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Darkness Arise

By: T.W.



Part 2


After his conversation with Celestus…


Volt strode over to the purple skinned woman that caught his eye on the dance floor.


“How odd,” he said when he was close, her back was turned to him and she started at the sound of his voice, “that one as beautiful as yourself would be dancing alone.”


“Well actually…” she began but the words died in her throat when she saw his face.


Volt kept his eyes fixed on hers; he wasn’t here to slobber over her like a hungry dog.

They looked at each other in silence for a few seconds.


Eventually Volt cocked an eyebrow, only then did she regain herself. “Actually I am with someone” she said finally.


“What a poor host he must be to leave you for even a second.” Volt’s voice was smooth and calm, unlike the voice he used with others. Then again he wasn’t trying to attract Norman, or any others he would consider friends.


The violet shaded hero covered her mouth with her hand and averted her eyes. At that moment a male hero arrived holding a drink in each hand.


“Anything the matter here, Eve?” he said.  As her hand was still covering her mouth, the bewildered woman just shook her head.


The Hero turned an icy glare towards Volt, “Can I help you?” he asked in a voice just as cold as his stare.


“Why yes you can,” Volt answered. “I myself am a little thirsty.  Could you leave and get me a drink so I can have a few more moments alone with this beauty?”


His only answer was an angrier glare.


“Very well,” he said, and then turned to Eve.  “It was a pleasure meeting you.  I hope I am rewarded again with your presence in the near future.”


Finally finding her voice, Eve removed her hand from her mouth and held it out to Volt.  “It was a pleasure meeting you as well Mr….?”


“Volt.  Just Volt.”


“Well ‘Just Volt’, perhaps we’ll run into each other again sometime.”  Glancing at her icy companion she continued, “I have a tendency to meet people more than once. It seems this city isn’t as big as I thought.”  At that, Eve and her companion chuckled at what seemed to be an inside joke.


Volt assumed his amused expression until they stopped laughing. He then turned around and left as if he had something more important to do.




It was nearing sundown and Aaron and Thauma were taking a pleasant drive through Paragon City. Towards the outskirts of town Thauma got more and more restless, as if something were nagging at the back of her mind. Suddenly she said, “Turn here.”


Aaron looked at the road she indicated, all it did was lead up a slight slope to a church. He looked at Thauma who was still staring resolutely forward. “What?”


“Turn here.” She said in an urgent tone. Aaron complied, turning hard on the steering wheel as to not miss the road. They fish-tailed momentarily then sped up the road.


Upon reaching the doors, Thauma ran into the now dark sanctuary. Aaron watched with a puzzled expression on his face. She took off her fedora revealing her third eye and concentrated allowing herself to see into the Netherworld. Thauma felt along the wall until she found the source of energy.


She spoke the word of exorcism; a gust of wind rattled the stain glass windows. A specter, visible to Aaron as well, rushed past them and dove into the ground. All was silent for a moment until Celestus stumbled up the stairway on hands and knees. Thauma rushed to him.


“Thanks….for answering…” he gasped. “Volt….in danger…Dark One…hunts him.”


“What about you?” asked Aaron.


“Leave…me…” Celestus answered, “Will join you…later.”




In the newly refurbished business district in Kings Row, the previous site of the Skull’s temple, Volt called out to his nemesis.


“Dark One! If you’re really out there, come face me! Unless you’re afraid you spineless son of a-”


“Is that any way to talk to your mentor Michael?” came The Dark One’s voice. He stood on the ledge of a building above Volt.


Volt pointed at him, glaring at him with his glazed white eyes. “I was going to offer you surrender but since you called me Michael that no longer is an option. My name is Volt!”


“You’re going to attack me? How very un-hero-like.”


“’Hero-like?’ My we have been away for awhile. Let me show how ‘hero-like’ I am”


“You’ll have to catch me first.” The Dark one retorted. He sped off in the direction of Atlas Park.


