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By: Nelson Carrasquillo AKA Big Puerto Rico


**As people grow up they are taught many things, of course there are some things that are never taught at all…left out. Those teachings have to be sought after, found. One example of such knowledge is of time, the 4th dimension. Most people think they know all there is to time. It exist, it helps us tell how long we have been in a place, how old we are, when to eat, when to sleep. But, very few people know the true potential of time. Albert Einstein knew a great deal of things, how to bend time…theoretically speaking. He also figured something else, that time can be shook and can create another state of being, another dimension. Dimensions can only come about through a great event, an event that could end in different ways so it does. The aftermath of one ending belongs to this dimension, while the other is lived out in the next…**



Rikti Crash Site – 1st Dimension


            “So, the great ‘Big Puerto Rico’ has graced me with his presence!” the villainess known as Ghost Widow commented to the broken hero.  “You look horrible, you let your hair grow long and looks like you haven’t shaved in a while. And yet you still wear the mask and costume? As if you think it still makes you presentable.” She chuckled.


            “Don’t waste my time with your observations, Widow.” Big PR responded, he made sure not to look the temptress in the cold dead eyes. “You owe me, and it’s time to help me…as I once helped you.”


            “Some help, I had to put some…force on you, and don’t forget that you weren’t the only one that helped with that, but depending on what it is I might help you out, so...what do you want?” Ghost Widow approached Big PR and ran her had down his muscular chest.


            “It’s definitely not that,” Big PR grabbed her hand off of his chest and held her at her wrist. “I want to resurrect some one who didn’t need to die; I know you have knowledge of how I could do that,” he let her hand go.


            “And who might that be?”  Ghost Widow put her hand on Big PR’s chin and raised his head so that he would look at her face.


            Big PR peered into her blank eyes then off into the distance, “Not that it is any of your business…but a family member,” Big PR’s mask wrinkled with anger and pain.


            Ghost Widow’s face, for the first time, showed an emotion other than a sinister smirk…curiosity. “Ok fine, you need to get a book for me,” she came closer to him and whispered in his ear, “the Tome of Tormvodel…” She backed up and waited in anticipation.


            “Fine, I’ll do it. It’s not like Freedom Corps won’t get it back,” Big PR turned and flew away.


Warburg – 2nd  Dimension


            A battle between the super group known as Supernatural Assault Unit and the villain group known as Hollow Society had gone hectic when the allies that Hollow Society had made, the zombie heroes, appeared. Although they showed up in droves they were being taken down by the more experienced heroes of Supernatural Assault Unit. The leader of Supernatural Assault Unit, Big Puerto Rico, and the leader of Hollow Society, Boriqua Soldier, had gone off and battled on their own among the roof tops of Warburg.


            The young hero Kid Aux had his attention grabbed from his battle when he saw them fighting above him, “To think they are brothers, I wonder if they are holding anything back?”


            “Aux stay focused! We are still battling these damn zombies!” Pobre Diabla, Kid Aux’s teammate cried out to him.


Outside of the Rikti Crash Site – 1st Dimension


            A few hours had passed since Big PR first met with Ghost Widow at the Rikti Crash Site. Big PR stood outside of the entrance to the crash site with the Tome of Tormvodel tightly clenched in his hand.


            “I’m a good man but not above the influence of one like Ghost Widow obviously…only once did I kill but you know I killed for her, my one true love, and she’ll never know that I did it for her. She thinks that I did it out of some skewed sense of righteousness,” Big PR told Kid Aux as they stood on the roof of a building near the entrance of the Rikti Crash Site, which was guarded and had a certain security level for people to enter.


            “Innamorata will find out one day, when ever she decides to talk to you again.” Kid Aux did a slight chuckle but knew he failed at the joke, “Here put this communicator in your ear, not only is it like a regular communicator it has a fiber optic camera on it as well…you know just in case,” Kid Aux handed Big PR the item.


            “Just in case, huh? You know you can’t actually enter the site, you’re not cleared to do so,” Big PR reminded the young hero Kid Aux.


            “Pobre Diabla and I will think of something to get in there,” Kid Aux put his hand on Big PR’s shoulder. “Now go deliver that thing, it gives me the creeps!”


            Big PR smirked and stroked the scruffy beard that had grown from months of not shaving, then put his long hair into a ponytail, he almost looked like a rebuilt man. He patted Kid Aux on the back and flew off.


            “You think he will be okay right, Austin?” Pobre Diabla asked.


            “Have Faith, Karla,” Kid Aux responded.


Warburg – 2nd Dimension


            Big PR talked to his brother, Boriqua Soldier, through out the fight trying to clear the mind of his confused brother. Boriqua Soldier was led to believe that his brother had betrayed him by the woman who resurrected him. He was led to believe that Big Puerto Rico was the reason for his death. The dark book known as the Tome of Tormvodel brought Boriqua Soldier back but also aloud his resurrector to cloud his mind. The truthful words of Big PR stared to trigger memories for Boriqua Soldier, but he struggled to hold on to his memories.


            Big Puerto Rico flew through the sky with his brother at the other end of his left fist. He threw an upper cut right under the rib cage of Boriqua Soldier which had broken them and punctured his lungs. Boriqua Soldier plunged his claws into the lungs of Big Puerto Rico as well. The pain was too much to bear for both and both stopped flying and fell and crashed through a little bridge. They lied on the ground face up motionless for a little bit; arms length from each other.


