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“Supernatural Assault Unit: Bounty”

By: Nelson Carrasquillo AKA Big Puerto Rico

An Ultimate COH adventure


**In a universe where Paragon City’s biggest protectorate group, the Hero Corps, is corrupt and filled with ignorant heroes following the commands of the corrupt leaders, few heroes know the truth. Most of them are forced into a life of hiding or forced to put on a show and agree with the corrupt to keep their lives. Few actually fight back, and few keep their will to fight on. Some of those few have come together and formed the Supernatural Assault Unit. **



Chapter Nine: The End




            The young heroes of Paragon City have been disappearing unnoticeably by most. One of the young heroes would encounter the reason first hand and survive. That hero was Kid Aux. During his battle with the crazed zombie villain Dr. Vahzilok he learned of his plan-- which was possible with the help of one of Kid Aux's superiors-- to turn young heroes into super-powered hero zombies. Before Dr. Vahzilok and Tim, the superior, could finish killing Kid Aux two fugitive heroes, Big PR and Rey Tormentor appeared and saved the near unconscious young hero. After he had regained his consciousness Kid Aux had to return to headquarters to warn the rest of his superiors of the betrayal, but he found out that it wasn’t just one man who was corrupt but the whole organization. Kid Aux then took his closest friend, Pobre Diabla, and escaped; in the process he had encountered his superior and was saved once again by Big PR and Rey Tormentor. Kid Aux was reluctant to have Big PR and Rey by his side simply because of what Hero Corps had told him, but he figured those rumors were a lie. Within a couple of days a small war was on the verge of happening, thanks to the bounty set out on the head of Big PR and the rest of the group by Tim’s brother Night Trojan. After a failed attempt by his students from Hero Corps, Night Trojan decided to get help from an unlikely ally, Limerick. Limerick was a member of the infamous villain group Hollow Society, which was headed up by Big PR’s brother Boriqua Soldier back when he was alive. The proposition brought to the Irish, disturbed, and lunatic villain had struck the idea of resurrecting the fallen villain Leader. Limerick used the influence that Night Trojan had to free a fellow Hollow Society member, Lady Sinsation, who was the only one who had the know how on how to resurrect a dead person. The villains got the necessary things and resurrected Boriqua Soldier. At the same time Big PR had revealed that he had been keeping track on Hero Corps thanks to an insider, Innamorata, who was a psychic defender. Innamorata came with the news of what was going on and Big PR decided to reunite the disbanded hero group, Supernatural Assault Unit. As retaliation for bringing back old friends to Paragon City, Night Trojan decided to kidnap the wheel-chair bound retired hero Vent Sol; who was helping Big PR out with reuniting SAU. Boriqua Soldier decided to bring in the zombie heroes that Vahzilok had created due to his dissatisfaction of how the tournament was going. The plan was put in place and SAU was about to find out what Boriqua Soldier had up his sleeve.




            Innamorata had flown up to see exactly what was in store. Her expression seemed to tell the whole story on its own, “Oh my…”




            “What?” a bald she-demon responded to the crazed Irish villain.


            “Ah Crystal Charger nice of you to finally join us, I was wondering when you would come and visit!” Limerick responded and danced around her.


            “Um…yeah I was with the army…remember? Ugh who the hell am I kidding, stupid crazy bastard doesn’t know his left from right.”


            “Wow ‘Gerbils’,” Kid Aux said with a scratch of his head. “Was Limerick even close to that crazy before he was tortured or what?”


            “No, the torture pretty much F’d him up, yeah it’s sad,” Rey answered.


            “Enough of your babbling…Yo, brother, I figured that we just finish this now! As the rest of them are battling it out you and me will have our match!” Boriqua Soldier shouted to his brother located across the way from him.


            “Let’s go!” Big PR shouted back.


            Boriqua Soldier smirked and waved over his right shoulder, just then the sea of zombie heroes rushed toward SAU. The crowd had only advanced a few paces when a line of scorching flames appeared; separating SAU from the mob.


