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Part 2

    After a few days Light Shade was released from the hospital. The first place he went after his release was the warehouse where they had been attacked. He had to know who had attacked them but the warehouse was now completely empty except for the holes in the walls. There was police tape trampled on the ground but the investigation was apparently over.
    Light Shade scoured the warehouse but there was nothing to be found to give a hint at what had happened weeks earlier. Light Shade then went to the Police department and spoke with Detective Hopkins who was in charge of his wife’s murder case. Another dead end, no clues had arisen as to who was in the warehouse and Light Shade was asked to make a statement to the Detective of the last moments he remembered before he was teleported away. This was all the closure Light Shade would have. For awhile the case remained open but unsolved until eventually the case was closed with no leads to go on. Eons became just another hero to fall in the pursuit of justice.

    Light Shade fell into a dark despair. Feeling inadequate to deal with the villains that took his wife’s life he walked into the Talos magic store and sought council with the store owner simply called The Conduit. The Conduit directed Light Shade to several books on the occult and the dark arts. Leaving Light Shade with the warning that the powers he sought to assist him in his search for his wife’s killer could very well consume him, Light Shade responded “I can only hope, and then I will no longer feel so empty.”

    Light Shade read every work of the occult he could get his hands on. Calling on whatever spirit would hear his call with no answer. Until one day a spirit did hear his call and appeared before him in a bright fiery ball of light flickering with red and black flame.

    “You have summoned Overdark, and I have answered. I can grant you the power you seek; you must only serve as my host. I will lie dormant within you but my power will be yours. You must answer quickly or I will fade from existence.” With these words the demon did not wait for an answer…Overdark threw himself into Light Shades chest merging with Light Shade. Immediately Light Shade could feel his power grow. There was an intense burning throughout his body that accompanied the demon. A glowing fiery aura engulfed Light Shade and again…there was darkness as the overwhelming power consumed Light Shade and caused him to pass out.

    When Light Shade awoke some time later he looked at himself in the mirror. He saw the demons light in his eyes and knew all that the demon knew. When he closed his eyes he could see the gates of hell…he knew the pain of the fires on his skin. He heard the demons haunting words again in his head and when he opened his eyes he saw a different face.

    “This is not my face. This is a new face; this is the face of darkness. From this day forth I will no longer be Light Shade…I am Darkeshade.”

    The hole that was left in Light Shades heart had been filled by the demons fire. With his wife now gone Light Shade decided he would wear a part of her and keep it with him. He fashioned their wedding rings into a red amulet and placed the jewel in his belt buckle. He added the E to his name to remind him of who he lost. He kept several of Eons devices to help him continue his search for his wife’s killer and Darkeshade took to the skies of Talos Island for the first time and headed for Dark Astoria to test his new power on the rotting corpses of the Banished Pantheon.

    Darkeshade entered the eternally twilit city and began clearing the Hall of Heroes in Moth Cemetery. This was a place that both he and his wife held sacred and weekly they would descend on the Cemetery and proceed to clear the risen from the area. Darkeshade was now able to summon blasts of fire from his hands. He could also breathe fire and cause a rain of fire and brimstone to fall from the sky that would cause the creatures to scatter and flee. The power was extreme and Darkeshade liked the feeling the power gave him.

    “Hey!” A voice echoed from inside the hall. A hero clad in blue and silver emerged with the edge of his cape smoldering. “Why don’t you watch where your throwing that fire ‘hero,’ you could kill something alive out here?”

    “I apologize” replied Darkeshade,” I didn’t realize there was anyone else down here. My name is,” Darkeshade paused. “My name is Darkeshade. Who may I ask are you?”

    “I am Nyghtbeast…I was clearing off some of the statues in here when I heard the commotion and I wanted to see what was going on. The Banished had entered the hall when I got here and I wanted to have some fun. Their numbers seem to grow by leaps and bounds daily.”

    Nyghtbeast was an expert in martial arts and had honed his reflexes to a superior level. Darkeshade held out his hand and Nyghtbeast took it and a friendship was forged. Darkeshade told Nyghtbeast of his story and of his quest to find his wife’s killers. Nyghtbeast agreed to assist and they proceeded to speak to contact after contact…take mission after mission. On occasion they would come across other heroes and make new friends that would accompany them on their mission. Together they formed the group Powers Unlimited and would fight side by side for many years.

