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New Voltage

By: T.W.


Volt tilted the small shot glass back with a flick of his wrist, emptying the contents in one drink. It went down smoothly, warming his stomach, causing his vision to go slightly blurry as the not yet burned off alcohol renewed with the new displayed its effect.


The silent crowd surrounding the small circular table began to rustle with movement at Volt’s slight tipsiness. Bets were passed from one to the other as Volt’s opponent managed to portray a semi-clever grin.


The effects quickly wore off. Volt, with the still empty glass, set it at the peak of the others finishing a neat circular pyramid demonstrating that his perception and steadiness of hand still lasted. His opponents, a large bald man who’s girth did not fit into the wood chair which creaked and protested to his every movement, had his glasses in a distraught pile to his left.


The man picked up his next glass. A distant expression passed Volt’s face as if he had just noticed something. The crowd, taking this expression as weakness, murmured and passed their money once again. The man tilted the glass back and overbalanced causing the wooden chair to finally disintegrate and the man fell, unconscious, onto the floor.


“Well that sucked.” Volt commented mildly. He picked up his jacket, took a few quick bows and left the bar.


Well done Volt, he thought to himself before he reached the door, nothing destroyed except a man’s pride.


The moist outside air confirmed his suspicion in the bar. He looked up watching the angry, black clouds. His sense, now stronger than ever, had detected the electrical activity of the coming storm from miles away.


Volt checked the deserted street on which he stood. Though the moon was hidden, the many lights of Paragon City, coupled with luminescent War Walls illuminated every street corner and alleyway.


Volt let his electrical energy travel threw his legs down to his feet. The disturbance beneath the soles of his shoes launched him into an incredible leap. Seconds later Volt landed on the roof of a several story building.


Watching the power of the oncoming lightning, Volt stroked his chin, allowing his mind to wander back. Back to his awakening when his electrical power attracted the incomprehensible power of nature’s own electricity. Then he thought of his training as a Rogue Isles Protector.


Most disturbing of all of that memory was Norman. He lost control for the first time Volt had seen, screaming and cursing at Volt’s stubbornness and defiance, not releasing the dark power he had gained from the Dark Lord’s temple.


“Why do you hold to your past?” He remembered Norman’s screaming over the hum of the machine, “the darkness only hinders you; brace all that your power has to offer.”


A crack of thunder broke Volt’s reverie. Soon after another flash of lightning shattered the sky, its destructive power was irresistibly drawn to metal rod at the peak of the highest building.


Volt sped towards the building, overcome with possibility of his idea. His legs were a blur of white electricity with hints of his black jeans. He reached the peak at the speed that every speedster boasted.


Lifting his fists in the air he began to draw the lightning in the clouds to his body. All around him lightning traveled from cloud to cloud to above him in a single large bolt.


Volt looked up at the ball of electricity obscured by the ominous clouds. He closed his eyes, exhaling slowly. An enormous lightning bolt broke from the sky, shaking the city violently. Cracks appeared in the roads below and every light in the city was shut down.


Volt slumped. His body was exhausted after absorbing so much power. His clothes were torn, revealing the black and red enameled armor beneath. The dark power he harnessed fled from ever pore. Electrical currents, now white with red towards the end, surrounded his body becoming a writhing armor as incredibly powerful as his attacks.


Volt pitched forward, free falling to the ground. He was unable to do anything, his whole body paralyzed by the shock. His brain buzzed with the intensity of a bee hive; synapses were created and strengthened to his new abilities and improving of his old.


Volts eyes shot open as he was inches from the road. In a split second Volt took off down the street at an exceedingly fast speed. His body had broken down to molecular structure becoming a lightning bolt which flew at a speed a million times faster than any speedster could go. He was able to stop and change direction on a dime.


He stopped suddenly his body resuming his physical form. White eyes wide with excitement, tendrils of electricity writhing around his body concentrated in his arms. A wicked smile twisted his lips. He briefly looked in the direction of Siren’s Call then he was gone at the speed of lightning.




Deep in the Netherworld the darkness, which Volt released, gathered. From this gathering darkness a figure arose. An apparition of a man shrouded in shadow tendrils of darkness wafting off his from. White eyes were the only feature present. It stood there gathering the power Volt released and the power which he had given to every Skull under his command.


The Dark One rises.

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