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The Evolution of a Hero

The Story of Dr. Richard Maxwell


Richard Maxwell was born the only son of David and Janet Maxwell at a time just after the fall of the Axis powers. David’s life before he met Janet was something he did not talk of. She knew that he had been in the services overseas but new little more than that.

At night when he slept he would often have terrible dreams but could not make sense of them when he awoke. Sadly David died mysteriously when Richard was only 5 years old.

Richard discovered early in life that he was not like other children. He had the ability to excel in what ever he chooses to focus his mind on. If he was struggling with a subject or trying to find a solution to a problem he found that if we went to sleep thinking about it when he awoke he knew the answer. It even applied to learning a subject of how to play an instrument. He would go to sleep thinking about it and while he slept seemed to learn the ability.

He decided to try to focus his mind on his body development so he could excel in sports. He began to train by running after school   he would run and everyday when he slept he dreamed of his training and every day he grew stronger. He discovered that the dream training actually enhanced his abilities. Even though he had extra ordinary abilities he just longed to have a normal life. He was blessed with excellent health as he grew he found a desire to help others not as fortunate as himself

He found it very rewarding but painful to work with the children that were suffering from disease. He would help out by reading to them and tried to help them in there struggle to get better. The results were not always happy and he would go home at night and often carry this pain with him He would go to sleep and think of how he could help, could he become a doctor and find a cure for what ailed these children.

The years passed and he began University to become a Doctor. He still worked at the Hospital and worked on his dream of helping the sick. Then came the time that he will never forget, he had befriended a young girl the was suffering from an incurable form of cancer and she was dieing. He had known many other kids over the years that had died but for some reason this little girl had become special to him. He would go to class and study and try to understand the disease; he would go to sleep at night and try to make sense of the complexity of the chemistry and biology of the human body. The problem was that he was running out of time and he knew that no matter how hard he tried the problem was that this disease was going to take this little girl and it was not fair.

Then it happened he came to work one night and the girl was very sick and had passed into a coma. When his shift had ended he came to her bedside, he sat held her hand and closed his eyes to rest after the long day at school and work. He fell into a deep sleep

in his sleep he dreamed of his friend and the disease he imagined the disease as an evil creature that was trying to devour this little girl.

He imagined himself to be a Knight in Shining armor and stood between the girl and the beast. The beast held the girl drawing the life from the her Richard reached out and grabbed the beast by the arm pulling him from the girl. As he touched the beast he could feel the disease grip him but he was strong and the disease could not harm him. In the instant that he touched the beast the complex chemical equation that made up the beast became clear to him. He released the creature and staggered back, he could see the

chemical solution in his own molecular structure

His body chemistry was not like the girls his blood cells did not react like hers had his cells contained something unique they seemed to deflect the toxin. His cells became an anti toxin and he focused all his energy at the beast and drove it away.

.With the creature gone he picked up the girl and carried her. When he touched her he could feel the beasts hold on her he concentrated his energy and drew the pain from the girl into him. The process weakened him severely almost causing him to drop the girl. He placed her beside a tree in a meadow and sat next to her while she slept Richard was awoken suddenly by a soft voice  he was in the room of the little girl again and she was sitting up looking at him calling out to him. He was very weak and could barely stand he could not see well and had a terrible head ache; he excused himself and headed home.

When he got home he felt very ill and went straight to bed. He fell asleep and dreamed again of the beast and being a Knight the battle seemed to wage on for days but as before managed to slay the beast again. He awoke to a familiar voice it was his mother and she was reading to him from a book that he remembered as a child it was about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. He sat up and spoke asking his mother how long he had slept.

She was overjoyed at his recovery and told him that he had been asleep for 10 days that no one could wake him and the doctors could not find a reason. Richard was upset that he had been asleep so long and was afraid that his friend may have died while he was asleep so he got out of bed and to the dismay of his mother dressed and headed to the hospital.

When he arrived he hurried to her room and opened the door, she was gone and someone else was in her bed. He was devastated and ran to the nurse’s station to find out what had happened to the girl. What he found was not what he expected the nurse said that the girl had made a miraculous recovery and had gone home. It was a miracle she said the doctors can not explain it the disease was gone and it was like she had never had it she was perfectly healthy. The only thing that she said was that the girl insisted that she had seen a Knight in Shining armor had come into her room and helped her feel better. He took the pain away she kept saying over and over.

Richard could not believe what he had heard had she had the same dream as him nor was there another explanation. He headed home to try to make sense of what had happened to him over the last 2 weeks.

Five years had passed since he had had the first revelation and Richard continued with his studies and pursuit of a career as in medicine he kept in contact with the little girl and watched her grow into a young lady move away.

After his experience Richard returned to school and continued his career in medicine. The experience still left a lot of questions that he could not answer so he sought the advice of a young physicist Dr Brian Webb. Webb had been assigned to the freedom phalanx and was researching data from the secret experiments that had been uncovered at a high-tech research facility.

Dr. Webb was intrigued with what Richard had told him and added him to his test study group. Webb discovered that Richard was able to utilize his mind in the same way that the others in his studies could. This was a break through for Dr. Webb as Richard was the first person that he had examined that had not developed these abilities because of drug abuse side effects. He discovered that Richard was opening gateways to other dimensions and worlds and was traveling to them while he slept. Dr. Webb helped Richard to control his thoughts and to make it possible to pear into these worlds while he was awake.