            “What the hell was that?” Mirafox asked.


            “Pobre?” Sir Joshua commented questionably.


            “Wasn’t me, I can’t do that yet!” Pobre Diabla said.


            “No, it’s more like an old friend…and a new one,” the feminine voice had came from behind the group.


            “Lil Axe, what the hell you doin here?” Pobre asked with excitement.


            “Well that problem I told yall about a while back seems to be the problem yall got yourself into! Ha, ain’t life funny?”


            “Good to hear that country accent of yours, Lil Axe, I think we need all the help we can get with this one. So, who’s your friend?” Big PR turned to fire blaster that was hovering above.


            “His name is Azar, he’s a buddy of mine that I met recently he’s from another dimension…he don’t talk much but he can sure kick some ass, and speakin of let’s do the same.” Lil Axe swiped her axe and cleared a passage way through the fire wall. The swipe even had enough force to knock back some of the zombies.


            “Ha, they fell down like they were dead retarded dominoes,” Limerick chuckled.


            “Oh, shut up and attack already!” Gibu yelled.


            “No, not yet I’ll tell you when the time is right,” Boriqua Soldier held his arm out and stopped anyone from Hollow Society from attacking.


            “So, what you’re sayin, boss man, is to let the heroes tire themselves out on the zombies then we attack hmm…laddie?” Limerick commented in an eerie way.


            “Ha you may be crazy but you sure ain’t dumb my friend, but there is one thing you forgot, we still have to test out our biggest zombie…see how he does,” Boriqua Soldier pointed to the body of Night Trojan, who he had killed at the lair of Dr. Vahzilok before the big battle.


            “Oh yeah I kinda for got about him,” Lady Sinsation patted the brain dead hero on the back. “Let’s hope he does us some good, hell if we win we could probably turn these saps into zombies as well.”


            “Not ‘if’ my dear, but when we beat them…and that’s not a bad idea, I wouldn’t mind bossing my brother around and having him do what ever it is I want,” Boriqua Soldier showed no emotion on his face, he just stayed focused. He stayed focused on his target, his brother.


            The battle had begun against SAU and the zombie horde, although they were once young heroes their power had increased with their death and exploitation, they were being pushed to their limit and put up a fight for Innamorata, Pobre Diabla, Kid Aux and even a select few gave Mirafox trouble. But, the veteran Big PR and Rey Tormentor were able to handle themselves fine with the crowd.


            “This doesn’t feel right to me,” Pobre said while she lit three arrows with a blink of an eye and had shot them at her targets. “I mean these guys were once our class mates.”


            “That may be, but they never really liked me or anyone who hung with me, so I would doubt they would have had any trouble with attacking us even if they were alive,” Kid Aux kicked an enemy away from his long time friend and stood back to back with her. “Well at least you know one thing, Karla…”


            “What’s that?”


            “I’ll always have your back…I …oof!” Kid Aux was blind sided by a rock thrown by a zombie hero.


            “You what…” Pobre turned around to see Kid Aux on his back and helped him up.


            “I don’t think now is a good time to be talking, tell you later…when we’re not getting pelted by big ass boulders.”


            “Seems to me like you’re the only one getting boulders thrown at him,” when Pobre had said that the same zombie that threw the bolder at Kid Aux decided to try and give her the same fate.


            Kid Aux had seen the boulder and threw a kick, it landed perfect with the boulder and broke it in half. “I just saved your life…again. You owe me two,” Kid Aux put two fingers in front of his face and smiled.


            Pobre Smirked and drew three arrows from her holder and in a quick manner lit them and threw them at three enemies coming for Kid Aux. The arrows had whizzed by  Kid Aux’s head, shocking the young hero. He slowly turned and saw what Pobre had done for him.


            “Huh, you’re getting good, Karla!” Kid said.


            “You too, Austin,” Pobre returned the complement.


            Boriqua Soldier turned to Night Trojan, “Go after the young ones first…go now!” Night Trojan nodded and rushed toward the unsuspecting heroes.


