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Kozmic Kat's Background

    Marie lay watching the stars of the cosmos overhead, as below her the
raft drifted and rolled with the waves of the Atlantic. The quiet of the
night was shattered by the sounds (and smells) of civilization. She sat up
quickly and could see the lights of her dream at last within reach. She
grabbed her makeshift paddle and headed towards the harbor that her cat eyes
could easily pick out.
      She had made it; she had escaped the isle of the infamous Belgian
Doctor Morrow.  The so-called brilliant bio-engineer and scientist,
respected and loved by his peers, who had created her from the genetic stock
of both humans and cats. He was a vain and cruel man who had no regard for
his "creations" as anything other then just lab animals.
       She tucked in her copy of the Hero Corps pamphlet she had stolen from
Dr Morrows, lab and headed towards Atlas Park, Sebastian St John. Smythe,
and her heroic destiny, as the Kozmic Kat!

Kozmic Fires Background

       Friday the 14th started out like any other day for Marie. She grabbed
her lukewarm breakfast pocket, her backpack with her schoolbooks, and jogged
down towards the bus stop on her way to the college campus. Thoroughly
engrossed in reading the latest news from the campus paper she did not see
the gasoline tanker, whose driver was having a heart attack, swerve across
the lane, barreling straight for the bus now stopping at her bus stop.  One
minute, she was reading the police beat the next she was standing amidst a
raging inferno of gas and diesel flames.
       Just when all looked to be a total disaster, she noticed that the
closest flames began to leap into her. Stunned she just watched as she
absorbed the entire inferno with out as much as burning an eyelash. Her fire
powered mutation was revealed.
       The fire department was surprised when they arrived and saw no trace
of flames, just ash and soot from burning debris. As Marie walked away a
fellow student said, "Wow totally Kozmic babe!" Thus was born the Kozmic

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