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From Here to Paragon City:  2 Heroes back story.

            "At last," said Milo Roy the Human Paladin, "we have found the mostly secret hidden lair of the evil Witch-King of Upper Lower FayRune!"  He said gesturing at the fancy carved rock cave entrance.

            "Are you sure its not the Witch-King of Lower Upper FayRune," asked Banazir Galasbor, the Halfling Archer? "I mean, one evil Witch-Kings lair looks pretty much like any other."

            "Acht," spat Kozmic Axe, the burly Dwarven Knight. "The Evil Witch-King of Lower Upper FayRune was killed two months ago, last Thursday, by Larry Spikehands merry band of adventuring folks."

            "That bunch of two bit losers and hacks," asked Spellshooter the Half Elf Mage? "I thought they were in the middle of the great big barren, still traveling in circles?"

            "Aye the very ones, " replied Treehugger the Elf Druid. "Although I last heard that they were last seen in the Jungles of Lost Trails. Of course that information is six months old."

            "I heard that Larry Spikehands, finally got his hands back," said Brother Tall the half-giant Monk. "It must have made life really interesting, having 2 spikes instead of hands."

            "I had heard that too," piped in Fred Cross the Human cleric. "Can you imagine what it must be like trying to take a p-."

             "Will you all keep it down," interrupted Milo. "We don’t want the witch king to know we are here."

            "It is far too late to worry about that little fact," hissed the evil Witch King of Lower Upper FayRune. "At last I meet the merry band of Larry Spikehands"

            "Hey we are Turners Troopers," interrupted Treehugger.

            "Whatever" continued the Witch-King, "As I was saying at last I get to meet the intrepid adventurers' band known as Turners Troublemakers."

            "Troopers," growled Kozmic Axe. The cloaked and hooded evil one glared at the dwarf, who just shrugged and looked away, reaching behind him for one of his handy throwing axes.

            "Anyway," hissed the evil Witch-King, "whatever you call yourselves, you are about to meet a fate worse then death, A doom worse then despair, an end to end all ends. But first I have a question for you?"

            "How we found a map that leads us to your mostly secret hidden evil lair," asked the Paladin?


            "Why we are here to kill you, taking revenge for all the wrongs you have committed, over the last several decades, having been hired by all of the wronged churches in the area?" asked the Cleric.


            "Why Britney Spears shaved her hair," asked Kozmic Axe?

            "Definitely not," hissed the evil one of vile darkness, shuddering inside of his cloak.

            "What, then," asked spellshooter?

            "Why are you called Turners Troopers, when no one in your group is named Turner?"

            The group stood there stunned into silence, just staring at each other when suddenly an arrow flew towards the Witch-King and bounced of an invisible shield of magic.

            "Drats," said Banazir Galasbor, "I was hoping to get in a sneak shot for extra damage. I am definetly within 30 feet."

            "Bru ha ha, ha, no one gets the drop on the Mighty Witch-King of Upper Lower FayRune," laughed the evil one.

            "Witch-King of Lower-Upper FayRune, you mean," corrected the Paladin.


            "Witch-King of Lower-Upper FayRune, you said, Mighty Witch-King of Upper Lower FayRune," said Milo "You’re the Mighty Witch-King of  Lower-Upper FayRune.

            "Uhh, yeah, thanks, where was I?"

            "No one gets the drop," said Treehugger.

            "Right, no one gets the drop." Suddenly a hand axe bounced off of the magic shield as well. "Oh never mind," He made a grand sweeping gesture and that was the last thing Banazir Galasbor remembered before he woke up in a parking lot in Paragon City.

Richard Kozlowski
Kozmic Storm On infinifty Server

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