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A Hero’s Tears


Her name is Flareback and this blue-skinned alien who has fought numerous battles against evil, is having one of those moments that leaves a being totally helpless. She is having trouble reconciling the fact that she’s had to endure the most horrific violation that a person can go through. Her nemesis had had a sample of her DNA made into a new being. This being happens to be her son Cosmic Firelight. Unfortunately, Cosmic Firelight or as Flareback likes to call him, Chris has a father who is Flare’s enemy, General Dursagon. Chris was created to fight against his mother but because of Dursagon’s DNA, Chris was ‘born’ with deformities. Worse, when Chris’ father found out about the deformities, Dursagon ordered his minions to dump the baby in the streets to die with a note. Chris was to set an example of what Dursagon thought about Flare and her family. The toxins in the air would have killed the baby, but fate saved him and a friend of the family was nearby and heard the choking cries of the baby. Quick reactions and help from another alien race saved Chris’ life.


Flare was not into the idea of having a son, but after the procedure to artificially age Chris so that he would be stabilized given the transfusion with a crystalline alien, the graphing of techno arms, and the fusing of bio-metallic legs, she can’t help but to love him now.


A tear runs down her face as she remembers the first time he spoke to her. Chris was trying to grasp the idea of who Flare and her sister Chillback were. Chill had spent several minutes trying to get Chris to say aunt. When Flare entered the room, Chill pointed and directed Chris to say mama. Flare was about argue that point loudly until Chris inquisitively said “Mama?” and then quickly repeated himself with a sigh of contentment in his voice. That one act melted Flare’s heart faster than any flame she could produce. Seeing that innocent face look up at her with nothing but love was enough to galvanize her motherly instincts.


But now she cries. She does so because she can’t or either doesn’t want to think how it’s possible that a being could so callously discard a life that was so young and innocent. To her, that vile act is so painful that it sometime hits her so hard that she doubles over from the emotional duress. It really hits hard when Chris has exceptionally good days learning or when he goes out of his way to show his love for his mother. What also hurts is the idea that one day she’ll have to tell Chris about his father but that is one pain that she’s not quite ready to deal with.


After awhile, Chris comes in and Flare sniffs back the tears as Chris asks her if she’s ok. She tells him that she’s had a bad day and that he has just made it better. They exchange a hug and she reminds herself that she needs to remember the hugs for they will always make things better. Flare asks him to go study with his cousin Ampervolt and for dinner, she’ll make flaming steaks. The sight of an 18 year old bounding away like a happy toddler brings a teary smile to flare’s face.

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