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Atomic American look at the stunned expressions on the faces of his


"Wait a minute" interrupted Libertie Belle "If you fought with
Statesman in WW II, you'd have to be a hundred years old."


"No wonder he doesn't have a cell phone. My grandpa doesn't have one
either. " quipped Hellkitten.


"It's a long story-" began Atomic American.


"I'm not going anywhere." said Hellkitten, eyeing the portal which lead
to Tyrant's dimension, warily.


"Alright, I'll make this as quick as I can." said Atomic American. "I
was born in 1899 and was a pilot in both world wars-"


Hero Man chimed in with "You only look like you're 50."


"Fifty's still a geezer" Hellkitten muttered under her breath.


"As I was saying" continued the Atomic geezer "I was a pilot during the
wars, and in then a few years later, in 1955, President Eisenhower
himself asked me to test pilot America's first Atomic Space Plane-"


"Atomic Space Plane?" Hellkitten repeated.


"Is that like the Space Shuttle?" asked Hero Man.


"It was a Top Secret predecessor to the Apollo and Shuttle programs. It
was supposed to take me to the Moon, but, along the way-"


"You went to the Moon?" asked Liberty Belle incredulously.


"No," continued Atomic American, "As I was saying- along the way there
was... an accident." he paused. "The atomic power cells of the space
plane exploded, hurtling me through time to the distant year 2005 and
granting me the ability to control Atomic radiation. So, even though I
was born one hundred and six years ago, I'm only fifty six."


There was a moment as the other heroes considered this.


"So THAT'S why you don't have a cell phone. You're from the primitive
past!" proclaimed Hellkitten.


"What does all this have to do with us defeating Statesman's evil twin,
or clone, or whatever Tyrant is?" asked Hero Man.


"Well, back in WWI II, I was a pilot and on D-Day-"


"What's D-Day?" asked the kitten.


"You'll learn about it in history class, kid" hissed Libertie Belle.


"Anyway, I got shot down on D-Day, and ended up parachuting right into
the middle of a Panzer brigade-"


"What's a panzer?"


"It's another word for tank, Kitten!" yelled Libertie Belle. "Go on AA."


"Well, I landed right in the middle of a group of- enemy tanks. I
didn't have my Atomic powers then; it was beforethe accident. I was
just a regular soldier, so I thought I was going to be blown to bits by
about a hundred tanks. Then Statesman himself flew right into the
middle of them, with all the heroes of The Dawn Patrol right behind
him. He grabbed me by the collar like a puppy and flew me to a medical
unit. Along the way he must been shot by every tank in Normandy. When
he got me to safety he could barely stand."


Hellkitten interrupted "So the point of your story is that we need a
couple hundred tanks to fight Tyrant."


"My point is that, even though Statesman was up against an overwhelming
enemy, he still continued the fight. After he dropped me off, he flew
straight back into the battle and brought down that panzer brigade, and
routed the Storm Korps too."


"That wasn't your point! Your point something about Statesman not being
immortal." interjected Hellkitten, who then mumbled something ending
with "... senile geezer."


"My point," roared Atomic American "Is that, when I was your age, we
respected our elders!"





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