Volt considered just turning into lightning, but the idea that he didn’t know his new-found power stopped him. Resolutely he started running after him.




Now dressed in their costumes; a newly resurrected PhoenixHawk and thankful Thauma Guard began tracking Volt. Thauma was able to contact Norman who, upon hearing her voice, was now rushing to meet her. They met up with the Rogue Isles Protector in Atlas Park, oddly the only location clear enough for Norman to enter.


“What is the problem?” Norman asked Thauma, acting as if PhoenixHawk wasn’t standing right there.


“Volt is gone.” Thauma answered, “A friend told us that The Dark One is hunting him. Do you know who he is?”


“Volt had mentioned his past. But isn’t he dead?” Norman said.


“Apparently not” PhoenixHawk said. Norman turned his head in PhoenixHawk’s direction, acknowledging him for the first time.


“We need to find him!” Thauma reminded after a momentary pause in which Norman looked at a mirror image of himself.


“Volt is capable of helping himself, he is skilled in combat and his power is unmatchable. But I will help you if you wish.” Norman replied finally.




“Hey… Hey!” Indigo Eve shouted at the oncoming hero. He was obviously in a hurry as well. Luckily for her this hero was flying close enough to the ground so that she could flag him down. PhoenixHawk stopped for the violet skinned hero.


“Do you know Volt?” she asked.  Immediately PhoenixHawk dropped to the ground, apparently he did. “I saw him go by in the same hurry you’re in.” Squirming under the heroes piercing glowing eyes she quickly finished. “He went to a hidden entrance on the side of City Hall.”


“For your own safety,” PhoenixHawk said, “do not follow us.” He flew towards City Hall relaying the information to the leapers above.


“Yah right.” Eve said to herself and ran after them.




The, so called, secret entrance exploded in flash of cerulean energy. Norman entered first, followed by PhoenixHawk and Thauma Guard and unknown to them Indigo Eve. The caverns were short and empty. When Thauma suddenly stopped Eve bumped into her.


“What are you doing here?” Thauma asked. “This is dangerous.”


“I’m helping.” She said this with such finality that Thauma didn’t think anything she said could shake her. She turned helplessly to Aaron.


“Alright, just don’t do anything crazy.” PhoenixHawk said, and then muttered to Thauma “reminds me of you.”


“Hopefully she listens better than Volt did.” Thauma muttered back.


In a lighted cavern they found Volt and The Dark One facing off. By the way they were breathing they had just been in a small scrap.


“You invited friends? You weakling.” The Dark One snapped.


“Weakling? Your bleeding nose says differently. Anyway, I didn’t invite them.” Volt retorted.


“Never mind,” said the Dark One, “I can deal with you all at once.” He said a spell, a dark ball floated between his open palms. The sphere launched towards them landing at their feet. A dark splotch formed, spreading on the ground. Volt stepped back with the others.


Suddenly a huge tri-clawed hand came from the portal it gripped the wood and pulled. Next came a gigantic arm, powerful shoulders, and a small red-eyed head. His other arm ended in the oily tentacles Thauma was accustomed to seeing. When he was fully pulled from the ground he took up the whole cavern from top to bottom. His powerful legs ended in stump-like feet which seeped into the rocky ground.


“Handle ugly.” Volt commanded heading for the monster. With incredible speed the beast brought his clawed hand down directly in front of him where Volt was. Volt, however, was fast; he turned into pure lightning for a split second regaining his physical body after he had cleared the beast’s legs.


“That’s new.” Norman said.


“Still is crazy though.” Thauma said.




Volt followed The Dark One up through the cave to a gutted wood in shack.


“Running away? Tsk tsk.” Volt said upon arriving.


“Actually I was hoping you would follow me” The Dark One drew his dark blade. “Shall we?”


Volt leapt upon him, immediately retreating holding a gash on his chest. The blade had passed his armor slicing him directly. Volt attacked again, dodging the blade, The Dark One tried to follow up with a left punch but he was to slow, Volt caught him with a charged fist. This was a fight to the death, neither planned to retreat, The Dark One kept his feet steady so Volt could not knock him back. All the better, Volt wanted him where he could hit him.