    One contact named Crimson sent the two on a mission investigating a terrorist group called the Malta organization. Crimson directed them to a meeting between Malta and a group called the Knives of Artemis. Neither of the team nor the rest of the group had heard of the Knives before now. During the investigation the Knives attacked and Darkeshade and Nyghtbeast were able to defeat them. Something about them looked familiar to Darkeshade. Just as they were about to call Crimson they were attacked from behind by an invisible enemy. Nyghtbeast saw the attack coming and with his quick reflexes was able to counter the attack and knock the foe backwards disengaging the cloaking field. It was another Knives member and this time Darkeshade remembered. This was the same device the attackers had used that killed his wife; the uniform she wore was the same as well. Darkeshade went into a rage and tossed fire all around himself and Nyghtbeast and discovered four more Knives of Artemis guards about to surround the two. Darkeshade and Nyghtbeast proceeded to dispatch all but one of the ambushers. The last they took back to Crimson for questioning.

    Crimson had some very unique questioning methods that had the woman telling him everything. During questioning it was learned that the Knives indeed were at the warehouse in Talos on the night of the attack. One of the leaders named Sarah was at the time Lieutenant in charge of the operation. They were sent to scout out the docks but discovered a Tsoo hideout instead. After easily dispatching the Tsoo the team of Knives became over zealous and decided to wait for a hero, any hero that happened to go poking around. After they had defeated the duo Sarah was then promptly promoted and given an entire unit of Blades to do with as she would. She was actually at the meeting Nyghtbeast and Darkeshade interrupted but had managed to escape. They are trying to join forces with Malta to boost their ranks.

    The prisoner then gave Crimson the location of the next meeting in Steel Canyon. Crimson assigned Darkeshade to interrupt the meeting and finally bring Sarah to justice. The whole Powers Unlimited team was called in and together they stormed the meeting. The Malta and the Knives were taken by surprise and easily dispatched by the sheer number of heroes and Sarah was finally captured. Darkeshade took her personally out of the office building and took to flight toward the Steel Canyon Jail with Sarah in his arms.

    “What do you have against me hero…why don’t you just fly down and let me go. The Knives of Artemis can pay you a handsome amount of money. We can supply you with…”

    Darkeshade interrupted her, “Nothing you can offer me would bring back my wife”

    “Your wife…we don’t kill wives we…wait a second” A smile crossed Sarah’s face “You’re Light Shade? And Eons was your wife.”

    Darkeshade didn’t grace her with a look of understanding. “I remember her screams of pain”, Sarah began to laugh, “we joked on the way back to base how we couldn’t tell if she was screaming or squealing as you ran away. You know she didn’t die right away? She writhed for a good 30 minutes while we watched her bleed out…she cried and squealed and finally after I slit her throat she stopped making cow sounds.”

    Sarah began to laugh hysterically as Darkeshade then began to fly as high as he could then looked down at Sarah with fire filling his eyes and screamed at her as he pulled her close

    “What sounds will you make before you splatter on the ground?” With those words Darkeshade let go of Sarah above Blyde Square. He began to hover there as he heard Sarah’s laughter become fading screams of terror. Darkeshade then flew down to the base of the M1 statue where Sarah had landed and was met by the hero Positron and the PCPD. Positron looked at Darkeshade while the police began to question him. Seeing the release in Darkeshade’s face Positron knew that Darkeshade had dropped Sarah to avenge his wife’s death. Darkeshade then answers the Police confirming what Positron already knew.

    “I dropped her. I found her guilty and executed her and have avenged my wife. Eons can finally rest in peace.” Darkeshade then held out his hands for the police to handcuff and was taken into custody.

    At Darkeshade’s trial the entire Powers group stood in defense of Darkeshade. Even members of the Freedom Phalanx and the Vindicators defended Darkeshade’s actions as well as contacts and citizens that have been helped and even saved by his actions. But the final word came from Statesman.

    “A hero has the duty and the responsibility not to become the executioner. We must never forget that. Darkeshade has broken the law and with that one action he has wiped all of his past good deeds away. The justice system would break down otherwise.”

    Looking toward the crowd gathered Darkeshade lifts up his head. “I have indeed broken the law. But given the chance to do it over I would at once drop her again!” With these words judgment was handed down and Darkeshade was sentenced to life in prison in the Ziggursky Maximum Security prison. Stripped of his Hero Status and placed in a power dampening ward, Darkeshade the hero was no more.


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