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Compliments of the Purple Chick

by: Rebecca McQuarrie



A plate of freshly-baked, still warm, chocolate chip cookies was sitting on the table when Termon Landes entered the S.P.E.L.L. base.  Ignoring the other heroes in the room, he made a bee-line for the plate of goodies.  He glanced quickly at the card that read ‘Compliments of Indigo Eve’ and dug in. 


“Brilliant,” he exclaimed, grabbing one in each hand, “I haven’t had homemade biscuits since I came to Paragon!”


“They’re called cookies here,” replied Caderly from the recliner he was lounged in.  “Go easy on them, it’s the only plate we have.  Eve decided the Onami crew deserved the rest.  She left here muttering something about ‘that AC/DC, static-filled ass had better be there’.  I have no idea who she was talking about, but he’s managed to get under her skin.”


“First of all, you have no say about the cookies,” said Termon.  “You don’t even belong to our supergroup.  Why are you always here anyway?  And B, who’s Eve?”


Ignoring the first question Caderly replied, “The purple chick.”


“Caderly,” admonished Deanarys from where she was reading on the couch, “That’s not very polite.”  Addressing Termon she continued, “Eve is our newest member, and yes, she’s purple.  A rather lovely shade actually, but I don’t think it should be her defining quality.”  Turning back to Caderly she asked, “How would you like it if everyone referred to you as ‘the dead guy’?”


“Umm, we all sort of already do,” said Termon sheepishly.


Rolling her eyes and feeling a lot like a kindergarten teacher, Deanarys got up and grabbed the plate of cookies.  “Termon,” she said with a sigh, “Caderly’s group is, er, small.  He’s our friend and we don’t mind him hanging out.  Caderly, Termon has a point; the cookies aren’t under your control.  Since the two of you can’t seem to share with each other, let alone anyone else who may want one, I’m putting them away.” 


As she left the room, the two men looked at each other with eyebrows raised and started laughing.  “Why does she treat us like we’re two year olds,” asked Termon.


“Maybe it’s because she’s so old, that in comparison, we are,” answered Caderly in a raised voice, hoping his comment would carry down the hall.  Shaking his head he said, “She really doesn’t get it when we’re joking around does she?”  With that, he hopped up,  snagged the last uneaten cookie out of his fellow hero’s hand, and ran out the door.



“Let’s go Termon,” Deanarys yelled, “and if you singe the feathers on my wings again I’m going to beat you to a pulp.”


“I’m coming, geez, what’s the rush,” he responded.  “And I didn’t do it on purpose.  If you hadn’t run past as I was taking that guy down, you wouldn’t have gotten hit.”


“The hurry is that we were supposed to meet Eve, Caderly, and Shandri ten minutes ago.”


“Like I said, what’s the rush?  The only one who might be there on time is Eve, and since I haven’t met her yet, I really can’t say that for sure.”


Deanarys’ only answer was a huff as she left the base.




Upon arriving at the mission site, the pair found that Termon’s prediction was correct.  As usual, Caderly and Shandri weren’t there, and it was a good five minutes before Eve rolled in.


“Sorry I’m late,” she apologized, slightly out of breath, “I got caught up with…a friend,” she finished lamely. 


“A friend,” asked Temon teasingly. “Would this be the electrifying gentleman you delivered biscuits to this morning?”


“I delivered cookies to the Onami Strike Force.  It was a thank you for saving my butt when I tried to help them save a friend,” she answered, a little shortly due to her embarrassment.  “But, if you must know, yes, Volt was there, so we decided to grab lunch.”


“Volt,” muttered Deanarys to herself, “why does that name sound familiar?”


Hearing her, Eve said, “I met him at Pocket D the other day when I went with Sonic.  Perhaps he mentioned it.”


“No, that’s not it,” she replied, still racking her brain for the answer, “but I would have loved to have been there to see Sonic’s reaction to you talking to another guy.  I think he’s a little moonstruck over you.”


A darker shade of violet spread over Eve’s cheeks, in what her friends assumed was a blush.  She was able to distract them with the arrival of the rest of their group.


“Here comes Caderly and Shandri.  It’s about time,” Eve said addressing the new arrivals.  “What took you so long?”


“Sorry,” said Caderly apologetically, “we got caught up with some Skulls.”


“That’s it,” exclaimed Deanarys.  “He was a Skull.  A rather…intense one, if I remember right.  I think he also had something to do with the destruction of a skyscraper.  I really don’t think you should be spending time with him.”


“I’m sure you’ve mistaken him for someone else,” defended Eve. “He’s a really great guy and I watched him take out The Dark One personally.  Not to mention Onami has a really good reputation. If Phoenix and Thauma think he’s ok, then I’m not concerned.”


“Thauma?!?!  As in Thauma Guard? As in the Thauma Guard,” asked Shandri.  “You know her?”


“Yes, we’ve met a few times,” confirmed Eve, mildly impressing her teammates.  “Although I’m embarrassed to say I don’t think I made a very good first impression.  Hopefully she was more impressed with my baking skills than my hero skills.”


“Something tells me she wasn’t the one you were trying to impress,” teased Caderly.  “But I agree with you.  If they think he’s ok, we should too.”


“Well then,” said Deanarys, all business, as always, “if we’re done debating Eve’s social life, perhaps we should get down to the matter at hand.”


With a collective groan, the group turned their attention to the building in front of them.  Rumor had it that Nocturne had set a trap for Caderly, and the group was there to spring it.  When they entered the structure, the place seemed as empty as a tomb.  Knowing it was a trap, the team was alert and practically jumped at every sound.  On the verge of giving up, Caderly entered a back room, heaved a sigh of disappointment, then turned back around to the team, intending to admit he was misinformed.  The words stuck in his throat as he saw a large quantity of Drones, Wolf Spiders, and Widows materialize out of thin air behind his friends. 


“Duck!” he yelled as a Drone shot a beam in their direction.  The team scattered and dove out of the way.  They regrouped around a corner, away from the doorway, but it was too late, they had been spotted and were quickly overcome by minions.  They started blasting, holding, and healing, but the mob was closing in and there seemed to be no end in sight.  Suddenly, every underling within range froze, levitated, and flew back away from the group.  Taking the minute opportunity to take a breath, the group looked around in awe trying to figure out what happened.  Their eyes all landed on Eve, who was standing there with a cheeky grin on her face.  Winking at Caderly she said, “Compliments of the ‘purple chick’.”        


Laughing, the group quickly rounded up their held enemies, and went off in pursuit of Nocturne.  In all of the chaos, none of them noticed that some of the Arachnos were felled by someone not on their team.  As they left the room, none of them noticed a figure standing on the rafters keeping a keen eye on Eve…

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