            “Hey…do you hear something?” Kid Aux looked around in confusion.


            “You mean other than the rest of the little war here…no,” Pobre replied.


            Kid Aux turned his head toward the sound of Night Trojan huffing his way to them, “Oh shit!” With those words spoken Night Trojan plowed right through both Kid Aux and Pobre Diabla. The force sent both young heroes back.


            The flash of green and black had grabbed Rey Tormentor’s attention but he had a handful of zombies on his hands and so he did nothing. “They can take care of themselves, I know they can,” he thought to himself, sparks flew from the metal to metal contact of his armor and a sword that one of the zombies had.


            Big PR had made his way through the crowd punching every other zombie that had gotten in his way. He passed Kid Aux without him knowing.


            “Hey, Big PR, a little help here?” Kid Aux yelled while being held by the throat by the hands of zombie Night Trojan.


            Big PR didn’t look back but replied, “Joints!”


            “Oh yeah I didn’t try that…Pobre shoot at his knees!” Kid Aux grabbed one of Night Trojan’s fingers and broke it releasing the grip that he had on Kid Aux’s neck.


            Pobre lit up her arrow and pulled back the bow, “One extra crispy knee cap comin right up!” Pobre’s arrow caught the big zombie hero in the knee, which had caused him to drop to one knee.


            Kid Aux stepped behind him and snapped his neck, “I think that will stop him…wonder if he knew he was gonna die and become one of the things he created.”


            Big PR knew that SAU could handle the zombies, which enabled him to just focus on his brother. “So…we’re here just like you wanted,” Big PR stepped up to his brother.


            “Yes but…it will be different than what you expect. I know that look on your face; you think I’m not prepared, kinda like how I used to be. It ain’t goin down like that, ever since you killed me I’ve lost any inhibitions toward you!” Boriqua said passionately, he released the claws that were put into his knuckles.


            “I didn’t kill you…don’t you remember that day?”


            Lady Sinsation stepped up behind Boriqua Soldier while he was trying to recall the day he had died, “Enough of your stalling…go get him baby.”


            Boriqua Soldier bent down then disappeared, Big PR looked around and started to glow with a magnificent light. Boriqua came out of his cloak and struck Big PR in the chest, the blow barely did any damage. Big PR grabbed the arm of Boriqua and pulled it forward, at the same time as his knee lifted creating a high impact strike. Boriqua with stood the pain and grabbed Big PR’s leg with is free hand and tripped him; which caused Big PR to crash to the ground. Boriqua stood over Big PR and drew his hand back to strike, but Big PR kicked him in the head. The blow caused Boriqua to stumble back. Big PR did a knip up and got to his feet. Big PR quickly ran up to Boriqua grabbed him and flew into the air with such speed that it bewildered Boriqua Soldier.


            “I didn’t kill you! The day you died we were working together!” Big PR yelled and threw his brother into a card board wall constructed to enclose the vacant structure that once held a missile.


            Big PR flew into the opening that his brother’s body had made; when he stopped Boriqua Soldier lunged toward him. Big PR dodged the attack and threw an elbow strike that connected to Boriqua’s cheek bone. Boriqua recovered and slashed at Big PR’s leg. Boriqua Soldier then stuck his claws through the shoulder of Big PR and stood close to his brother, turning his hand trying to cause more pain.


            “Worked together? How can you feed me that bull shit?” Boriqua’s expression was covered by his mask but his eyes portrayed confusion.


            “We…were working together; don’t you remember Lady Sinsation getting in your way…causing you to…lose your focus on your opponent? Which lead to your death,” Big PR was struggling with the pain.


            “Wait…no, shut up!” Boriqua threw an attack but Big PR stopped it.


