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The cold night


He stood leaning in front of an old fireplace with dragonheads that seem to have been woven into the stonework. A spear was plunged into each head a painting of what looked to be archangel Gabriel above the dragon’s heads.

Seem to stand watch his eyes glowing softly with deep fierce strength that all most seems to soak the room in his halo of strength’s “Who are you” the voice spoke softly but with a powerful under tone. The old man notice that his armor was dark red organic in nature with blood red spikes sticking out the top on each shoulder. “So you are Bzald”

He looked up the old man smiled when he saw the eyes “You do not fear my eyes old man” the old man laughed almost falling backwards “No, no im sorry for laughing but no your eyes do not bother me at all my son” Bzald caught the old man’s gaze the old mans steely gaze froze Bzald cold. “See I can do that too, you have much to learn” The old man was in front of the church next to the to where the preacher would normal stand yet Bzald could feel his presence even here.


“I don’t get to many hero’s or villains in here most are just happy to live their life away from any type of church.” “Haha old man just because I enhance my body does not mean that I place my faith in any one god.”

“I see well then what is your business here then” the door buckled under a force that hit it “Well old man whatever is coming through that door for right now.”

The door exploded in warded shattered into pieces smashing into pews. As arachnos poured through the opening Bzald’s body expanded as several clones and one very mean phantom charged the arachnos. “Better hid old man” the old man came up beside Bzald “Nope you will need me” The robe came off the old man’s body rippled with muscles the staff by his side flew into action.


 Arachnos laid ever where’s the two hero’s reminded untouched then what looked like a black robed man stepped into the church he disappeared only to reappear above Bzald with a sick looking blade poised to strike his head. The old man appeared in front only to get the blunt of the attack the blade suck deep into the old man. “Old man” Lighting struck the cloaked figure smashing him into the wall then several figures emerged from nothing “Bzald you alright” LordNikon eyes glowed a deep blue “Yes but the old man must be took to the hospital right away” LordNikon nodded “We have this go” the room dissolved around Bzald and the old man as they reappeared in the hospital several topten support staff where there as well as doctor DNA “Right get him on the table stat” Bzald moved back as they rushed to heal the old man.


Bzald stepped into the room “Bzald there you are” Bzald smiled “Old man you look better” “Why not with nurses like theses I may never go home” the blonde nurse blushed. “Oh, you hush” “Would you plz leave for a second I would like to talk with the old man alone please” the nurse nodded “Old man, why did they attack the building” the old man smiled “you have much to learn Bzald”


              THE END

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