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By: Nelson Carrasquillo

AKA Big Puerto Rico


            “What just happened? Black then this…where is this? Talos, yeah Talos Island. How did I get here? The last thing I remember was seeing him, fighting. He was fighting his brother…but why? Wait, where is he now…I’m supposed to be looking after him. I can’t feel him anymore, like…as if he is…dead?! He can’t die he’s who he is; I mean he’s my big cousin he’s Big Puerto Rico. Rikti, what are they doing here? It looks like an Invasion! I gotta do something…but I’m dead, shit. This is stupid I…I can hear the screams of the innocent, I gotta find a psychic maybe they will be able to see me, where is all the heroes!?”


            “They’re not here; in fact this isn’t happening…yet. This is a glimpse this will happen, evil will rise as it always does every so often, it’s the cycle of life, some times are better than others, but no state, good or bad, stays forever.”


            “Why is it dark again, and who said that?”


            “No need to worry, Tony, there still will be time, time to help.”


            “There are two of you, who are you?”


            “We are people you know.”


            “People I know? I died when I was young I only look 18 because that’s what I wanted to be…the only people I knew where my parents, Tommy…and…Cris.”


            “Do you think he’s getting it?”


            “Tommy and Cris! I can see you now, but wait, why can I see you?”


            “Well when I was fighting my brother as Big Puerto Rico I did die. Right now we are all kind of stuck in limbo, simply for the fact of the impending event. I brought Tommy along so you can see him, I though you would like that.”


            “It was a great idea, Cris; it seems like forever since I saw you, Tommy.”


            “I know it’s good to see you to, bro. But, we don’t have much time, since this invasion is going to happen the big guy up stairs had allowed recent heroes who had fallen in battle to come back if they felt they wanted to.”


            “Which comes to me, Tony…”


            “You’re going to come back! Awesome, I will stick by your side, cousin.”


            “No, Tony, I’m not coming back…you are.”


            “No, I can’t you’re Big Puerto Rico, you have the skill, knowledge, and power. In my eyes you’re just as good as Statesman.”


            “Yes, but you died way too young, Tony, so I decided to have you take my place, but don’t worry it’s kind of like the roles have been reversed I will be by your side when you need me.”




            “Don’t worry, Tony, you can do it. I believe in you. So does Cris, he wouldn’t have put you in his place if he didn’t.”


            “I see now, ha, ha. You know, Cris, you always did sacrifice for family; I will carry on the name of Big Puerto Rico to honor you, cousin. I will fight with honor, I will fight with strength, I will fight with perseverance, I will fight with integrity, and I will fight with clarity!”


            “That’s the spirit, I’ll be seeing you, hah.”

Review this story