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Pieces of Eight:
The Feeding

City of Heroes/City of Villains

Fan Fiction By
Anthony Harte

    Dangling dinner before it, the master unleashed the animal. Hungry and caring not upon which life form it dined, it fed. Alive, dead, or neither it only knew nothing in the entire known universe tasted as good as flesh. Meat was meat and one specific seasoning or flavoring was irrelevant. Begging for food was not beneath it either, and it constantly snapped at its handlers reminding them of its desire to eat. Its masters were many and each held it upon a short leash. Sometimes allowing it to engorge its infinite hunger caused it to wallow in a bliss consuming every inch of its victims. On the rare occasion, its prey would escape it allowing only a taste. It hated that most of all and only forced it into frenzy.   

    The beast shimmered orange and gold in the morning light and set about to feast upon the three Skulls. Its handler applied his restraints causing the monster to pause heatedly. Breathing deeply in its never-ending draw of breath it could smell this particular master was human and his scent was so succulent it could not help but lick the hands that fed it. Doing so was not a sign of affection for it did that with all temptations drawing no true favor with any flesh. The animal knew all would eventually come to deliver their flesh to it, some voluntary, others not. It enjoyed both types and in time, it would turn against this very wielder. Eventually all masters of the beast would fall to its tongued maws. Its prey should have been grateful for the transformation, for some considered it a method of purification and transcendence.

    The protective suit of its master was only temporary as it searched for a taste. One small taste was all it desired. Turning its attention on its ordered prey it shivered and danced with excitement feeding quickly eating cloth and leather. It did not mind the materials and would devour them nonetheless. The creature grew further gorging upon the surrounding environment. Its master willed it into submission, but its hunger only grew more intensely. Struggling against its bonds, it attempted to bite its wielder. It leaped upon the second of the Skulls, while still finishing the first. Nibbling upon the third the command came suppressing the monster into its lower consciousness. In this lower energy state, it could only perceive the real world through a cloud of vague imagery. Smoldering its hunger and desire to eat only grew as it searched for one of the infinite smoking portals to escape on its own. Here it also bided its time for its flames belonged to the summons of a Norman Salazar, a Rogue Isle Protector.

    Soon one would come that would unleash it to feed until nothing was left of the world. For now, it would respond to all of its masters. It had to feed and it was in its nature to consume forever.

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