Webb believed that if the could simulate the event they could recreate it. They utilized the Freedom Phalanx’s test facility and put Richard into a controlled experiment where he was put in a life threatening scenario. The intent was to simulate a person trapped in a building and they set up the mock scenario.

Unfortunately for Webb the Drug Cartel had planned an assault on the Freedom Phalanx’s facility at the time of his experiment. Webb was forced to abort the test so he and Richard tried to make there way out of the building to safety. As they tried to exit the building they came across the intruders and the Freedom Phalanx’s led by Michael White (AKA The Back Alley Brawler) in an all out battle in the court yard. The Heroes were badly out numbered and taking heavy casualties.

Richard could not stand back and watch without helping so he tried to intervene. He tried to concentrate and use the power that Webb had helped him to control but be could not seem to concentrate under the pressure of the situation. White was overwhelmed with adversaries and was about to fall from his wounds. While huge mutated creature half man half beast was attacking him Richard came at it form behind and stuck it with a pipe. The creature stopped and turned around raised his weapon to strike but at the last instant there was a blinding light that appeared and instead of striking Richard the weapon comes to rest with a clash of steal. The creature blinded by the light staggers back, as he regains his vision what he saw was not Richard but an armored Knight. He continued to raise his weapon to bring it to bear on the Knight but the Knight raised his hand and a blast of energy struck the beast leaving it disoriented. The Knight next turned to White and delivered a blast of energy at him but unlike the beast the effect revived White to full health. He next turned and with a sweep of his hands a glow of green covers the wounded regaining some of there health. The tide of the battle had changed and the heroes recovered some ground but the attack was not over and the enemy regrouped and sent in second wave of attackers.

The Knight overwhelmed with the many injured struggled to keep the heroes alive.

During the heat of the battle White stood between the swarm and the innocent civilians in the facility. The knight defended the group for some time but eventually he was also overwhelmed he turned to White and delivers a final blast of energy the effect left him completely exhausted. As he was about to fall the Knight reached up to the sky as if to call for help and then  fell to the ground lifeless.

White and the others brace themselves for what would certainly have been there final stand when as before a blinding light appeared were the Knight’s body lay and he vanished and almost at the same instant as though through a doorway a massive figure emerged landing with such force that the ground shook and the attackers are knocked to the ground. As the dust settled it was another Knight that had appeared also in Armor but immensely larger and holding a Huge Axe in he hands.

With one mighty sweep of his axe after another  he proceeded to drive  back the attackers. He had placed himself like Mighty Shield between the attackers and the heroes allowing them to regroup. The attackers not willing to give up send all they had  to bare down on the Knight but he stood unwilling to yield and the Heroes were able to push them back defeating all except a few .

When all was safe White turned to thank the Knight but as quickly as he appeared he had vanished and where he had stood Richard now stood. The others did not realize what Webb himself had witnessed that Richard had transformed into the Knights.

After all was safe Richard and Dr. Webb returned to the lab to try to understand what had happened. Richard recalled the events and described the sensation that he felt while transformed into the Knight. Webb tried to patch to gather an explanation that might explain what had happened. He theorized that when overcome by emotions or when in danger Richard was tapping into the worlds or dimensions and that he was drawing power from them. When Richard described what he had experienced when he touched White as like when he had felt the girls pain he felt pain and that he was able to repair the damage by somehow connecting to White and taking the pain to himself. It seemed that with each encounter Richard was also benefiting with an added bonus of gaining some of the characteristics of the person he had helped. The result of his interaction with the super heroes had some how exponentially increased his abilities and had allowed him to transform into a new more powerful Knight. Unlike the time before he had gained the ability to recover almost immediately from the experience. This time the effect did not leave him exhausted he had gained an almost limitless ability to regenerate his own health.

Webb tried to understand the reason for the Knight and believed that the image of the Knight was one that Richard had created in his mind from the stories he remembered from his youth. The Knight that appeared when the girl was dieing represented what was needed at the time and took the form of an empath with the ability to heal the girl’s illness. When he saved White he had somehow had the bonus of inheriting white’s strength and as before he metamorphosed into what he needed to become and transformed into the massive Knight.

Intrigued with the experience Webb theorized that it might be possible to create a portal to these worlds artificially and rather than tap energy he believed that it was possible to travel through the gateways to these worlds.

Webb continued his research into teleportation building on the research he had uncovered at the secret labs. Webb befriended Richard and over the next 10 years they became great friends Richard continued his studies with Webb as his mentor. After graduation Richard came to work with Webb and over the next 10 years developed his abilities. Webb also was able to realize his dream of creating the inter-dimensional portals. Webb along with the Freedom Phalanx used these portals to explore these new worlds.

Richard also accompanied Dr. Webb on many of these expeditions and utilized his abilities when needed to protect his friend and the others in the expeditions.

Webb had also become very wealthy with his sale of the technology and generously rewarded Richard for his help. Richard used that money to create his own base of operation and utilizing technology that Webb had developed he was able to teleport himself at will to the base when needed. Over the years that followed Webb discovered that along with the extraordinary powers Richard also appeared to have stopped aging.

Richard wanted to pursue his own dreams and began to focus his attention again on the less fortunate.

Webb stayed and continued to work with the Freedom Phalanx on many projects but unfortunately his travels eventually ended in his demise at the hands of an evil version of the Statesman from another dimension named the Reichsman. Webb’s wife came to Richard after his death and turned over the control of his remaining research to him to use in his fight against crime and the people like the Reichsman. With this immense wealth and resources he will continue his fight those that would threaten peace.

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