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Introducing Indigo

by: Rebecca McQuarrie



“Hey Caderly,” grunted Stormborn, while elbowing his fellow hero, “check her out.”


Caderly turned in the direction Storm had nodded and quickly locked on to the intended target. 


“Nice.  Very nice,” agreed the scrawny, corpse-like teammate.


“We didn’t come to the Hollows so the two of you could ogle women,” admonished Zoe with a shake of her head and a roll of her eyes.  “That’s something I would expect from Sonic, but not the two of you,” she said, referring to SonicSnowplow, the person they were on their way to meet.


“But she’s…”started Caderly


“She’s what,” interrupted Zoe with a sigh, “Hot, gorgeous, sexy?”


“No,” replied Storm, “well, yeah she is, but it’s not that.  She’s purple.”


“Maybe that’s why Sonic asked us to meet him here,” suggested a now slightly distracted Caderly, “He knew she was standing here, conveniently as you exit the tunnel, looking lost and helpless and just waiting for a strong man to come along…”


“Well she does look a little lost,” cut in Zoe, “but I doubt she’s waiting to be rescued by the likes of you two.  And she certainly should be kept away from Sonic.  I’ll be right back.  Stay here,” commanded Zoe as she headed off in the direction the scantily clad, violet colored woman.


“Excuse me,” started Zoe, when she reached the object of their attention, “I don’t mean to bother you, but you seem a little lost.”


“Oh,” said the woman, as she was startled out of her thoughts, “thank you.  I’m not lost, well not really.  I know where I am and where I’m supposed to be, I’m just not sure of the best way to get there.  In case you haven’t noticed, this place is crawling with Trolls, Thorns, and these weird Pumice guys.  I was also contemplating what to do when I get there.  Have you ever had a run-in with this Frostfire guy?”

“Oh yeah,” replied Zoe.  “In fact, we were just heading that way if you’d like to join us.  I’m Zoe Amarantha by the way.  And the two clowns eyeballing you over my shoulder are Caderly and Stormborn.  They drool a lot, but otherwise they’re harmless.”


“Thanks for the invite. I really appreciate it.  My name is Indigo Eve.  My friends call me Eve, or they would if I had any around here.  In case you haven’t figured it out, I’m kind of new here,” Eve said with a shrug.


“Eve it is.  Let’s go grab the guys and head out.  I have some major issues with Frostfire and I’m a little eager to teach him another lesson.”


With that the girls headed back to where Caderly and Storm were waiting.  After a round of formal introductions, the group headed out to the site of their mission. 


When they arrived, a little worse for the wear due to a run-in with a group of Thorns, Sonic was sitting on the concrete parking block next to the door.  He had seen the group approaching but didn’t stand up until he noticed the newcomer. 


“Well hello,” he said with a captivating smile, as he strolled over to the group.  Taking Eve’s hand he smoothly said “I am SonicSnowplow, but you can call Sonic.  Actually, you can call me whatever you want, as long as you call me.”  He then bent his head and kissed her hand in a true Casanova style.  “How can I be of assistance,” he inquired.


Trying to suppress her laughter, and to her surprise a fluttering heart, the violet fem responded, “My name is Eve, Indigo Eve, and you can start by releasing my hand.  I’m going to need it to some damage to our friend Frosty in there.”


Raising an eyebrow, Sonic straightened and released her hand.  He glanced over at his team with a questioning look and then back at Eve.  “My apologies, it’s not often my friends travel with such beauty.  I assumed you were a ‘damsel in distress’.”


Taking offence at the comment on beauty, Zoe demanded “And what exactly am I?  Chopped liver? And you know what they say about assuming,” she continued, “Spell it out.  It makes an ass out of u and me, and you’re certainly acting like an ass right now.”  With a huff she stalked toward the door, talking over her shoulder as she went.  “Eve is new in town, and she’s after Frostfire as well, so I invited her along.  Roll up your tongues boys,” she said, drawing out her katana, “and lets get started.”


With a laugh, Eve followed Zoe into the abandoned building, and the boys slowly trailed behind muttering to each other and taking in the view. 


It was tough work, but after two elevators and what felt like a thousand thugs, the group made it the room containing their current nemesis. They stood by the doorway and formulated a plan.  Caderly opened the door and got the attention of the closest minions, drawing them into the hall where the rest of the team waited to dispatch them.  They continued this way until the room was cleared of everyone except for Frostfire.  They looked at each other and agreed to overwhelm him on the count of three, but before they could begin the count Eve, who couldn’t believe the intense adrenaline rush, shouted “Three!”, and went running toward him, only to find herself flat on her back, having been thrown across the room.  He was tougher than she thought. 


As Sonic ran by, he said with a wink “If you want to spend some time on your back later, I can arrange that, but right now we have a job to finish.”


Eve laughed, shook off the shock from her short flight, and ran after Sonic into the fray.  It was quick work for the five heroes and after dealing the final blow that defeated her foe, Eve said him, “My name is Indigo Eve.  I’m new in town.  Tell your friends.”  

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