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Falling Sky: Aven

Times and Circumstances

By: Rui Rodrigues

It was indeed a Rikti Warship, but none had reappeared since the invasion! Something was off. Kai, took another hard look around his surroundings, this time noticing something, a young boy, crying over something, he was covered in dust and blood, yet he had no wound. Kai looked at what lay before the boy, a body, a charred body, possibly of the boy’s mother. Kai slowly got up and walked onto the boy’s direction gently patting his shoulder before taking him in his arms, the boy had black hair and his eyes were red not only with tears but also with something else, a strange glow-“It doesn’t matter” – Kai said to himself holding the crying child in his arms shedding himself a deep tear, the memories of his experience from the war emerging once more in his mind, flashes of death, pain and suffering cursing his life into this very day. Anger was taking over his thoughts, he could direct it at something, and avenge every single soul which either perished or lost something in that very faithful day, he would direct it at the enemy, the Rikti, the foul race of dimensional aliens.
The Warship still hovered above them, motionless, waiting for the right moment to resume his attack, recharging the plasma beams and redirecting them at new targets. Inside Rikti crewmen hastily punched buttons, put on both armour and gun ready to rain down death onto the powerless citizens of Paragon. The captain of that ship spoke orders to his subjects, most of them nodded and returned to their posts except for one, this one simply turned and punched a huge red button, lights flashed and compartment doors opened. The attack was resumed.
 Still holding the boy Kai felt the motion of the of the ship ready to commence the fire on the falling corpse of the City of Heroes, his anger rose, increased at the same time as the power of the plasma guns, he shut his eyes thinking of all that had been lost during the day of the invasion, he couldn’t let it happen again, he wouldn’t let it happen again, muttering something to the boy he let him go, never taking his eyes of the ship, now with it’s weapons at full power.
His now surrounded in red energy flashed, strength increased to max, his true form at the brink of existence, blue flames surrounding his entire body. It was time, time to end this, never again would the Rikti hurt Mankind, not now, not ever, it was time, to end it.
You will feel the wrath of Aven!! – shouted at the ship right before launching himself onto it, flames lit the sky around him, his speed increased as so did his anger and power.
And for a moment, time stopped, no soul in a mile moved, no Rikti soldier let out a single whisper, no Human cried for help, no Hero ran to aid, only one thing had motion, Aven. Now shed of his mortal skin, Aven bore only his millennia year old attire, a Greek tunic, a dark iron spaulder, a wrist guard of the same steel, a White coat embedded with black fiery runes and his sword, Hashihin.
And as soon has that time-stopping moment had arrived, it was gone. Everything had movement again, Rikti soldiers ran away from blue flamed death, Humans and Heroes alike rejoiced, and there stood Aven, motionless still bearing the form of a god long forgotten.
The Warship was no more, an explosion of titanic proportions had broken it into smouldering pieces of alien metal which rained flaming death onto the recent arriving battalions of Rikti soldiers, their sickening screams and grunts for help brought a wicked grin into his face, he felt pleasure, a feeling that had escaped his grasp for sometime now, he smiled once again has the remains of the Warship crashed onto the ground, it was done, they would not hurt anyone else again.
He let himself drown in exhaustion, returning to his mortal form, Kai Vallant now temporarily stripped away of his powers fell, unable to fly much as well float, he would’ve died were it not for a passing Hero, the legend himself adorning his characteristic red, whit and blue costume to catch him in mid-air, Statesman.
Kai soon fell again, he fell into sleep, and he fell into his dreams not knowing of the trial he soon had to face if ever wished to return home. 

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