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Hidden Intents

Chapter One – Controllable Consequences

City of Heroes and City of Villains fiction


By Eli J. Litzelman



Built to perfection by Crey Industries, the sleek hull of the nuclear submarine flew through the depths with amazing speed.   The interior of the craft was dark and foreboding.  Casting eerie shadows upon the floor, the light from monitors of various instruments flickered with information.  The sailors directed the vessel with well-trained precision and accuracy.  Dark figures darted through the underwater craft, all of them with the symbol of the Council on their chest. 


The already quiet room became suddenly silent when the four Rouge Isle villains came through the doorway.  It was as if the very air itself had become more tense and menacing.


Ninjado crossed the room and sat in a chair.  He let his muscles shuffle and relax and began his preparation for meditating.  Just as he was ready to commence meditation, however, he was interrupted by a voice.  “That’s my chair.”  Ninjado lifted his head just enough to glance at the intrusion before bringing it back down.  The man was tall and muscular and, from the various metals he was wearing, he was an Archon.  “I said, that is my chair!” he repeated.  When no response came, the Council boss stepped forward and threw a punch.  Ninjado was standing and pushing the fist to the side within a flash.  The sheer speed with which he had stood up almost threw the Archon off his feet.  With his opponent already off balance, the Ninja stepped forward and hurled the sailor to the hard ground.  He then sunk down with his enemy and snapped the man’s wrist with one hand while drawing his katana over his shoulder with the other.  The sharp metal flew through the air with such momentum that it literally sliced the air in two with a loud whistle.  Before the blade could slay its victim, it stopped just close enough to barely sunder the skin.


Ninjado looked around the room.  Everyone present was just barely getting into action.  The Council troopers were just drawing their weapons and turning to face the villain.  Hidden in Darkness suddenly became infused with dark energy and The Insane Professor was coating himself in an energy shield.  Of course, Ninjado’s apprentice, Banmotsudo, was already at his side with weapon in hand and, though not very noticeable, several Ninjas had stepped from the shadows and were simply waiting for the command, but it did not come.  Ninjado tossed his sword in the air and stood up.  The blade lined up with the sheath and slid smoothly in.  Turning down to look upon his defeated foe, the Ninja spoke, “You have become lucky for I shall not slay you.  I need transportation and you supply that transportation.”  With that, Ninjado sat back down into the chair.






An alarm screeched through the hidden submarine base.  BATTLE STATIONS!  BATTLE STATIONS!  THIS IS NOT A DRILL!” The electronic voice which bounced around the room could not be identified as male or female.


Ronny Stranafeld heard the call and almost jumped.  Mumbling a curse at himself, he ran to his position.  He looked around and noticed that twice as many people were running into place behind sandbags or other obstacles.  “What’s going on?” he asked the person next to him.


“They’re bringing villains in from the Rouge Isle.  But, these are no ordinary villains.  Requiem himself personally looked into them.  I didn’t have the security clearance to learn much more, but I know Crey has something to do with it as well.”


“Requiem and Countess Crey eh?  What could be so important to get both of their attention?”


“I hear they’re after some hero.  What was his name? Robo something.”


They both thought for a moment before Ronny said, “Was it RoboZon?”


“Yea, that’s it.  How did ya’ guess?”


“He used to be part of the Council.  He even bunked with me.”


“No kidding?”


Before Ronny could respond, they were interrupted by the thunderous sound of the docking bay doors opening.  The submarine came through and the entryway shut behind it.  Just as the craft surfaced, the hatch opened and two guards came out and stood by the entrance.  Next, the four rouges walked out, followed by the Archon, who was holding his wrist and wincing. 


A door in the back of the room opened and clanged shut.  Loud snaps echoed throughout the base as the unknown figure marched forward.  As he approached the soldiers, the temperature around him seemed to drop.  He pointed at the group of troopers with a long, clawed finger and commanded in a raspy voice, “Follow them.” 


The surprised soldiers saluted and hurried off after the new arrivals.


With an evil grin, Nosferatu retraced his steps and left the area.






The reeking sewers became suddenly dark as a light above flickered momentarily before blinking out.  Ronny was clutching his gun tightly as he and his comrades moved down the slimy corridors.  Suddenly, a gurgle erupted from the liquid on the floor and one of Vahzilok’s zombies burst through the surface.  The one he had heard named Hidden in Darkness flipped over the enemy and stabbed the spikes on his knuckles into the back of the undead.  With his other hand, he reached up and snapped the villain’s neck. 


The commander lifted his hand and everyone stopped.  Taking his gun off of his shoulder and resting in his hands, he signaled for his troopers to line up close to the wall.


Then, all hell broke loose.  Zombies emerged from the pipes and the sewage while crazed Mortificators dropped from the ceiling.  Emerging from the shadows, highly trained Ninjas charged into combat while battle robots teleported into the area.  Council members began shooting their weapons in loud courses of fire even as Hidden in Darkness soared through the room, bringing death with every motion. 


Ronny was hit from behind with a machete.  He spun around, kicked his attacker in the groin, and blew his head off before falling to the slippery floor. 


A Mortificator yelled madly at Banmotsudo and charged forward with a blade raised.  The Ninja spun his weapon in his hands and sliced his enemy completely in half.  He stepped through the mad man’s severed corpse and stabbed his Cadaver minion.


Ninjado caught an arrow in midair, strung it in his bow, and launched it back at its owner.  The Vahzilok lieutenant caught the projectile in the middle of his forehead and dropped to the floor.


The fight was over almost as quickly as it had started.  Ninjas disappeared once again into the shadows as if they had never been seen and The Insane Professor’s drones disappeared in a flash.


Running to Ronny, the commander knelt next to him.  “Medic!” he shouted. 


A man ran up and leaned over to check his pulse.  “He’s alive.  Pretty badly injured, but he’ll make it.”  He slapped a base teleporter on him and stood up. 


“Well, here’s the exit anyways,” the commander said. He then held out three pieces of paper.  “This is the RoboZon’s address.”


Hidden in Darkness was the first one to the commander.  He grabbed the piece of paper and disappeared in a cloud of darkness.


The Insane Professor was next.  He scanned the paper with his eyes and activated a cloaking device around himself.


    Finally, Ninjado took his piece of paper.  He motioned with his hand and a burst of white powder came from his sleeve.  By the time the powder had touched the ground, he and his apprentice were gone.


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