            Boriqua Soldier took off his mask and looked at his brother, “I…I remember, Cris,” he gasped for the air that had escaped from his lungs and tears ran down his face. “I’m sorry, please for give me,” he reached out for Big Puerto Rico’s hand.


            “Don’t worry, Luis, you were never in the wrong in my heart, I forgive you, brother,” Big Puerto Rico grabbed his brother’s hand then gasped for air and witnessed his brother die.


            Innamorata ran up to the fallen hero and held him in her arms. “No, no, you can’t die!” the healer cried out, “I will heal you! You’ll be fine!” she said franticly.


            “No, it’s too late, Layla, it’s time,” Big PR grabbed her hand and spit up blood.


            “Bullshit, I’m in love with you, Cris, I don’t want to let you go!”


            “Ha…I knew I should have acted on my feelings…I’m in love with you, Layla, I didn’t think you felt the same.” Big PR smiled, showing the blood on his teeth.


            Innamorata wiped tears from her face, “Stupid man.”


Rikti Crash Site – 1st Dimension


            Big PR entered the zone and saw Ghost Widow, but she wasn’t alone, she had Rikti at her side. Kid Aux and Pobre Diabla saw what was happening as well Big PR did that this was a trap.


            “Get out of there, Big PR,” Kid Aux cautioned the hero.


            “What’s going on here Ghost Widow?” Big PR was desperate for his quest to been seen through.


            “Well, I know that battling between heroes and villains such as you and I are not allowed here in the zone but there is nothing against having Rikti do the job for you…get the book and kill him if you want, it will mean one less person in your way when you invade!” Ghost Widow motioned for the Rikti mob behind her to attack and they did.


            Big PR Defended himself and took out a lot of Rikti but then started to get overwhelmed, Ghost Widow stepped to the side and stood next to Lord Recluse, who was hiding behind a pillar, they both smirked as they watched the hero get pelted with Rikti lasers and slashed with Rikti swords.


            “I am glad to see the man behind the killing of Mako get our kind of justice,” Lord Recluse said to Ghost Widow, she had no response, she didn’t care she just saw it as evidence against her getting erased.


            The Rikti got Big PR to the ground and held him down, a Rikti came over with a big sword and plunged it into the right side of the heroes chest and left it there. The Rikti took the book and left the hero to die. Ghost Widow and Lord Recluse took the book and did the same. Kid Aux and Pobre Diabla were freaking out as all of this happened. They were unable to enter the zone due to the security system. The two young heroes frantically looked for help and luckily ran into Innamorata.


            “Innamorata, we need you, you have clearance to get in there…Big PR’s dying, he…he was ambushed please go in there! Please!” Kid Aux started to tear for Big PR. “Godfather stay with me! Please,” he yelled into his communicator, “Innamorata is coming for you.”


            Innamorata didn’t hesitate to enter the zone and immediately saw where Big PR had been; she ran to him and took out the sword. She held him in her arms. “No, no, you can’t die!” the healer cried out, “I will heal you! You’ll be fine!”


            “No, it’s too late, Layla, it’s time,” Big PR grabbed her hand and spit up blood.


            “Bullshit, I…I don’t care if you killed Mako anymore, I’m in love with you, Cris, and I don’t want to let you go!” Innamorata shouted.


            “I killed him for you…Ghost Widow threatened to kill you if I didn’t. I knew that she was capable of doing such a thing so I didn’t hesitate. I loved you too much and still do…I’m sorry.” Big PR held her hand tighter


            Innamorata wiped tears from her face, “Stupid man.”


Warburg – 2nd Dimension


            Big Puerto Rico laid there gasping for his last bits of air; he looked at the rest of Supernatural Assault Unit while they made their way to him and Innamorata. He pulled Innamorata closer, “Tell them I’ll miss them…and I love them,” he took his last breath and his body went limp.


Rikti Crash Site – 1st Dimension


            Big PR laid there while Kid Aux and Pobre Diabla cried in his ear, he took off his communicator and gave it to Innamorata, “Tell them I’ll miss them…and I love them,” he took his last breath and his body went limp.




            A major event can cause a rift in time and create another dimension, and as fate will have it a major event can also recombine those dimensions, in some ways…or even in all ways that can be. The absorption can take awhile to fully complete, slow enough for people to never notice unless they are of higher enlightenment.


            “So, I died in both dimensions…how long has it been?” asked of someone in the distance, he stood in a space of nothing but the vision of his two deaths.


            2 years…both dimensions have fully combined and the balance of things has been disrupted, you are needed along with others, if you feel you are up to it.


            “No, not me, but I know of someone else, who can be more powerful then I could ever have been.”


            Your cousin Tony who also died in both dimensions…both times at a very young age?


            “Yes, I can be his mentor and he can take my place. Where is he?”


            When dimensions recombine like this the similar people merge together, people start to act differently until they find their happy middle. He has merged with his other self but it is different with him since he is a spirit guide for you in the both universes. I will return him to you soon, show him a vision of what is, tell him your plan, but be sure not to overwhelm him too much hold back the knowledge dimensions coming together it may confuse him even more, tell him later…unless you think he can handle it.


            “Will do…oh, may I take Tommy with me, I think it would be good to have his dead brother with me, since his parents still live.”


            You may do so, look to me if you have any trouble…just as you always have.


“Of course I will.”


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