, that I told her of her true origins and her true powers. Under my careful guidance she released her powers on the mountainside. Only a slight display of her strength lit the night air so brightly that I was forced to hide myself from her and for miles around the nomads of the area thought they had missed the night and were seeing an early dawn.

            I will never forget her actions once she veiled her fire that night. The young girl, so uncertain and afraid of this unknown gift she had, fell into my old arms and wept like she had not wept in years. Away from the stemming magic’s of the monastery, her tears evaporated on her warm skin instantly, but that did not stop them from flowing. It took her most of the night to calm herself and bring her heart into agreement with the incredible truth that had been placed in her still fragile and innocent mind. Once she had accepted the undeniable reality of what she was however, she left the heights with an uncanny sense of resolve and understanding.

            It soon became clear that Fuega’s display was noticed by more than just Gypsies wandering the mountainside. A week after the young child’s Birthday and unimaginable being came to the monastery, bent on stealing Fuega away. What dark purpose he had for the child I never new, but when he broke the walls of our sanctuary he also broke the spells that held her powers in stay. The poor young woman retaliated with unimaginable force and slew her attacker, casting him from the highest peak of the mountain to its very roots.

            Her only home in ruins and jeopardized by her very presence, Fuega fled the mountains and crossed over the sea where she hoped to mingle amongst the Heroes of the Americas. It was her desire that even one as powerful as she would be hard to track in a land with some many great beings. It was also her hope that she would some day learn of her father, who was rumored too have come from one of that lands greatest cities. When I cautioned her against holding out hope of finding her parents she relied that it was not hope that drover her, but a right to avenge their betrayal of her.

            She soon found companionship amongst a group of men known as the Infinites. It was lead by one of the countries greatest Heroes and manned by beings who could challenge even the might of a Phoenix. It is among these people that she has made her new home, and thankfully before my passing.

            The young child still returns to us on occasion, bringing the warmth back into our tired and old hearts. Each visit I try to encourage her to accept her present and forsake the past, but the bitterness of her youth will not fade. The fire she wields as a Phoenix is only surpassed by the fire in her soul. 

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