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“Supernatural Assault Unit: Bounty”
By: Nelson Carrasquillo AKA Big Puerto Rico
An Ultimate COH adventure

**In a universe where Paragon City’s biggest protectorate group, the Hero Corps, is corrupt and filled with ignorant heroes following the commands of the corrupt leaders, few heroes know the truth. Most of them are forced into a life of hiding or forced to put on a show and agree with the corrupt to keep their lives. Few actually fight back, and few keep their will to fight on. Some of those few have come together and formed the Supernatural Assault Unit. **

Chapter Eight


    The tournament style battle had begun between the infamous Hollow Society and the reborn Supernatural Assault Unit. With the fact that Vent Sol would not be released to SAU until the winner was determined Big PR made the choice to send out Kid Aux. As if to play sadistic mind games Boriqua Soldier sent in the larger Stone brute known as Gibu. In a fast paced battle each man was brought to their edge. Thanks in part to the training that Big PR gave him, Kid Aux stood victorious…but not without injury.


    “Get his fat ass over here!” Boriqua Soldier demanded of his fellow villains, in disappointment.

    “What’s…the matter…didn’t think a teenager could…beat one of you? You forget…I have the man helpin me out,” Kid Aux spoke of Big PR and tried to withstand the pain of talking itself. “He has faced you countless times and beat you, ha, ha.”

    Big PR stepped down from the small ledge that elevated him and the rest of SAU from the “fight zone” and helped Kid Aux
    “Take care of him Innamorata,” Big PR handed the wounded hero to the pink clad defender.

    “Just give me a few, he’ll be as good as new,” Innamorata laid Kid Aux down and started to heal him.

    “So, who’s next?” the feminine voice of the brute named Mistress Venty Sol called out.

    “Who is she?” Pobre Diabla asked.

    “She is the extracted evil of the heroine named Venty Sol. The original died fighting with us, she and Vent Sol are related,” Rey Tormentor answered.

    Boriqua Soldier leaned over and whispered into Mistress' ear. She focused on the other side and smirked.

    Pobre, who was still trying to figure out Mistress Venty Sol, saw that Boriqua Soldier looked as though he was strategizing. She had a feeling and so she pulled out her bow and an arrow from her hulster slowly. While she took out her arrow Pobre also tried to trace the eyes of the villain. she inserted the arrow into the bow string.

    "I'm comin' to get you," Mistress said, then she began to teleport over.

    As if it was in slow motion Pobre Diabla saw the villain start her teleport, Pobre turned to Innamorata and drew her bow and fired it. "Look out, say it damnit," Pobre Diabla said to her self, she didn't have to because of the emotion behind it, Innamorata heard her warning.

    The instant that Innamorata turned away from Kid Aux all the elements of that moment came together, the arrow was a special exploding one, when Mistress Venty Sol came through near Innamorata the arrow hit her torso and exploded, which sent her flying into a wall near by, the debree from the blast could have harmed Innamorata and Kid Aux, but Innamorata put up a pychic shield to protect her and the young hero.

    "Good shot, Karla, that was good looking out," Innamorata said and went back to healing Kid Aux. "Damn, Kid, your tough, must come from your mom."

    "Must have been the training, seems like this comes naturally," Pobre Diabla said. "Now I'm gonna take care of this one," she headed to were Mistress landed. "Wait a minute, where is she?"

    "Over here, dumb bitch!" Mistress Venty said and smashed Pobre Diabla in the face with a fist of rock. "You think that you're smooth with that lucky ass shot? Ha!" Mistress then formed a rock mallet and hit Pobre as hard as she can.

    The blow threw Pobre Diabla back toward where Innamorata and Kid Aux were at. Big PR ran in front of them and caught Diabla. "Are you ok, Karla?" Big PR asked.

    "You know, brother, that's not fair, you're inturrupting!" Boriqua Soldier said with a hint of sarcasim. "Seems like he want's to play by his own rules."

    "We never picked out who was goin next, your girl there attacked us! That is no way in any form a tournament style attack, so I wouldn't be talkin," Big PR retailiated.

    "Screw this, bring them in, Limerick," Boriqua Soldier said to the crazed Irish villain.

    "Great Choice, boss," Limerick replied and walked off.

    "Where the hell is your lackey goin?" Sir. Joshua asked.

    "Ha, ha, you'll see," Small-Soldier answered.

    An eerie silence had filled the area and each side waited in atticpation. Vent Sol, who was proped up on a broken light post had regained his consiousness and strength. He looked around and tried to figure out what he was in. As he looked upon his friends he noticed something coming from behind his enemies. "Look out," he struggled. It was as if he had said nothing at all, his warning fell on deaf ears thanks to the fact that the thing he was trying to warn his friends about had already taken a first step.

    "Man I feel better, thanks...Innamorata," Kid Aux's eyes trained onto something in the air and worry filled his eyes. "You know I think I take that back,"

    "Heh, what are you talking about?" Innamorata asked.

    Kid Aux pointed to the air and Innamorata looked. The way Kid Aux was acting caught the attention of Big PR and the rest of the heroes.

    "We're in trouble," Martian Banshee muttered.

    "No Shit," War-Lord said.

    "You know, we should move so that the big barrage of giant flame balls doesn't hit us," Mirafox said and grabbed the nearest people around her and got ready to teleport.

    "You're right, move!" Big PR yelled. He grabbed Innamorata and Kid Aux, but before they were able to do anything the flames were too close and the the blast of the combined attack had blown them away.

    The ground was seered and smoke smoldered all around the fallen heroes. The effects of the flames blackened the ground and the armor of Rey Tormentor and Martian Banshee, along with some of the costumes of the heroes. Everyone had recovered from the blind attack and looked at each other to see if everyone was ok.

    "What the hell was that?" Kid Aux asked.

    "We can't forget of zombie heroes. They must have planned this from the beginning," Martian Banshee said.

     "Yeah figures that my brother had an ace up his sleeve," Big PR commented. "Hey, Luis, what ever happened to the tournament that you wanted so bad?"

    "Eh, I figured that was a waste of time, I have no patience anyway," Boriqua Soldier responded.

    The army of hero zombies had surfaced and stood behind the Hollow Society, life-less and and unintelligent. "You see these heroes are long dead, the only thing they know now is...well to dance, no that's not it, ah kill. Ha, ha, ha, he, he. To think, heroes will be helping us villains take down heroes, all be it that these heroes are really dead and their souls are probably floating some where in a culdren or something in a cave belonging to what's ever left of the Circle Of Thorns," Limerick commented.

    "Hmm," Rey Tormentor said.

    "We may be up shit's creek without a paddle and all you have to say is 'Hmm,' well I see it's all goin' to be all right," Kid Aux stood up and wiped himself off.

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