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Dark Flower


The shadow slide into the bar she blended with the crowd not too many people notice her at all. Her reddish pink long hair hung down her side yet noone notice this of course it could have been because that half the room had several different shades of the rainbow in there hair. The tattoo on her arms dance up and down her slender but strong arms she sat down and waited.

A figure emerge from the sea of people dancing on the floor the gold/yellow colors quickly faded and where gone as his foot touched the edge of the dance floor. His eyes soften from flaming blue eyes hidden behind flames to deep black eyes. His hair also changed from a flaming inferno to regular hair you would of not recognized tropic as tropic if you looked at him. Of course topten would of not made it to where they are now if it was not for such ways as hiding who they are sometimes and using it at other times.




Someone screamed behind tropic he did not notice but kept on walking as more people kept screaming the part of the dance floor burst into flames. Everything slowed down she struggled to move she screamed out but no sound came from her mouth.


By now everything was in flames and tropic stood in the middle looking at her then everything was back to normal no screaming people on fire just orderly people going about there business he strolled past her towards the elevator. A male bartender approached her “you k miss I notice that your hands where shaking” she looked down just like before. “Yes, yes I I’m, but could you get me a walking dragon plz” “k miss one walking dragon coming up” he studied her “for someone with no problems that is a powerful drink” he simile, she just nodded, he walked away. This was not the first time she has had this vision before but several time in the past after tropic came back from the dead.                  OC looked out over the city he enjoyed the feel of the wind as it whipped through the top of the skyscrapers in city he survey the new blood down by city hall and next to the statue of Atlas he could see the trainees as they run about he sighed.


“What is the matter Hun” she set down beside him Buttercup was as sweet as her name well only when you don’t get her riled up and ready to pounce on something.


       Buttercup looked into his eyes and could see sadness in them he smiled “I was just remembering when I was just starting on my path to being a hero” “you miss that don’t you” “Yes” “well then I have some good news then” he looked at her “What” “Well it seems that tropic is not the only one who is changing it seems that several other hero’s are changing.”

       “Really” she could see his face brighten up she smiled “Yes it seems that maybe this will happen to everyone once they reach there max level of course since this is not a game it is hard to judge what a level is.” “I, see lets get back to base then and find out” as they dissolved into white light a figure stepped out of the shadows into the light “So, they where right after all”.


              Lord Nikon looked at the readings “so your saying that it is increasing in speed in how people are changing.” A white headed man nodded on screen “yes” “so is it a virus then” the old man nodded again “It would seem so but how or why is unclear at the moment” LordNikon nodded this time “I see” “K thx for getting the word out professor” he bowed then the screen went black.


Tux walked into the room just then “So the rumors are true that something has changed and now hero’s are starting to become stronger and grow some new powers.” Tux leaned up adjusts the wall “That and the bad guys seems to be growing new powers also even old hero’s and villains seems to be growing too odd that it is world wide?”




The report landed on the desk the desk seems to groan under the weight LordNikon though. Tux saw LordNikon face saggy his eyes down cast he is going to have to do something about that maybe bring her in to get his mind off this stuff.         OC walked into the room where D.R. DNA was “No not yet OC” Dna smiled “How did you know it was me”  “Because you been in here regular ever half and hour so…” “Haha” the wall exploded throwing both OC and D.R. DNA where slammed into the wall OC jumped up “D.R. DNA you k” he heard a moan not good he though.  He could see another hero which most of what smashed through the wall the dust was very hard to see through.


What caused the hero to go flying through the wall a hoof stepped through the dusk then another as the behemoths stepped through the openings.  (OC suit link) The beast roar shook the ground making the dust fly. OC saw several other topten as well as what looked to be vanguard fighting several other COT and what looked to be Ritiki. The ground rumbled through out the room as storm clouds bellowed fourth OC eyes sparked and glowed. OC flicked his finger at the demons blasting each with lighting and pure energy they smashed into a wall several hundred feet away.


Topten support teams poured into the room “Get those people out of here” Lord Nikon, tropic, willow wind, Buttercup and Robozen was out in the thick of it as other topten and topten support crew where also out in force. He could see tux correlating at the far end of the compound he reached the main group “About time you got here OC” “What in the hell is going on here, where in the hell did cot and Ritiki come from and are they fighting each other?”


“It looks that way, be my guest if you want to ask them” the Ritiki destroyed a earth mage then “I think I will pass” clouds bellowed across the island they where own “Now what” just then a destroy shot out of the cloud as other Dropship started there runs. Just then another portal opened up several people stopped and watch as did the Ritiki out poured the vanguard as well as several hero’s the Ritiki started retreating from the battle. “I guess they don’t want to battle anymore” “I don’t think so medic” tropic studied them, as they left “I don’t think so at all.”


“You would be right Tropic” Bzald stepped out from the group “It would seem that the Ritiki are back and in force too” Several screens where lit up at once several screens showed more Ritiki where blasting several people, hero’s, building and cars.


LordNikon was looking at the screen “So the attack on this base was a accident then?” “ It would appear that is true” tropic leaned back as he said that. “So what now Captain Denmark” Cleo and captain Denmark was hanging tied together as the hellions went about there business.


“Don’t worry it is all part of my plan” was the only thing he said now she was worried suddenly a wall blasted to piece’s. As shadowy figures flooded into the room as the hellions and the unknown intruders clashed. As the battle ended and the smoke cleared several hellions laid face down as several heroes stood over them.  Buttercup was leading the battle the haze was deep hard too tell who was who until flames appeared around the others. “SO there you two are you know you should get a room for that” “Buttercup shut up” Cleo glared at her “Haha, Could you plz get us down Buttercup” “why should I captain Denmark you two look comfortable” she smiled



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