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Do you want to read a story of happiness, love and joy? This story is not for you. Do you want to read a story of poverty turned wealth and the great deeds of a great and powerful man? This story is not for you.

Do you want to read a story of a man whose life takes several turns? Do you want to read a story of a life that goes from intense happiness and joy to excruciating loss? Do you want to read a story of a life that goes from failure to redemption and a rebirth, a realization of a vision held by heroes around the world? Then this story may perhaps interest you.

This is the story of one hero named Darkeshade, a man who has lived a very painful life from hero, to detective, to villain, to…something else. Join him as he discovers the cost of being a hero in Paragon City.

Part 1

    In an east coast city of the US, there were two young heroes who had dedicated their lives to ridding the criminal element from normal society. These two heroes often crossed paths during their nightly patrols; their known names were Light Shade and Eons. Both heroes shared a similar interest in all things technological, the latest gadgets, the latest devices and they knew how to use them to their advantage. Whether it was using the latest in nano-technology to increase their own abilities or to use them to decrease the villains’, they knew about it. They regularly worked the same streets together as a team. They were both also inventors and tested each others new toys as well. Light Shade purposely crossed Eons path one particular evening after several months of teaming up together with a ring and asked her to be his wife and join him to fight crime together, forever. Eons in tears accepted his offer and together they moved to a City of Heroes in Rhode Island called Paragon City to restart their lives together.

    The duo was a force not seen in the city since the age before the invasion. They learned to play off each other as well…setting traps for the criminal element to walk into and snatch them up to leave them for the PCPD to pick up later. Side by side as husband and wife the criminals knew their days were numbered when Light Shade and Eons were on their trail.

    After years of happiness together living in Talos Island, they were asked by the Talos Island Police to check out a warehouse by the docks. This was a known area of Tsoo activity and the thought was that they would be ridding the dockworkers of the dangers from the Tsoo. Upon entering it was obvious there were Tsoo in the warehouse. There were parts of them scattered all across the floor, and recently too as the fresh splatter of blood on the walls indicated. The skill used to dispatch the Tsoo was precise. There were caltrops all over the floor so the duo activated their jet accelerators to hover across them with ease. There were several clean slashes across the dead bodies indicating a sword had been used with great skill. There were arrows and bolts in the walls indicating the Tsoo did not go down without a fight, even though it appeared to have been a one sided loss. As they journeyed deeper into the warehouse Light Shade would see from the corner of his eye an image almost like a ghost but the image would vanish as quickly as he saw it. Eons uneasiness was apparent and the two stood side by side awaiting an attack at any moment, but there was none. There was no sound in the warehouse other then the hum of their targeting drones and propulsion pack. There was something certainly not right about the warehouse and the two couldn’t shake the feeling they were being watched.

    During the investigation they took a turn into a dead end hallway. Eons was the first to turn around and at once they were ambushed. Eons was sliced across her chest from shoulder to hip; Light Shade was cut across his abdomen. Losing blood quickly he grabbed at his wound to try and slow the flow. Just before Light Shade passed out he caught the shimmer of a cloaking device drop and 5 people all dressed alike stabbing downward into Eons with swords. The last sight Light Shade remembered seeing was a bright blue flash.

    Light Shade awoke nine days later in the hospital. Somehow when grabbing his abdomen after being slashed he had managed to hit the hospital teleporter. The nurse that was standing over him looked extremely distressed when Light Shade awoke.

    “Where am I, where is my wife” he asked the nurse.

    The nurse looked down at him and said hurriedly “I’ll get the doctor.”

     Light Shade tried calling after the nurse but she had rushed out the door. A few moments later she returned with the doctor. Light Shade tried to ask the doctor questions but the doctor was unresponsive as he proceeded to check Light Shades vitals. The doctor shined a light in his eyes and checked his wounds to see how they were healing.

    When the doctor finished he said to Light Shade, “You’ve been out for several days’ young man, nine to be exact. You’re lucky you were able to get here in time or we may have lost another great hero.”

    “Another”, asked Light Shade, “what do you mean another…where is my wife…where is Eons?”

    The doctor paused a moment and pulled a chair next to Light Shades bed. “When you teleported in you were unconscious and we feared the worst. Only you teleported in…we saw your condition and rushed you into surgery and had your wife located. We forced her beacon to activate when we found her to bring her here”, the doctor paused. “Light Shade…it was too late. We did everything we could to save her, but she had already lost too much blood and with her injuries…she was already dead before she arrived.”

    No words in the English language can describe the grief that appeared on Light Shades face. In moments that seemed to last for days there was complete silence. As the doctors words resonated in his head, Light Shade was realizing his wife was gone. Suddenly the scream that had been welling up in his heart was set free and all of Talos heard his cry.


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