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Dark Omens

By Altec



The figure surveyed the surrounding area through his helmet, pulling his cloak around himself to block out the chill wind and rain of the storm, he nodded to his fellow guardsman and moved out from the meagre cover offered by the lit installations entrance.


A fierce storm had been raging for hours with no sign of abating, his combat boots made a dull thud on the metal catwalk as he begun his patrol from in front of the cavernous doors that lead inside the Arachnos facility that he and his hive-brothers had been given the duty of protecting by their master.


The sudden flaring of light caused his helmet to polarize against the brightness of a nearby lightening strike hitting one of the many lightening collectors dotted through the city, it converted the raw fury of nature into power for whatever the evil scientists in the lower bowels of Spider City safely in their labs were working on.


I hate mad Scientists.” He mused to himself his helmet depolarizing, for he remembered what had happened the last time one of their projects had gotten out of hand on a night exactly like this.


It had taken three legions of bane spider troops to stop that creature. The hours of painful excruciating treatment after for electrical nerve damage sustained in the ensuing battle did not endear the scientists to him and his surviving brothers.


They had been victorious that night, unfortunately the lab had been destroyed with the scientists their research and most of the surrounding refugee housing in that section. But the survivors of the battle had proven themselves worthy of being given the honour of guarding this special installation by Lord Recluse himself for their efforts that day.


“Commando 447 report.” a hard edged female voice from the audio COM link built into his helmet asked clearing his thoughts.


 “447 reporting ma’am, nothing to report so far, continuing my patrol” he responded to the Night Widow who was the head of security for the installation.


“Copy that 447, I will contact you again in thirty minutes.” the COM link went silent the Night Widow continuing her security checks with the other guards stationed inside.


Normally the sensor arrays setup round the building would have been used to sweep the outside area of the installation while the commando’s would have been stationed inside at key junctions, but something about the structure of the Web throughout the city coupled with the electrical disturbance of the storm always caused them to not operate correctly.


 Another thing I’ve got to thank the scientists for, I’m freezing my butt off out here.” 447 grumbled inwardly pulling his sodden cloak closer around him.


He completed his circuit of the compound which had taken a few minutes longer for if the internal timer in his helmet was accurate the Night Widow was about to contact him again, his extended patrol was mainly due to watching a Tarantula dragged off another catwalk by one of the Arachnid creatures that infested the lower levels of the city.


Better it, than me.”  He shivered visibly with that thought for arachnoids scared the hell out of him. “Best thing we could do is go in force and wipe them all out.” Images of Arachnoids running around on fire brought a smile to his face as he turned the corner that led to the front of the installation. He suddenly stopped in his tracks the smile slipping from his face.


His hand went to the mace at his belt, the enhanced vision sensors of his helmet picking out through the torrential downpour of water the unmoving form of the other guardsman. The door to the installation was standing ajar its entrance bathed in shadow. Slowly scanning the area he moved forward, stealthily arriving at his hive-brothers body lying on the metal catwalk.


Turning the body over he noticed a small black dart stuck between the joining of the helmet and main breastplate of commando 449’s neck, “what’s going on, are we under attack?” He thought surveying the surrounding catwalks, once again looking for the aggressors while he accessed the internal COM link channel for the installation.


“This is commando 447 to all Bane Spider units….commando 449 is down…..entrance one has been compromised…….requesting reinforcements.” The hiss of the COM link echoed in his ear increasing the sense of dread building inside of him.


He felt the catwalk suddenly dip with added weight. It felt like something had landed on it, his heightened reflexes reacted. He dived to the left his back facing the slightly open door saving his life, a black katana blade travelled through the space where he had just been kneeling.


 Levering himself up into a combat stance he noted the muscular figure dressed head to toe in black with twin sword scabbards strapped to its back. The Jounin stood across from him staring at the armoured trooper in what he could only surmise as surprise, “Hmmm guess he’s never missed before.”  447 banished those thoughts settling into his combat stance every fibre of his being ready to fight.


The Jounin’s eyes narrowed, its hand flexed upon the hilt of the blade, body tensing ready to strike again. 447 seeing this brought up his mace ready to deflect the incoming attacks and respond in kind.


The attack never came, a burning sensation suddenly erupted from his chest, his gaze travelled down to find the cause of the sudden intense pain as the mace slipped from his weakened fingers clattering onto the catwalk. The tip of a blade the same as the black figure in front of him held was protruding through the front of his breastplate.


The blade was pulled out of his chest smoothly his body growing heavy as he slowly sank to his knees, another black clad figure moved from behind his kneeling form to join the other and said in an emotionless voice to his comrade “We have the items we were sent for all is in readiness for the attack.”


Eight more figures moved through the darkened doorway stepping past 447’s prone form, laden backpacks strapped over their blades.


