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Trapped in Dark Astoria
City of Heroes fiction

By Eli J. Litzelman

    RoboZon sat waiting in the Talos Island hospital.  He was very thankful to have found some clothes at the abandoned facility in Dark Astoria, but none of the shoes fit so he remained barefooted.  Since everyone else had been injured in some way, he now sat alone as they received treatment.  He rattled his fingers on the arm of the chair as his dark brown eyes scanned the room.  It was almost identical to the other hospitals around the city and, just like them, a steady stream of heroes came out.  Looking down at his oversized outfit, he sighed and thought of his suit.  He felt confident that he could take down any punk that came along, but actual villains with powers might be difficult.  He had thought of retiring before but after feeling the familiar rush of battle and danger, he wanted to return to the playing field.  “Stupid suit,” he thought. 

A door opened to his right and he looked up.  Carrying a clipboard, a doctor stepped off of the elevator and walked over toward him.  “Are you RoboZon?”

Standing up, RoboZon said, “Yes.”

The doctor flipped through the papers on the clipboard.  “Archer of Ramesses is suffering from extreme exhaustion and should be in bed for a few days, minimum.  After that he should take it easy for a little while.  Daughter of the Wood has been injured quite severely but her regeneration powers are quite amazing.  She should take it pretty easy for a week or two.”

“And Katie?”

“Mrs. Blackwell is a very remarkable case.  Apparently, she has a gene that absorbs netherworld energy.  At first contact, negative energy will cause great pain.  But after that, she can absorb and manipulate it.  In fact, there is evidence she can actually create it.  I found this quite interesting so I did some research and found this actually runs in her family.  Her grandfather was one of the original heroes before the Rikti War.”

“But she’s fine?”

“Oh yes, of course.  A little exhausted and starved from recent events and should stay here for a day or so to recover, but she is perfectly fine.”

RoboZon sighed.  “Good.”

“Are you sure you don’t need a checkup, sir?”

“Yea, I'm good.  Thanks for your help.”

“Anytime, sir.”

RoboZon shook the man’s hand and walked to the door.  Letting himself out, he thought about calling a cab but felt like walking.  Breathing in the afternoon air, he began the journey home.


RoboZon walked up to his house and reached for his pocket.  His keys were in his suit.  Muffling a curse, he reluctantly reached for the door.  Surprisingly, the door was unlocked.  He opened it, stepped in, and turned on a light.  Shrugging, he headed for the kitchen but something caught his eye.  Turning around, he saw his suit in the clear case.  He walked over and examined it.  It was perfectly intact, but something was not quite right about it.  He opened the case and a familiar smell reached his nostrils:  magic.  He then closed the container and shook his head.  Without giving it another thought, he walked to the kitchen and pulled out a banana.  He peeled and ate it.  Throwing the peel in the garbage, he went into his bedroom and laid down on his bed.  He closed his eyes and was asleep within minutes.

The End    

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