Volt dodged the blade expertly but The Dark One always had a following fist or knee that was impossible to evade in mid-dodge. Volt’s fury rose his attacks began to hit harder and harder and The Dark One didn’t hide the pain. His dark armor was no match for Volt’s limitless electrical intake.


Tiring of the fight and wanting to wrap up his past entirely Volt broke away. He jumped, planted a foot on the Dark One’s chest launching into a back flip. Before he could land several feet away his body broke down into brightly charged electricity, he shot across the room gathering energy and towards his enemy. Volt hit him with the power of a lightning bolt lifting him into the air and slamming him back to the ground.


He resumed his natural form digging his heels into the wood floor to slow down. He waited watching The Dark One’s unmoving form in the center of the wood crater; stray electricity flickered off his previously conducted body. Slowly the Dark One lifted himself. He snarled in rage his strength returned incredibly quickly.


Volt ground his teeth in unsuppressed fury, his pulse leapt incredibly; he could feel his heart hammering in his chest. With an inhuman growl he leapt upon him again.



Shortly after Volt left; the creature turned his red eyes from his escaped prey to those standing in front of him. Eve stepped forward; she sucked in a lungful of air and let out a scream at the beast. The blow was like that of a cannonball but the beast merely shook his head.


The creature reached down grabbing the heroine in the tentacles of his left hand. Thauma quickly went to action protecting the violet hero with spells giving the creature layer after layer to go through before crushing her. Norman launched forward, body ablaze. The room noticeably became hot and hotter still, when PhoenixHawk summoned on his own fire capabilities to slash the beast’s arm in attempt to free Eve with a blade of fire.


Annoyed at the Phoenix’s attack, the beast swatted at him with his clawed hand sending the hero flipping in the air. Eve held her fingers to her temples, pouring all her concentration into getting this monster to let her go.


Norman finally gained all of the beast’s aggressiveness, allowing Phoenix the chance to hit at the beast with energy from afar. Thauma was pulled between protecting Norman and Aaron and keeping Eve alive. A dark clad figure leapt over the fighting team.  With a mid-air uppercut Celestus severed the creature’s tentacle hand. The creature yowled in pain looking at his stubbed hand. Eve dropped to the ground, the hand dissolved into black ectoplasm upon hitting the ground.


There was no more to be done. Celestus was everywhere hitting the beast in weak spots apparently only he could see. Within a few minutes, with the combined power of all the heroes the black monster was completely reduced to liquid which melted into the ground.


“’Stain resistant,’” Eve said picking the ectoplasm she fell into off of her skin and costume pieces, “last time I believe that lie.” She gave up, promising herself a good shower after this, and ran after her team.



Finally the outcome of the battle was decided. After a tricky display of feint attacks, and taking some easily avoidable attacks as punishment, the hilt of The Dark Ones sword slammed into Volt’s temple, cracking bone. Volt fell unconscious.


Preparations were set; Volt was chained to a nearby wall unconscious. The chains holding his arms in the air were pulled tight under his weight. Candles burning with black flames made a half circle around Volt. The Dark One’s sword floated in front of him, the point facing toward Volt.


PhoenixHawk, Thauma Guard, Indigo Eve, Celestus and Norman rushed into the room ready for anything. As soon as they entered The Dark One threw up a glossy black wall in front of them, separating the procession from his business. Celestus stepped forward wrapping negative energy around his fist. With a single punch the barrier cracked.


“Celestus? How did you- Never mind you can’t stop me now.” The Dark One motioned with his hand. The sword reacted flying straight as a spear toward Volt. The blade pierced Volt through the chest, pinning him to the wall. His eyes snapped open, turned up to the ceiling. His mouth was open, teeth barred in a soundless scream. Then he slumped, body held up only by the shackles around his wrists and the sword through his chest.




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