            “You and I had the same thing in mind that day, kill Recluse! Except we had different reasons, I was doing it for revenge; you were doing it for power!” Big PR punched Boriqua in the stomach, which forced him to detach from his shoulder. Big PR rushed his brother and backed him into one of the pillars; the wood floor, which was just laid compost wood, creaked with every step that they took. “Lady Sinsation tried to stop us, simply because she wanted to sleep with Recluse just so she can have a powerful man in the back of her pocket!”


            “You don’t know what you’re saying.”


            “She’s a whore, Luis, she uses her ‘assets’ to her advantage…she always has!”


            Boriqua yelled in frustration and switched sides with his brother, which put Big PR up against the pillar, and started a barrage of slashes. The attacks where swift and drew blood every other attack. Big PR grabbed Boriqua by the throat and gave him a head butt, Boriqua stumbled back and Big PR flew to Boriqua and punched and held on to him. The hero flew out of the confines of the abandoned structure with his brother still on the other end of his fist. Big PR threw an uppercut, causing Boriqua to elevate. Big PR quickly flew up and punched under Boriqua’s ribs causing them to break, and punctured his lung, meanwhile Boriqua Soldier had stuck his claws in the lung of Big PR.


            Big PR, overcome with the pain, headed straight down. He and Boriqua Soldier crashed through a concrete bridge and crushed through the ground.




            The rest of the gang had finished off the rest of the zombies and where finishing off the rest of Hollow Society when they heard the hard crash. “I think that was Big PR!” Innamorata yelled and left for the crash area, the rest of the heroes followed her. They came upon the sight of the two brothers on the ground lying side by side.


            “I’m sorry…Cris,” Boriqua fought for the air to speak.


            “I couldn’t let Recluse cheap shot you…even if you turned on me…you’re still my brother,” Big PR replied, who also fought for the air to enter his lungs.


            “I remember seeing you…go down…and thinking…he can’t be dead.” Boriqua recalled.


            “Yeah…I saw you go up to him…and Sin tryin to get in the middle…then you dropped.”


            “Mm, when the hell…am I gonna die…again,” Boriqua pulled off his mask and smirked.


            Big PR pulled off his mask and turned his head toward his brother and saw SAU standing there, “I killed him for you as well…brother…I forgive you.”


            Boriqua turned his head and smiled, “Thanks,” then took his last gasp of breath.


            Innamorata ran to Big PR and held him in her arms. Blood spilled out of Big PR’s mouth. “No, you can’t leave me, Cris!” Innamorata started to weep.


            “It’s my time, Layla…you have to except that,”


            “No, I’m in love with you I don’t have to except you dying!”


            “Ha…I knew I should have acted on that…I love you too…probably more…then you love me…tell them,” Big PR’s voice got lower, “I’ll miss them…” his body went limp and his eyes closed.


            “Cris? Cris!?” Innamorata cried out in pain and ripped off the small pink mask that she wore. She brushed his hair back with her hands kissing his forehead.


            The rest of the group surrounded the bodies. Tears fell for the fallen hero…and even his confused and tormented brother.





Here lies my God Father…a man of great courage and strength. A man who was once loved my many and hated by only the ones who fought to keep justice at bay. A man who stood by me though I didn’t know he was even there, he watched over me like a guardian angel. A man who, even till his dying, was a noble man. He forgave his brother…who betrayed him and became his enemy, but saw the light near his end. May they both find peace and happiness.


Cris- A great man, a selfless man, my God Father.

Luis- Once a misguided soul...but near the end a noble and courageous man.


Rest In Peace Cris and Luis Esencio.



Special Thanks from author


I would like the thank first off the good man who brought this site to light, Josef “Tropic” Koelbl III, simply because with out him I wouldn’t have found the wonderful COH Writer’s Guild and started to write fan fiction! I will also like to thank the people who really helped me out when I first started writing, grammatically and so on, Phoenix Hawk, Pasta Rican, Tropic and more! Also, I would like to thank the people who read my stories and may they bring entertainment many times over, thank you! So, this is the last of my writings…at least for a long time. Thank You, and take care.

                                                                                                    -Nelson C. (Big PR)

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