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Hidden Intents

Chapter Five – Unimaginable Importance

City of Heroes and City of Villains fiction


By Eli J. Litzelman



            The combination of sewage and rotting bodies made the damp sewers under Paragon city smelled profusely of odors that made normal stomachs flip, but no one present could be said to have normal stomachs.


            Banmotsudo put his unique weapon on his back.  Both blades of the staff were covered in the blood of the reincarnated and their evil doctors who were foolish enough to get in his way.  He was relaxed, yet his stance was set and his eyes were looking deeply into every shadow.  Even though they had the advantage in skill, now that the hunters had their prey, they themselves were becoming the hunted.


            Ninjado stopped.  His hand flicked up and two concealed Ninjas dropped silently to the cold, wet floor.  Carried upon their shoulders were the two dangerous hostages.  The dark men dropped the heroes and disappeared as if they had never existed


A blinding flash permeated the small room.  The Insane Professor stepped from within and scanned the room, his mechanical eyes finally resting on Ninjado. His strange voice sounded loud in the quiet room.  “Have you considered alternate objectives and attainments?”  His eyes seemed to flicker as he gestured with his robotic hand.


Banmotsudo’s hand was instantly on his weapon and he sneered, “Try to take one more step and you will be dead before your foot reaches the ground.”  A slight smile played across his deadly face.


Ninjado’s response to the professor was almost silent as he spoke.  “That is why we are here… and consequentially you.”  His figure was motionless as he spoke.


The mad doctor’s face seemed to lift in amusement as his eyes never swayed from the lead Ninja.  “You are more intelligent than most.”  His eyes then turned to Banmotsudo slowly.  “You - not to such an extent.”


Ninjado tilted his head up slightly so his emotionless mouth was now visible under his hat.  “If we fight, you will die.”


The professor scoffed softly and his nose twitched.  “What you have said is blatantly obvious.  However, you will squander some of your men in this battle.  It is useless for us to fight when we already know the outcome this early.”  The mad scientist’s face seemed to grow more and more amused as he spoke.  “That is why we need alternative dealings with Requiem and Countess Crey.”  He chuckled softly, if the strange noise from his mouth could be called a chuckle.  “And, that strange Hopkins fellow who always follows along with the countess like a puppy.  Disgusting!  But, that is beside the point.  Crey and the Council will not be able to rebuff two major villains who have something so very valuable to them.”  The professor shook his head softly as he looked at the unconscious RoboZon.


“Or will they?”  A slithering, primal voice broke into the room as a new figure walked slowly in.


“Nosferatu!  How pleasant that you joined us.  Your arrival is to be expected of course.”  The professor’s face did not look the slightest bit surprised, though he shifted to defend himself from two different angles.


Nosferatu popped his knuckles as he exited the shadows.  “The importance of RoboZon is greater than either of you can imagine.  But, the price remains the same.”  The monstrous new enemy’s voice almost hummed with enjoyment at this predicament.  “Or, should I kill him myself?  We wouldn’t waste our money and Vandal would be so jealous.”  His face was almost beaming in anticipation.


“Or...” Another voice shouted from an entrance just as Daughter of the Wood ran into the room with her katana drawn.  Archer of Ramesses followed close behind her.  “…we could come and save him!”  


The Insane Professor’s strange laugh echoed loudly in the crowded room.  “Petty heroes.  A room crowded with dangerous villains and you still come charging in screaming and brandishing a primitive weapon.  With not a single chance for survival, why are you still here?”


Archer of Ramesses pulled an ancient bow from his back and his hands ignited with fire.  “Because I never go back on my word,” he replied simply.


The pieces were in place; the motives were set.  Heroic, villainous, upstanding, greedy, and mysterious:  they were all here.  Once again, a destiny was in place.  A slender string was holding everything in place.  If it snapped, would its package crash to the cold floor?

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