They ran to the edge of the platform jumping to another catwalk across the deep chasm a jump no normal human could make, there images dissolving into the shadows.


“Remember the masters orders ‘no survivors’” the second figure slid his katana blade into the unfilled scabbard on his back, passed a small metal tube to the first and ran to the catwalks edge leaping across the chasm.


The remaining figure looked into the blank faceplate of the kneeling guard with unfeeling eyes, the commando’s chest was labouring heavily a gurgling sound emanated through the hole in the armour, blood flowed freely from 447’s lung down over the stomach of his sinister Bane Spider armour staining it dark red as he struggled to take a breath.


Drawing back the blade in its hand the black steel glinted as a bolt of lightening arced through the dark broiling clouds above, he brought it swinging inwards towards the join between the helmet and breastplate. It sliced through the minimal protection sending the helmet and its contents spinning into the chasm the body of the commando falling limply onto the catwalk.


He moved towards the edge of the catwalk dragging the headless and poisoned commando’s bodies to it and pushed them off into the chasm. He watched the bodies cart wheel into the darkness knowing the Arachnoids would dispose of the evidence for him, turning his attention back to the open doors he resealed them by depressing the switch on the control panel on the wall.  


The sound of clanking feet could be heard drawing closer above the howl of fury from the storm as he leapt across the chasm. Four large golden figures appeared into view from around the side of the installation with armoured troopers in gold and red uniforms moving behind them with military precision. They reached the front of the building within a few seconds the doors slid open and they disappeared inside.


From across the chasm the hidden Jounin watched all this happen, when sure that the golden army had moved further into the building he depressed the button atop the metal tube he had been handed by his brother, the Night Widows master alarm button was designed to setoff security alarms in the dark tower stood in the centre, the linchpin of the entire web structure.


He waited seeing a large dark form of a gunship take off from atop one of the landing platforms near the top of the tower, heading at high speed to the installation. Knowing his task completed he turned and jumped to a warehouse roof making haste for his master’s sanctum.


The image on the pool rippled  as a delicate female hand passed through it showing the gunship come to a hover above the installation, disgorging the fearsome Bane Spider Executioners the private guard of the dark noble that resided inside the fearsome tower.


“It begins” a sultry female voice said stepping into the circle of light cast by the candles setup around the pool , she looked at her sister a mirror like copy of herself, black hair framed a beautiful white almost marble like face. They were dressed in the same dark black silk gown that covered attractive figures.


Her sister looked up from the images flashing on the surface and looked at her twin with her dark eyes, pursing her lips “The Dark one will now have no choice but to move against the Gold one for this Attack.” Phoebe said to her sister as she returned to viewing the Executioners engaging the surprised Nemesis forces.


“Other measures need to be taken before the dark one can be moved against thou.” Megan surmised walking over to the pool to observe more closely. The image on it showing one of the large golden figures hit two of the Executioners with a bolt of force from the mechanical staff it carried throwing their broken bodies across the room.


“Yes he shall do what the champion of light cannot.” Phoebe responded moving a strand of black hair behind her ear as the battle was coming to its foreseeable end. The Executioners had dispatched most of the golden troops and two of the four large golden figures, only two gold copies remained and were standing back to back fighting.  It was only a matter of time before the remaining Executioners broke down their guard and lived up to their namesakes.


“Your plan is working are you prepared for what is next?” Megan asked to the dark form sat kneeling at the edge of the ring of light. The darkness seemed to intensify as the large powerful figure moved, his muscles shifting beneath the dark cloth of his Gi and Hakama. Two orbs of blood red light appeared in the dark regarding the two women sitting next to the pool with an intense enthralling gaze.


An authoritative male voice emanated from the darkened form. “Yes.” with that simple statement the red orbs disappeared, the figure once more fell into deep meditation.


The two sisters nodded to each other content with the answer. Returning their attention to the pool they watched the last remaining large golden figure being destroyed by the Executioners. The image shifted to the stolen Nemesis explosive’s left by the Jounin, their bright LED counters reaching zero.


A fireball erupted from the building rising high into the storm wracked night, vaporizing the remaining Arachnos Executioners, lifeless Nemesis and original security personnel inside the facility. It caught the gunship patrolling above the complex, rising towards the heavens as if the flames intended to do battle with the raging storm which had woken them from their slumber.


Charred flaming remains of the once pristine craft fell out of the sky adding a deadly element to the storm raining down upon the cities helpless refugees that had been unfortunate to make their home below the secret facility, several shanty houses were crushed or set on fire.


A different howl of fury was most likely being emitted from inside the dark tower the sisters thought through their shared mental bond with a satisfied feral smile upon their lips, the images on the pool dissolved before them returning to the normal reflective state of simple water.



To be continued in ‘Shadow Alliance’

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